Tuesday, April 20, 2010

friends in town...snow...and spring?

so the day after i changed over my tires we got over 4 inches of snow. figures. my summer tires are snow and mud rated so it's not like i had difficulty. it was heavy, wet snow and was melted off by friday, which was a beautiful day. took the dogs on some good walks through the mushy snow. rio did pretty good...didn't get overly sore. she does have a ruptured anal gland abscess. ick...that's all i can say on that one. she goes to vet tomorrow. poor girl.
we did the big loop at n. bivouac one day and then i risked my life with the hatchet man and did rovers run. no signs of the crazy man or the tree he supposedly hacked up with the axe when the women he chased managed to escape him. i did look around alot and carried my bear spray.
wednesday i headed to the pool for my laps. got in 25, not bad and then met quinton, bob and tanya over at the zoo for this wildlife wednesday walrus lecture. it was given by the captain who took us from round island to a remote beach so we could await pick up by float plane. he said the walrus have been moving to other beaches in the area and that seeing them on round island has been hit and miss. he said he hasn't taken his boat out there for the past 2 years because of this. guess we went at a good time. after we'd listened to the lecture we headed to the moose's tooth for some great food and catch up time. other people take pictures of the delicious food they eat at such places, but i am finding i'm just too much of a pig. i dig right in before i remember thinking that i'd take a picture first. this happened again tonight as my friend anita is in town and we went to the glacier brewhouse. i got my usual favorite, king crab leg appetizers and herb crusted halibut dinner. totally forgot to get the camera out once i spotted the crab i dug right in. these are both very tasty eating establishments. i enjoyed the company too.
above is quinton and i, below tanya, quinton, me and bob...the other bob was cut off. that is what happens when you give the 7 year old the camera. i think she did pretty good though. she took a repeat that got us all in but it was pretty blurry so my apologies to bob.

here is tanya's bob with thier daughter maddie.
i didn't get a picture of me with anita today...not sure why...just talking too much to think of it. haven't seen her for a bit. we'll hopefully get together tomorrow as well. supposed to be good weather tomorrow..though i was happy with the rain of hte past 24 hours. rain is spring. the snow is melting fast this weekend. yippee!!
in between shifts i tried to sleep, finished a book, "olive kitteridge" by elizabeth stout, and started a new one. the stout book was a decent read. like that last book i read i found myself waiting for some event/events to happen. it was mostly a series of short stories where the author tried to insinuate this main character in, although often it was just with a sentence like, "mrs kitteridge was my teacher and she said...". so it seemed a bit reaching. was expecting her to have had some meaningful influence on these lives that the author put her with and it just wasn't really there. anyway....on to the next read. a co-worker at work last night got the kindle for christmas so i was asking her about it, checking it out. another co-worker has one as well and they both really like them. may have to get me one sometime.

rio is always willing to take a nap along side me and i always crack up with she sleeps and her tongue just sticks out a bit. very cute. not sure why that reminded me, but this morning we all got a good laugh. an asthmatic kid caused an international flight to land here (this actually happens with some irregular regularity)...anyway, the kid was pretty nervous of any of us staff...that is a nice way of saying if i got anywhere near the kid, say opening the door to the room, she screamed louder than any kid i've heard in awhile. ( secretely i think this was the reason the plane got diverted here, not the asthma thing...hehe) in the morning her mom stepped out and left the curtain open so we could keep an eye on her. in the 10 minutes this mom was gone the 2 year old starting picking her nose. next thing we see is that she has collected herself one humongous snot clump. she became quite fascinated with it and played with it in her hand, actually interacted with us from afar, smiling and very proud of this snot. her mom came back, cracked up with us and then went in to clean her up....that kid was not happy that her snot was being taken away. okay...it doesn't sound as funny all written down like this. rio looks cute sleeping anyway.
looks like walrus hide, but it's really super wet snow.
these are from rovers run thursday. hard to go to work when it looks like this outside.

i was surprised that they groomed the trails out there at this late date, but they did and it looked pretty tempting. i had my ski's but had already cleaned out the boots...oh well.

have been hearing the geese these past few days....here is my first sighting. this is a sure sign of spring and always makes me happy. this was in the bog. have done the bog quite a bit this week. moose sightings at times. took anita for a short drive as she hadn't seen one of our moose yet. we quickly spotted one on northern lights resting in someones front yard.
blossom is enjoying the pockets of water that are appearing. she takes every opportunity to get wet and dirty.

four nights of work done....can't complain. overall, went very well. they must have been desperate the first night as they put me with one of the new grads in acc. i don't often get selected to precept people. i think she wasn't too sure on me at first as i kept on her about getting her charting done as she went along. i think she was surprised i looked at it. by the morning i think she was happy as for once her charting was all done and she was ready to go before the next shift came out for report. sometimes i worry that they get trained in all these details and the how to be a nurse in an icu gets a bit lost. hopefully, i was helpful in that aspect. who knows. the next night they had put her with someone else. i think the main educator in that unit is a bit biased and believes only nurses with a bachelors should be training. not much difference over time between the two. i think in general new grads with bachelors are more book smart and new grads with associates tend to be more ready to hit the floor running.
got my laps in again today. 27 laps. i again worked on this breast stroke kick with the board and i tried a few lengths on it with both legs and arms. it's very tiring and i'm sure i'm totally doing it wrong. i kept trying to watch the guy in the next lane who was doing laps of it. we'll see..didn't get there til 8:30 but it was all quiet and i love swimming when the pool is not so crowded.

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