Thursday, August 20, 2009

drive to seward

above is turnigan arm at low tide. it will totally fill up with the high tide. next is blossom swimming in seward. i like to go to lowell point and let the dogs romp in the sand . blossom loves to swim out there in the waves. there aren't really "beaches" in anchorage.

the sun was sneaking through the clouds on this lake. kinda looked like god had something to say to me. thought it was very pretty though.
gotta love reflection shots. these are just along the turnigan arm.

thought i would get out and see a bit of alsaka. it was a beautiful day out there and it was time to test out my road trip abilities. before that i called my sister and discovered one of the quilts i mailed yesterday will probably return here. apparently, my nephew moved and i never picked up on that or his new address. still live in texas right? hehe. here i was hoping to just hit the post office 1x and now it will take at least 3 tries. good thing i live near a station.

my friend kelly called while i chatted with my sister so we met up for a walk at prospect heights. rio's longest walk for weeks. don't tell the vet. we'll see how her shoulder feels tomorrow morning. her dog, mandee, was limping, but forgot about it soon after seeing blossom.

re-watched "thelma and louise" last night. haven't seen that for years. the first part was filmed at a bar i used to frequent in los angeles and used local bar folks as extras in the dance scene. i was working the nights they were filming so i didn't check into it. the silver bullet...that was the bar. i spent many a fun evening there two-steppin, swinging and tush pushing!! i do miss my nights out dancing. always had a great time and i must say...i was a pretty dang good dancer.

anyway, some movies are a bit of a disappointment when seen again. "thelma and louise" was a bit of a disappointment. thelma really just needed to be slapped for being such a ditz. i mean she nearly gets raped which results in a death and then picks up yet another man on the street and uses no common sense and their money all gets taken. i guess as i get older i have less tolerance for stupidity in women. there was another movie out at the same time as that one about 2 women that i really loved and still do. it was called, "leaving normal". it hasn't been made into dvd as far as i know. it never did as well at the box office. the two women happen onto each other and end up on a roadtrip to alaska. besides the fact that i wanted to embark on my own roadtrip to alaska one day, i loved the message that i found in the movie. it was about expectations and how life often turns out grander if you don't live it with pre-planned expectations of how it will all go down.

so anyway...drove down to seward and back. it's about 2 hours to seward. took me longer as i stopped to take pictures frequently. there are some fall colours starting up, just pretty out there. blue skies, fluffy clouds. there were a few pairs of swans. they were a bit off. may post more pictures in a day or so. it's getting late tonight. my late night seinfeld episode is showing credits....what now!!


  1. Oh, my--just love that picture of the rays coming through the clouds. I always that that was God giving us a sign too. Definitely slows me down. Also Leaving Normal is one of the few movies I've watched more than once...really love that and agree that it's got more to offer than Thelma and Louise. Homesteading.

  2. haha, I really liked that they shot that guy in T&L. Being stupid or naive doesn't mean people deserve being attacked or abused. We should have a safer world where you can have one too many shots at a bar and not expect to be taken advantage of. Guys that prey on naive women deserve to be shot, it surprised me and still surprises me that it is so controversial. I would like to see a remake of T&L with the roles reversed; I wonder what the reaction would be if a guy shot a woman who was trying to rape another guy with a broomhandle or something. Or what the reaction would be to the rape itself, and the money theft. Might be an interesting movie.

  3. it wasn't that the first guy got shot that bothered me...i just think the fact that the very next day she was off trusting another guy who took advantage of her was a bit much. we don't live in the imaginary world where girls can get totally looped and be safe. she had better be aware of her situation or have really, really good friends.
    doesn't sound like a movie i'd want to watch. there was another movie that was very graphic with a female rape. it was too much. i don't want to see anyone raped. it can be inferred.