Tuesday, April 13, 2010

quintons in town!!

sandra and i went to prospect heights saturday. the amounts of snow vary from trail to trail as do the conditions. it was still pretty decent up on prospect on saturday. of course, now it's been windy for a few days so that has probably had an ill effect on the snow. will be needing cleats until it melts off. needed cleats today in the bog...didn't bring them, but wished i had.
we had a nice walk. sandra steals the chuck it from me. she seems to have a good time tossing it for blossom. that is the reason for the focus on blossoms part in this picture. she sees the tennis ball idle. we went to the new walmart supercenter after. just another store. i doubt i'll be going out of my way for it. sometimes cheaper, but then by the time you pay for gas to get there, it evens out. i tend to try and hit stores that are on the way to/from places i have on the list.
made it to the gym for a swim that day. love saturdays at the pool. all lanes for swimmers and so it's all chill and relaxing. sadly, i felt my blood sugar taking a nose dive and started feeling like i was kinda blanking a bit while swimming. so i cut it off at 20 laps. watched "english patient" that night. i might have seen bits of it before, but never have seen it full through. i liked it. it's long, so i doubt i'd watch it again.

just did the bog with the girls on sunday as i went out to palmer to hang with quinton, bob and family. couldn't believe how little snow is left out there. the yards were nearly empty of snow. the girls stayed in the yard for the afternoon. they did fairly well i must say. wasn't sure how that would go. rio gets a bit nuts when she isn't with me. i think she would have done even better but the wind kept blasting and that would throw her off.
i made it home in time to hit the gym for 34 laps this time. i do much better when i'm not so hungry. shoulder's been a bit sore so i've made some adjustments. today i got 35 laps in and the shoulder is pretty good. am doing a few more laps with the kickboard and working my arse by doing more of a crawl or butterfly kick....
met sandra and lesley out for some girl time. we ate at this dive bar that makes decent hamburgers. i just had a salad and some onion rings...which they polished off for me. i think they ordered without me so that they'd be done and ready to help me eat later. we left there to watch a movie, "date night". it was actually quite funny. i hadn't really heard anything about it. tina fey is funny...i think she toned down the leading man who can be annoying in some flicks. this couple a few rows up got out their plastic wrap and covered 4 seats front and back before sitting down. very odd. i think the feeling is they are afraid of getting lice or something. i've no doubt the seats in theaters are probably gross and rarely if ever cleaned. not ready to become so paranoid about germs and bugs and stuff. guess i'll jsut be on lice watch.

the picture above is blossom at potter to mchugh trail. i met up with quinton and bob. it was windy out but once in the trees not too bad. the trail was icy in spots, but probably 60 % was down to the earth. blossom found herself some nice little mud pools to play in.
below is quinton and bob. hope they move back here from wyoming one day.

didn't get the camera out much as it was so windy and not very "pretty" out. below is an attempt at a pic of me and quinton. maybe tomorrow will be better. we're going to do something tomorrow i think. not sure yet. bob and tanya want to come i think so i told them to just call quinton and let me know. i'll drop them off at the airport later tomorrow night. you leave alaska mostly after midnight it seems and fly all night.

we did a little post walk bear tooth eating. they always have good food and quinton was craving something on the menu. the wind continued to howl all night. i think blossom got nervous a few times.
today...i spent loads of bucks. i hate spending money...you wouldn't know it by looking at all the crap in my house and all that, but i can go through small stuff, i hate putting down big chunks of cash like for the tires today. it was a nice $500 + to get the tires and do the changeover. i got there early hoping i could get it all done in one trip, but they scheduled me for 2pm. i took the girls to the bog and fought the wind. the sun was out so i curled up with a book on the bed...the best place to bask in sun.

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