Sunday, June 6, 2010

china poot 2...

forever out of order...these are at least all from day one of the trip. above jennifer enjoys the spoils of her ice cream ball. we had fun finding imaginative ways to mix the ice cream. you have to shake it for like an hour. luckily it's a pretty tough ball. the ice cream does turn out well. would be great to take it to prince william sound where you have glaciers all over and constant ice. fun to make ice cream or mixed drinks with ice that is thousands of years old!
one of my favorite sunset shots of the weekend. loved the reflections and colours.
two pictures above/below are borrowed from jennifers collection of pictures. we got rather goofy mixing the ice cream....could have been the wine we drank before we started mixing, the nice weather or perhaps, we are just goofy people to begin with. above i do some yoga moves in an attempt to mix it and below we'd started a game of ice cream bowling. i had just gotten hit and went down!

i did take a few pictures myself so this one was a mix/pass off game we had going for a bit. jennifer attempts a pass to amy while sandra watches.
back to earlier events of the day...
seal in peterson bay. he seemed pretty content laying out there on that floating deck. hope we didn't annoy him too much.
he's quite handsome....
the outhouse out there had no door. no big deal for us this weekend as we had sunny weather. it was quite the lovely view. above is a view from the outhouse. of course, you lose out on privacy and i imagine in bad weather this could be a drag.
loved the colours of the sunset. these were all taken our first night out there. we hung by a campfire on the beach, eating, mixing ice cream and just taking it all in.
kayaks on the bay in china poot. the bay empties out of much of the water at a low tide and there is a sand bar that almost totally cuts it off, probably does at a really big minus tide.

i took a walk in the evening, evening being probably 10 pm or so. there was a beautiful waterfall above our camp. you can see the yurt and some folks who were tent camping near by.
just a few more scenery shots that i thought turned out nicely.
thought the view through the log was nice. it was right below our yurt. yurt is pictured below. there are several in the area you can rent. just was looking at a blog the other night at work of a couple who live in a yurt with a baby.
nice how everything has greened up. took the girls to kincaid to do jodphur loop yesterday and it's always winter never happened. the green fills in so quickly.
sorry , couldn't get enough of the reflections out there. this little lagoon was directly in front of the yurt so walked past it often.
picture from the paddle earlier. this is taken looking towards the back of the boat. rudder down. i kept forgetting to put it back up as we pulled in to land. can't say that the rental place took good care of thier boats either, but i felt bad.
sandra and jennifer portage thier kayaks back from peterson bay that night. a bit longer walk as the tide was going out at that point.
amy stabalizes the boat so i can exit more gracefully..or just without falling in the water.
another view of peterson bay.

borrowed a few of sandra and jennifers pictures for a few of myself. above amy and i in the boat, below i lay out in the sun awaiting our water taxi. got a decent alaskan tan over the weekend...seems to be fading already.
had lots of plans for today, but overslept. worked overtime last night. they floated me down from peds to work the adult unit 2/3 of my nights. had to run the sledd machine. the woman was a bit nuts and drove me bonkers. i did finally opt to work the overtime, but only 8 hours of it. it was so nice yesterday to wake up, walk the dogs in kincaid and then head to the gym for my laps. i did 70. it felt great after missing a week of swims. was planning on going today, but right before i left my stomach started to hurt and i have opted out. off to meet sandra for a movie in a bit and still have to shower. maybe i'll post more pictures later. the dogs got ripped off today as well. strange how much better i am at walking in the winters.
hopefully we'll do a nice long walk tomorrow. i've been wanting to walk to willawaw lakes. will be a long day. must get to my laps after that as well.
laughed loads with my co-workers over the past few nights. always great to have a good crew to work with. we were on the east side so it's set up different....better. you can actually work together over there.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Great antics with the ice cream ball--yeah, the wine would have helped me too--but no way am i doing yoga on gravel. ever.

  2. the gravel was a bit uncomfortable..but the ice cream was tasty!