Monday, August 17, 2009

walks, walks and more walks

so here are my friends from california, marcia,scott and lauren. they wanted to a picture with blossom so they could pretend they owned a dog. haha.
so it turned out to be a lovely day. i woke early to meet my friend marcia and her family one more time before they caught the bus to whittier to catch thier cruise ship. they got into town from california sunday so we got to hang out together then as well. since i woke early, poor rio had to wait til this evening for her walk today. i stuffed peanut butter in a bone and left her on the couch with the tv on. no tyra banks...i won't make my dog suffer so. we didn't have time for much but we walked a short ways on the coastal trail. i'm tossing one more picture in at the very top of marcia, scott and thier daughter, lauren.

after blossom and i met them we took off to kincaid park for another longer walk. we went to little campbell lake and then did the loop around the lake. i ran into a couple from scotland who were up here visiting thier son, who then had to take off for work for newfoundland...anyway, they were headed the wrong direction to get to the lake so i walked with them back to the lake.

above is from walk #3 with both dogs in my local baxter bog. anyway...the sun just came out more and more as the day went on. the clouds looked cool to me so i took the picture.

so the fall is starting to show up and probably will be blasting in within a week or so. the mushrooms are a sign of the times and they are popping up everywhere. i'm not a mushroomologist or anything, but i think they look cool. i've still never gotten into eating them and would have no idea which ones i should eat. i do know that the brightly coloured ones are on the toxic side. this mushroom in the tree is in kincaid today and the lake below is little campbell lake (old name beer can lake). some guy was out there swimming today, it did look like he had a dry suit on or whatever it is they wear.

more mushrooms from my walk saturday with chris, sharon and thier dog, cooper. we were on a north bivouac trail.

yesterday after i picked up marcia and family i took them to campbell airstrip trailhead for a walk. the 10 year old daughter was very excited about the dog being there and she happily walked along tossing tennis balls for blossom, which blossom happily retrieved. my friend marcia has always been highly allergic to animal dander. she seemed to do okay with blossom and driving in the element. the element is easy to sweep out and blossom, being a labradoodle, is probably a bit easier than some other dogs. i wouldn't let her near the inside of my house though.
after we walked we headed to one of my favorite local restuarants, the brewhouse, for dinner. i always recommend the king crab leg appetizers and the herb crusted halibut to guests and i always end up getting it myself just cause it's so good. they have other good stuff there, but when i stray from my favorite i find myself just a wee bit sad that i'm not eating the crab and halibut. they tried the halibut and salmon and her husband was wishing he'd gotten the halibut after he tasted it. we shared. the wait there is always a bit nuts and it's easiest to just head to the "bar" section and snag a table, which is what we did in the end. there is a wonderful shop right across the way from the restuarant that i love so i never mind waiting and drooling over all the great art and native craft there. they have great stuff there.
anyway, it was a fun day with marcia and family so i was happy we got to sneak in a few minutes again today. i hope they have a great vacation on the cruise.
so the mushrooms below are some of my favorites...seem like something out of alice in wonderland or something. i knew my friend marcia would love these and she couldn't resist taking pictures of them. we met in 7th grade. she's been a great friend. very influential for me. she always was asking questions....especially about religion. she wasn't raised with any religion so she was curious. her questions did begin to make me ask questions and see things in different ways. so many people that we meet in life have such influence if we only listen and learn the lessons that each person has to offer. i love meeting new people and i love getting to know people. my life would be in such a different place with out the great folks i've met along the way.
watched a fun flick last night. it was called, "the bands visit". it was actually kinda sweet. a police band from egypt goes to israel to play at a museum opening, but end up in the wrong town by accident. there is really nothing in this town and the locals end up taking this band in for the night.

was able to get the lawn partially mowed. it grows super fast up here. i often have to mow it 1-2 times/week. the weeds get out of control fast. i have no idea how those people with amazing gardens do it. when i walk by i don't see anyone working on the garden for hours on end, which it seems like you'd have to. today as i tried to get control of the raspberries that are falling down and the sunflower plants which had also fell over....the yellow jackets were out in force. when i went inside i noticed one had gotten tangled in my french braid. i'm really not fond of the insects. it took a bit of work to get it out and then i was so freaked out about the bugs i had to hop in the shower again.
below is another insect that's been out in droves. i actually enjoy dragonflies though. i think they are cool looking and i love when artists use them in thier various crafts. i did look them up the other night and they spend most of thier time in some sort of larval stage.
i looked up those salmon sharks as well. just curious. i guess they are closely related to the great whites and these types of sharks, along with just a few fish, are endothermic. they can get 6-8 feet in length. anyway...just had to check it out. i do enjoy the internet for such things. it said too that they tasted like sword fish , but must be gutten and bled immediately. now you know all i know.

these are just lillies from my garden. they seem to do well and are one of my favorite flowers. i tried to take them so you wouldn't see all the weeds. i think the orange ones snuck over from my neighbors. the old lady that lived there passed away a few years ago. before she got ill she had a beautiful garden and these lillies ran along her side of the fence. the new owners are a nice young family, but they can't be bothered with garden stuff...he's more into his trucks and engines....maybe doris snuck the flowers over. must have pained her to look down and watched them shred her garden to accomadate old engines.

last but not girl blossom. she found it unbearable hot today on the trail. she hates when it gets over 70 F. poor pup! who knew her tongue was so huge!!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I always go for the smoked salmon cesear @ The Brewhouse!

  2. i'll have to get someone to buy that so i can taste it.

  3. LOVE that lake photo with the reflection & that last mushroom photo... and those lilies are gorgeous. They are one of those flowers that are just so beautiful they don't even look real. The yellow jackets in the hair does not sound fun. We just had to spray down a huge wasp nest on the side of the house and those buggers are MEAN.

  4. soon all bugs will be winter!! thanks for comments...