Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a mushroom explosion in anchorage...

i feel as though i am in alice in wonderland or in some sort of mushroom heaven. last year with so much rain we had very few shrooms. this year they are everywhere. i don't like to eat them, but i sure think they are cool. i seem to be taking loads of pictures of them so here they are. all types. i have no idea what the names of the varieties are. i know there are some edible ones out there, but not the brightly coloured ones. those are poisonous i think.
after walks in the bog and the neighborhood with rio,blossom and i have taken off the past two days to different parts of far north bicentennial park. there are multiple trailheads and they all interconnect. yesterday i turned back when i saw small black bear tracks in the mud from the days rain sunday. today i was wandering pretty far off and started seeing some bear scat. they are still out there and i'm still trying to avoid them. doesn't blossom look cute. i trimmed the hairs around her face. i'm not much of a dog groomer. luckily she's so cute that she can handle a bad cut.

some of these shrooms are so huge i thought i'd throw money on one to give some sense of size.

blossom enjoys a dip in the park.
loads of variety in the shroom department. i know there are books that help with identification...perhaps one day. i could take my old novels to tidal wave bookstore and trade them in..see what i can find. hmmm. i got all the recylcing in yesterday. it was risky....there were bee's buzzing all around the aluminum cans. so i did accomplish a few things yesterday. i have several family members with birthdays this month so tonight i made cake batter...great meal, eh? tonight i really need to get back to the bathroom remodel. i need to paint, get the tub glazed, change out toilet, light fixtures and then finish the floor tiles.

enjoy the mushrooms....


  1. It's fun being an adult & just being able to say sometimes, you know, cake sounds good for dinner tonight. Haha.

    Blossom looks very cute. Is that a bell on her collar?

    I like that you put a dollar bill on that mushroom... didn't realize it was that huge!

  2. yes....we shall eat cake for dinner!! well, the batter anyway. blossom and i both wear bells for bear season. not that bears are scared of bells, but in my experience, i've only had close bear encounters when not wearing bells so i think they help. most bears prefer to just avoid humans and this human prefers to avoid them.

  3. Love the mushroom pictures. I don't eat them (except when cooks sneak small, small pieces into something unbeknowgst to me); but they are pretty. I think they're a fascinating Plant/fungus. When they are colorful, they are pretty and do remind you of Alice in Wonderland!

  4. yeah...those shrooms occasionally sneak thier way into my meals too.