Saturday, April 24, 2010

spring, winter, spring, winter, spring, winter???? this was my favorite picture of the day. i just was digging the blue skies and cool cloud formations. i'm easy that way. i walked the dogs up gasline to powerline to tank another season it's an easy walk, today it was pretty slushy out there. it's slushy everywhere now. makes for an added work out even with cleats on. i overdid it tuesday with the slush in kincaid. felt almost ill much of wednesday. just muscle achy.
thursday when i woke up from my sleep at was snowing. not little snow...big flakes of it. we got maybe an inch or more. it was melting off as it was snowing.
was sure i'd be in nicu both nights i worked, but the nicu fairy didn't come and instead i was out on peds for a few days. always a bit crazy out there til after midnight and then it tends to settle down and i feel all out of sorts at that point. in the icu's it seems like there is jsut more to do hourly whereas on the floor it just settles and they actualy encourage kids to sleep at night.

aside from the 3 your old f-bombing me it was a quite pleasnt stretch at work. i must have been incredibly innocently raised. the first time i even knew of that word was in 4th grade. my mom was keen on "hells bells". stupid was also not a word we were encouraged to use. my mom also seemed quite opposed to "hate". i was always corrected to "strongly dislike" or some such thing. i also feel that these parents whose kids are that out of control at 3 are in for it as those kids hit thier teen years...i mean if you can't control a 2-3 year old...dicipline is a lost cause. i generally just let the parents deal with thier out of control kid...i mean why should i get ibuprofen spit all over me or get hit and called names when they are the ones who created this situation. i find silence is an effective tool.
despite the snowfall this week, it feels more and more like summer coming. the sun is out longer and longer and it just feels warmer. i swept the back deck and may get the deck chairs and such out tomorrow. i love to read the paper out there in the mornings when the sun hits it. mufasa even decided to venture out to the yard. my friend calls her old cats "flat cats" which totally fits him. he's so thin. he's looked outside several days, but today was the first he went out. he just wanders the yard for a few and comes back in.
blossom enjoys the deck year round, but she looked happy out there enjoying the "warmth" of the day.
was visiting with anita tuesday so no laps. i did get there today and did the mile. am trying to self learn the breast stroke. not sure how close i am, but it is a tiring stroke and i think i look like the other people i watch out there. i think i sink more though.
spoke to my brother jeff and he got admitted this morning in california for kidney stone issues. he's had tons of stones, but this one's been lingering a month and i guess it's made itself comfy in all the scar tissue of his ureter. it is now causing the kidney some concern so tomorrow they will take him to surgery and go after it. hopefully, all goes well and he's feeling better by tomorrow evening. bites though.


  1. Wow about the 3 yo. Even now I get after my kids for saying 'shut up' to each other, or calling each other gay or stupid.

    Oh, that cloud pic with the leafless or dead trees is really cool.

  2. we are starting to see a little spring growth but the trees are still bare. soon....