Monday, August 31, 2009

the alaska state fair..

so i don't like the rides at a state fair, but i do enjoy the action and lights. i was actually feeling woozey just trying to take the pictures of all the spinning and flipping rides. i have no stomach for carnival rides. the ferris wheel isn't too bad, but it's pretty high up.
went to the fair this afternoon. the alaska state fair. i don't go every year, but at work these past 2 nights those standard fair food favorites have come up and it seemed several people would be at the fair off i went. i have been eating cotton candy tonight and bought a funnel cake with powdered sugar. very healthy...but i only eat fair food on the rare occasion.
sadly, the merry go round wasn't running. the horses were pretty on the ride though. thought the picture turned out cool. alaska state fair is known for it's big veggies. when my brother, ross, visited i was surprised that he'd heard of the huge alaskan veggies and seemed very excited to check them out. the cabbage weigh in is still to come, but they did have some veggies out on display. this cabbage said it weighed some 90 pounds??

most of the piglets were sleeping so i just took a sleeping picture. gotta love the farm critters. baby anything is adorable, isn't it...well, those turkeys are sure ugly. i ended up meeting up with 3 co-workers by the chickens so we headed off to take goofy pictures with "hank" the moose. he's a real moose...stuffed of course. my friends husband asked a few questions and this moose is a pretty expensive guy. the photographer was the 3rd owner of "hank".

guess i didn't do a very good job at cropping my scan of the picture he took. i was trying to look all actiony. the moose was pretty tall and moved a bit when you sat on him. i get a bit nervous with the heights. we all had fun taking our turns on the moose though. not many people sit on moose...when at the fair you gotta be silly. i wanted a moose picture, but knew i needed some friends around to get it taken...who seriously gets on a moose for a picture if it's not mixed with a certain amount of laughter.
just finished 3 nights of work. i was mostly taking care of another head was a motorcross accident...the kid was fully decked out in protective gear, but going pretty fast. nothing in life is completely safe so you just gotta live it and hope for the best. sometimes luck just isn't with you. hopefully, he will recovery to some degree of normalcy. he is starting to move and all so it's not all bad. brains are just never know what the outcome could be. his icp's (intracranial pressures) never got crazy bad so that is a good sign.
the girl in the next room was made an organ donor, 5...very sad. we'll have to see how winter and all this swine flu pans out. could be another crazy flu year like we had a few years back. they seemed to be constantly flying babies in from remote villages who were extremely ill. if i recall, it was nuts at work, but none of those babies died so there is positive in my work at times as well as the sadness that seems to come with the job.
have done some bog walks and neighborhood walks and kelly called saturday so i opted to forgo sleep and take the pups out to n. bivouac with her and her friend. i took rio...hopefully, it wasn't too long of a walk. she seemed okay today so i took them to the dog park for a bit. i often think i'm not very social...then i go to the dog park or even the local trails and i must say i know many of the towns dog walkers. it takes me quite awhile to get around the dog park as i stop and chat with folks that i have known there for the 6-7 years i've lived in anchorage. it's amazing how many people you end up knowing that you don't know you know....hehe.
guess i'll get back to "sophies choice"....i've never seen it before. so far i like it...not a favorite though. watched a documentary last week, "into the arms of strangers, the story of the kindertransport". it could just be that i shouldn't have watched these two back to back.

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  1. I love love love that photo of you on the moose! That cracks me up thinking about you climbing up there to get the picture! So awesome, Betsy! You're right though, you can only do that sort of thing if you have a group of friends laughing at it. Otherwise it's just really awkward.