Wednesday, April 21, 2010

vet visits and friend visits...

started the morning at the vet office. very young vet there now. i must be getting old as these college graduates really look young now. most of the time i'm in denial of the aging process..oh well. they took rio to the back and expressed her anal gland that hadn't burst open on it's own. not sure what happened, but when she returned she was limping...on her bad knee. of course, i stupidly took her to kincaid park for a walk. we did the loop off of jodphur that i frequent in the summers. wasn't sure what i'd find when i got there today. was actually lots of snow coverage still. was nice to see exposed actual ground in places though, as above, and some grasses, below. soon the green will return and winter will be a memory.
winter was actually very nice this year, very few days below 0 f. this spring is also going fairly well. not too much for the nasty ice patches. it's melting back well. takes awhile to get through all those layers of snow. blossom had fun busting through places to get to the big puddle/ponds.
we only saw one moose in the park on the walk, saw two more right before we entered the park. denali showed up for a bit. i saw it while i was driving from the vet.

after i got home from the walk i settled rio in and blossom and i headed off to pick up my friend anita. it was turning into a pretty nice day so i figured we'd take a little drive. first we went up to flat top trailhead to get a look at the city. always a good place for a view. it was pretty, but a bit windy.
the wood fencing was supposed to guide you on the little trail to the view. not sure it was as helpful as it could have been. but i always love the look of this type of wood fencing.
subsequently, anita went off trail and postholed a bit. i think she was wearing dansko's so not the best shoes to posthole in. she's a good sport though and just laughed.

after we got the view in we headed down to the turnigan arm to see what we could run into. there were 3 moose at potter marsh but they were pretty far back. there was also a swan. another sign of spring.
we went to the snow goose after our adventures and enjoyed a decent meal. not as good as the glacier brewhouse the night before, but it was nice to just chat and catch up. it's always amazing how you can just pick up with friends like you see them all the time instead of having gaps of years between visits. i have been very blessed with many wonderful friends to share this experience that is life together.
anita wanted to try something alaskan so she went for the caribou meatloaf special. i went for surf and turf. came with a few crab legs. the crab was slightly dry. just not as tasty as the legs at the brewhouse always are. the steak was flavored nicely.

last picture was a mountain goat near windy point on the ride down turnigan. they can often be sighted in the area. amazing to watch them manuever the rocks. just noticed that it's after 1 am. i wasted time trying to watch the acts from tonights american idol. took too long to load and then wouldn't let you watch it a second time through without breaks like most videos do. of course, that inspired me to listen to simon and garfunkle...which then got me listening to mary chapin carpenter. i love "this shirt" and "down in mary's land".

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