Monday, June 7, 2010

china poot 3...and other hikes...

okay so these are a bit backarsewards. day 2 was sort of a cluster. we ate breakfast leisurely when we really should have woken early and gotton on the water before the tide went out. not respecting the tide caused a day of mayhem and it was much less fun than it should have been. after a disaster attempt at starting in the low tide we waited and rode out...unfortunately, the tide was now coming into the bay and we were trying to paddle out. paddling against the current is a bad idea, especially in a bay that almost completely empties and fills with the tides. we fought it all day. fought each other a bit as well in our frustration with the elements...
the plan was to try and wade out with the kayaks' to deeper waters. this plan failed when i become completely trapped in the mud. i couldn't budge. it took some time to extricate myself from the muck. it wasn't life threatening by any stretch, but it was quite unnerving to be trapped in over a foot of mud. i finally got my feet out of my boots and then had to dig under the mud to release the suction keeping my boots in the mud. it was unpleasant to say the least. i was a muddy mess by the time we were done.

i stripped down, filled a bucket with lagoon water and stood in there and cleaned off. if you are ever kayaking in china poot please mind your tides!!
you can see amy surveying out paddling situation now that the tide is quite low. our thought was to float the kayaks' through that small water way to the bigger can see that was our only option really...sadly all of that was totally mud.
when we should have left the water was beautiful, flat and calm. actually we should have left a few hours before this and rode the tide out. we did the next day...what a difference.
nothing like a room with a view, but this is a bit silly...the seat was incredibly low as well.
inside the yurt. we didn't spend much time in here. just sleeping. they say it comfortably sleeps more than we think it does. sandra and jennifer had to bunk together.
another sunset picture from first night. hard to tell, but the foreground is the small lagoon.
bluebells in kincaid.
always surprising how green it gets fast around here. kincaid was brown, now it's all lush and more to come still.
saw this bull in kincaid yesterday. not a very good picture of him, but i must say i didn't notice those antlers til i put the pictures on the computer. good thing he wasn't too annoyed with us there.
these two are from today's fast walk around the bog. it was 10pm when i went out with the girls. sandra and i went to a not so great movie, but we laughed anyway. she was making fun of how i was eating my m&m's. i ripped a small hole in the bag and was pulling them out a few at a time...apparently, it was noisy and squirrel like. of course, she would have torn off the whole top and just dumped the whole lot in her mouth. hehe.
lots of little baby ducklings and such scurring about in the leaves out there. did snap pictures with my other camera, but was getting attacked by mosquito's and don't have time to load those tonight. the bed is calling me.
looking into the sun you can begin to see the swarms of mosquito's i was dealing with out there. still..doesn't do it justice at all really.
took this picture above out my patients window at 4 am last night. pretty light out. it's midnight now and that is how it looks right now as well.

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