Monday, August 24, 2009

terror at the fireweed theater!!!

another picture from my drive the other day above. such a pretty week. below is a picture of denali from spencer loop trail the other day. friday i met up with kelly and we got some lovely views of denali and the alaskan range. the other mountain to the left of denali is foraker mountain. denali national park is a 5 hour drive north of anchorage.

above rio enjoys the sun on the deck the other day. below is blossom and one enormous mushroom. it had to have been about 10 inches in diameter. i was impressed.

i ran into a friend at the dog park today and he asked me to join him at the fireweed movie theater for a movie. so i zipped the dogs home, fed them and settled them in with their bones stuffed with peanut butter.

we were watching the movie, "up", and it was a bit long in the begining and frankly a bit depressing, but in the end the action picks up and it was getting really good...when suddenly the screen went blank and we were all told that they'd give us free tickets, but that there were "technical difficulties". it was all strange. as we exited under bizarre circumstances a few young men came in to make sure everyone left and i heard them say "have you checked the bathrooms". as we exited our movie we saw that they had stopped all the movies and all the people were leaving. my heart started pounding. i had no idea what was going on...was there a gun man, a bomb threat, was there some national event taking place that merited emptying out the theater. everyone was confused and a bit freaked out as we were escorted out without any explanation. i turned on npr immediately upon starting the car to make sure there wasn't some "9/11" event in progress. i was relieved that they were just playing music and drove home...when i checked the local news online i found out it had only been a bad roof leak related to the excessive rainfall of the day. why didn't they just say that!!!!

i slept like a rock today until 3:30 in the afternoon. i worked the last 2 nights so i do sleep during the days, but it's always odd to me that my body knows the weather outside. if it's sunny out i wake up much earlier and get outside, on rainy days, my body just sleeps longer. today...rainy. i got lucky at the dog park and it wasn't rainy too badly, but it did dump down this evening.

was supposed to be on vacay this week, but since i wasn't sure doing a roadtrip right after my back just got feeling great again, i opted to work 2 of my 3 shifts this week. our supervisor is out due to her son's death so i knew they were short. the other supervisor i told this to a week or so ago totally forgot. (i think everyone was more upset about the loss than we knew) ...anyway, i showed up at work thursday and they didn't have me listed. it was busy so they were going to have me stay and help out anyway...i knew i'd never leave til morning. i helped admit one patient, move another then got an admit of my own. then another nurse was totally going nuts with her pair so i ended up suggesting they move her spare patient over and i'd take him. we have loads of confused, impulsive people in the unit right now.

last night i worked again, my one patient was an almost 90 year old with dementia, alzheimers and sepsis. she was totally out of bed once, had previously already fallen at the nursing home. we'd put a urine drainage bag in her and there was just no explaining that to her. she just kept saying she needed to go pee....all night long...and trying to get up to pee. it was a long night. makes me appreciate those with the patience to work alzheimers units. it's such a tough disease and those nurses are saints who can really work with these unfortunate people.

watched "the life of david gale" the other night. as i watched it i realized that i had seen it before. he's against the death penalty and ends up on death row himself, wrongly accused of rape and murder. it is a good movie and i enjoyed watching it a second time even though i remembered the ending as the movie progressed. i'm not a person who would volunteer to die for any cause. guess i'm just not that crazy or passionate about any particular issue. the death penalty....for or against. it is final and i think there are some murderers who deserve to die because of the heinousness of thier crime. like a jeffery dahmer type where there is absolute evidence that he killed many people. it's not a good punishment for any sort of circumstantial evidence crime. i really think it should be reserved for absolute proof and especially horrid. my biggest issues with the death penalty are 1. that the financial costs are insane to actually go through all the court process required before the death occurs and 2. there seems to be some unfairness in how it's handed out. i mean a horrid serial killer in one state that has no death penalty gets life while a one time passion killer in another state could get sentenced to death.

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