Friday, April 9, 2010

nostaligic and frustrations...

okay so these aren't from alaska...i grew up in the los angeles area and my grandpa had a beach house in laguna beach. we spent a great deal of time there growing up...i know lucky me. this is victoria cove where the house is. sadly, it had to be sold after my grandpa died. i think it was the worse day of my mom's life, signing those papers. i've been going through old pictures so have been nostalgic for those lovely days in laguna beach.
the one above was actually huntington beach where my brother jeff lives now with his family. you can see catalina island in the background. another favorite place in california.

spent many days in laguna on these rocks peering into tide pools. i could spend hours looking at those little ponds of life. still can whenever i find a place with tidepools. ketchikan had great tide pools.
below is me on a visit a few years back at "the pool" in laguna beach. the waves crash over it, decades ago it was allowed to fill up and the kids could swim there. from what i understood after the polio epidemic started they put a hole to allow the water to drain in fear that it was a possible place of transmission. still fills up a bit on really high tides as the water crashes over it.
the tower in laguna. seemed a magical place as i was growing up. it's really just a walkway to a property above. it was locked most of the time i went there, only once did i find it uplocked and open. i snuck up the circular stone steps and saw the beaches of my youth from a whole new perspective as i peered out the little open windows. i wrote a song about it. still sing it from time to time when i pull out my guitar.

disjointed week. that happens about once a month for some reason. haha. it snowed on tuesday. i felt like crap that day and i don't think walking in the snow while waiting for the car helped. then i was at the car place with a chill. had some sort of gut thing which i believe i made worse attempting to make it the end...i called out sick. felt bad as it sounds like they were busy. my body obviously doesn't tolerate the super strength immodium that i'd bought at costco months back. being a single girl i try to keep things such as immodium around. i remember getting a bad stomach flu when i moved to south dakota. i knew nobody so i really didn't really feel like i could call someone i'd just met at work to get me meds and such at the store. i remember on day 3 i finally felt like i could rush to the grocery. i remember there was a line and i wanted to wave the immodium and scream out for them to let me cut in line.

so just the one night of work. went well. found a few things that were set up wrong. not bad, bad, but sad really. especially when we have these competency fairs twice a year and the focus is often on details. the thing is too long. we sat listening to a series of lectures for the first 4 hours. individually, none of them was bad really, just way, way, way too long. it was good to learn about charting and the legalities of it, also good to learn about suicide risk factors and i enjoyed the laundry manager coming to talk. just not all at one time, one after the other. then our educator seems to have some obsession with the blood sugar competency. she expects a full hour every 6 months to be dedicated to just this one task. i remember one fair i had just done a minimum of 72 blood sugars that weekend. we do these with great regularity on our jobs, just seems like something we could pass off during our regular shift with our supervisors. for me this frustration is made greater due to the fact that there are real icu things that my co-workers want and need to learn. that these pressure bags and a drainage system weren't set up properly or noticed to not be set up properly while we waste time on this inane blood sugar obsession. yes...i'm venting....sorry sharon. we also got the reminder to be careful on facebook and not to text or take personal calls at work. so i'm probably being monitered.

walks are going to get tougher and tougher til the thaw is done. did meet up with tanya at prospect heights. the dogs had fun. the tennis ball has a big chunk out of it so of course, it's lasting forever. they never seem to lose the balls that are skinned or cracked, if it's brand new though, it will get lost or stolen. hmmm.... today i just did the bog/hood since i had that class. it was blue sky beautiful day. my friend quinton is in town so i'm excited to meet up with him and his partner, bob. very excited to see my's been a long time. i've had some wonderful hiking companions over the years and they are hard to replace. another friend will be up the next week i think so look forward to seeing anita as well.
my finger is sore. i volunteered to get poked at the fair so we could prove how competent we were. so on a good note, i had eated mashed potatoes and gravy and chocolate milk less than an hour before that and my sugars were just over 100.
finished a book this week, "the favorites". not one of my favorites. it lacked a plot really. strange...just kept waiting for something to happen that never did. my tires are in so trying to figure out when i can get those from costco and get my tires changed over for the season. had fun posting bunches of old pictures of my neices and nephews on facebook. my family has been enjoying all the pictures so that's been fun. it's so much easier to get them out there to everyone. 10 years ago i would have had to get copies of all and mail them...the times they are achangin.

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