Tuesday, June 22, 2010

last of chicken, walk to gold mint and tiling...

we had another monday walk yesterday. met up out at gold mint trail in hatchers pass. i always love that trail. just a beautiful place and a not difficult walk. we went to the mile 3 marker then turned around. blossom and maddie were a bit sleepy post walk...we stopped for chocolate shakes after the walk as well, which i totally enjoyed!
sharon walks with maddie and cooper the final stretch. i think she was enjoying having a child around to help her with training. cooper still gets a bit wound up with kids. maddie got knocked over a few times, but evenutally we taught her to "bunch up"...meaning grab an adult so she is more solid and doesn't get knocked over. the dogs had a blast and maddie, well, for 7 years she really does amazingly well on these long hikes. i always have the good bad snacks so she loves that. tanya tends to have those parental snacks...healthy stuff. boring!! hehe
the weather threatened to get ugly, but aside from a few drops of rain we were very lucky...sadly we weren't the only folks out there walking. we were guessing that the summer solstice got folks out and about. i mean if you can't enjoy summer on it's longest day....
just a beautiful place, hatchers pass...
maddie attempted to have a snack so sharon attempted to use that as a training moment. the dogs are all sitting...blossom was with me. those two malamutes had a blast together. i could hardly tell them apart though.
we are begining to wonder if like breeds recognize each other as these two really just hit it off. blossom too seems to recognize other doodles and is drawn to them...at least the ones that look similar to her. strange.

the malamutes both went on top of hte beaver dam looking for beaver...not really a good idea as those beaver can be a bit nasty. this is cooper exploring.
here are the beaver dams, just over a mile in i believe. sadly blossom didn't want to swim as i'd forgotten her tennis ball. she was not chasing sticks...no idea why, the mutes were. so the malamutes swam and the retriever sort sat on the sides.
here are some pictures of the tiling project. finally on the road to finishing the upstairs bathroom...well, as finished as it will get. odd that they don't really remove layers of flooring before laying the new stuff...apparently there were 3 layers of linoleum down there. who knew. always some surprises...if that is the worst i'll be cool with that. the blue looks a bit dark, but i think once the bright white grout goes in it will perk it up a bit. he'll return, god willing, tomorrow to do the grout and finish putting the tiles up the sides of the walls. should look nice when it's done.
the shower looks much more done with the white tiles around it. of course we are short a few of those so hopefully they can get those here in a reasonable amount of time. will be able to shower and such without that being completely done though. so the white bullnose will also be the one that comes up the walls.
this was my before shot. i had the squares a bit further out than he placed them, but the world won't end.
some more shots from my little jaunt to chicken'n'back. still not sure what mountain this was that followed me to glennallen, but it sure was a beautiful site. it's in the wrangell-st elias national park. a place i still must visit. unexplored alaska for me! i suspect this one is mount drum, but it could just as easily be another one of those mountains. mount wrangell is to one side of drum and mount sanford to the other.
lost track of the number of moose i saw on this trip, but this is one of the rare pictures i took of a moose. always love to see moose in the water. he was a ways off, but still cool.
this is back on the taylor highway...blossom waits patiently while i take pictures of scenery. of course, soon after this i realized how low my gas level was. the light came on and i still had probably 30+ miles to go to get to tok with no hope of a gas station between. i made it, i think by drafting off a semi. he kept wanting me to pass, but i knew i'd be out of gas completely if i expended the energy required to pass a truck out there.
the clouds were just massive and beautiful out there on the taylor highway. do think this would be awesome in the fall. you can chase fall around, but it's so short it's easy to miss the peak, especially if you jump from place to place i guess.
post fire ground cover brings on life.

right before chicken on the top of the world highway there is a little hike you can take to a look out..so i took the girls. pretty views, lots of bugs, some mud...
another picture of the big mountain out of glennallen with the other camera. sorry i am forever all mixed up in my postings.
back to taylor..
took many pictures out the window, especially after i realized the gas situation. most of them turned out badly due to the amount of smashed bugs out there. oh well.
just such a beautiful day out there!!
blossom takes in the sights.
can't say i was lazy today, but i did miss the swim. was bummed. it just took forever for the tile guy to leave since he'd gotten a late start. not his fault. he wasn't really slated for this job, but the guy who was supposed to show up got stung by a bee and had to go to the hospital. after a delay this guy came, who happened to be free. nice of him to cover like that. so far he's done a decent job, i probably should have moved the square bits back a bit, but at some point you really just say...just do it, whatever.
gave me a chance to finish reading my first book on the kindle, "the namesake" which i quite enjoyed. it also allowed me to do some of those little things that i tend to avoid. finally changed the flapper in the downstairs toilet, finally primed the wood around the door they put to the backyard, finally fixed a drawer in my dresser that has been broken off for a bit. it was a lovely day though and there was much i would have rather done.
this is the post office in the community of chicken...thought it was cute. was surprised to learn upon posting these pictures on facebook that there are several folks who want to take a trip to chicken...go figure.
before i headed on for the day i stopped by the "shopping" center of chicken. there is a little saloon and a eating establishment. i got myself a grilled cheese and a little side salad...they were nearly out of lettuce, but decided they had enough to make me my salad. in many of these small towns, they just run out of stuff....menu's change with availability of supplies.
chicken airport...nice plane, eh?
a few more from that trail i walked with girls at the end of hte top of hte world. i always do that to "the", i bore with correcting it.
a few last pictures from the "top of the world" highway.
this is the view when you follow a bus or car.
back in the usa...the northernmost port of entry for the united states on the road system.
another day of tiling tomorrow. the guy has a job in the morning so i'm hoping to wake up early enough to get a walk and a swim in before he comes. this morning today was such a waste, just sitting around, waiting. hate that.

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