Sunday, May 3, 2009

baby moose pictures...

i thought these turned out cool. i got off work and grabbed the pups for a walk in baxter bog park by my house. it's such a great little park. it's nuts with birds right now so it's totally relaxing to walk there with all the bird calls everywhere. there is a decent sized pond there and this little moose was walking on the edge. all the ducks and geese were scattering...(i'll post more of those pictures later).
the poor moose just slipped in to the muddy bog water. it took her a bit to get out of there. i started to get worried she wouldn't as she took a break and just lay there. eventually she mustered up the strength and managed to get out. then the water just dripped off. a moose is heavy enough, but a wet moose. she did a nice shake for me and walked off. so adorable!
then she and mom started making thier way in my direction so i had to book. so... a lovely morning stroll.
more later...i'm sleepy, but it's so nice out i think i'll take the girls to the dog park again. the lake is finally swimmable!


  1. Powerful pictures. That is a baby?! was what I was thinking...I imagine the mom is pretty protective.

  2. probably last years calf. soon to be booted no doubt. some moms are more protective than others. they headed my way, but i wasn't too concerned. always on alert though, they are pretty big.

  3. LOL the most exotic thing I've seen walking my dog was a little lizard no more than 8" long. I can't even imagine seeing baby moose or walrus! Awesome photos. You do such a great job capturing these moments.

  4. i do love that i run into these huge moose so frequently. no matter how many i see, i'm still in awe!