Thursday, June 10, 2010

china poot 4

still more pictures to post on here from the china poot trip. this is my photo album/journal. i am quite enjoying the blog. above and below are a juvenile bald eagle. always love to catch them in flight. they are such powerful birds. i think they weigh maybe 20-25 pounds. check out those talens. wow...
the underside of a sunburst star. all those tentacles are what move the star along. pretty impressive. i loved how this picture turned out.
such details. i'll have to wait longer for my close up lens. apparently, just because it's posted on as being available doesn't mean that it is. funny how it's still posted there as available, but the price has increased. makes me wonder if something fishy isn't going on. i spoke to the robots and they just said it's some other company that just uses their site and they aren't responsible. grr...
i don't see good things for the future. sadly, the human race is becoming less and less palatable. i can see why some just give it up, move to a remote location and escape. i get a bit more reclusive as the years pass on.
some of the crabs out there have adapted to camouflage themselves. i always love the intertidal zone. just such an amazing place really. the sea life that lives there must adapt to very dramatic changes in salinity, temperature and moisture several times a day. it's pretty impressive.
various seaweeds, sea lettuces and such. love the variety of colours and textures out there.
the tide was going out as i took this photo. just liked the simplicity of it. when the tide was out both these boats were on land. people were out on the sand bars diggin for clams. i think they were steamer clams. i ordered those tonight at a going away party for one of our co-workers in peds. the steamers at humpy's are always quite tasty.
more seaweed....
amazing the tide changes in this area. the water level was much higher when the tide was in.
we finally got a group shot from our trip to china poot. there was a guy guiding a few people out on the tide pools from the oceans center out there. he took a shot or two for us. cant' say as helly hansens are very attractive. rain gear in general is probably not the most attractive. we really thought it would rain that day...but cleared up.
we called this tide pool "hollywood". as it held tons of stuff, turned over rocks and saw even more. i've spent hours in tide pools, it's still fairly new to some people though. i'm always in awe of what is to be found in these tiny pools though.
amy put the sun star on her head...very cute. loved how this came out. just a pretty shot of her i think.
here i am with the star. i had the higher boots and these guys were still under water so i waded out to get him. they are a bit slimey and i don't like slimey too much.
a leather star about to cover up a sea urchin.
a brittle star. they look so delicate don't they?
low tide.
our boats rest on shore as the tide goes out. we ate lunch there at the mouth of china poot, tidepooled and then rode the tide back to camp to clean up and wait for the boat to pick us up.
the water on our last day was totally flat and calm. we woke early, 0700, so that we could use the tides to our advantage and have a good day of paddling. the reflections were brilliant and we hardly worked at all. the tide just took us out of the bay. in the afternoon it brought us back.
i'm a sucker for reflections. got my laps in again today. did 30. it was crazy at the pool...combat swimming. the dude i shared with most of the time was a big guy and i was worried he'd accidently whack me. he apologized as he got out. i finally had a lane to myself and sadly, it was time for me to go. it always feels like that flat calm water when the classes are over and you can just swim in your lane. is that pretty or what?
morning light through the yurt. we never even had to get the fire going, which was good as they left us like zero firewood.
more reflections...
spring growth near the outhouse.
amy and i took a hike, not sure exactly where it went to. i think we were pretty close to halibut bay or something like that. it did give us some great views of china poot bay below.
a few more pictures from the hike sunday night. it was a good way to bring the day back around after battling the tides in the kayaks all day.
the waterfall behind out camp from a different angle.
from the paddle sunday. amy and i got frustrated battling the incoming tide and tired. we wanted to just cross over and head back. the other two just took off. they could paddle faster. in the end amy and i crossed over but it was stressful that we were all split up now. never good to be a lone kayak out there. the place we stopped for lunch was a lagoon that was filling with water fast...leaving no place for us or the kayak. i worried too much to relax and eat lunch, worried we'd lose our kayak, worried about the currents we would have to battle attempting to get out, worried that our friends were probably ticked and on the other side of the bay.
after lunch we crossed back over to them to make the peace. it was never really discussed, but eventually all seemed to be well. we crossed back over again and explored a bit of the other side before returning to camp....they went back over to peterson bay and after they returned we did our hike.
the water wasn't rough at all. looks so appealing, but there are currents that don't show. if we stopped paddling at all, we immediatly were taken backwards. looks can be decieving.
these are of the lagoon we ate at. looks pretty, but i'd only want to go there at a slack tide i think.
parting shot. i'm off to bed. just watched "speak". i wanted to watch it and then write my neice a note to go with a copy i'm planning on sending her.

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