Tuesday, June 8, 2010

hike to williwaw lakes...well almost to williwaw lakes.

another great day, another great walk. i woke early so that i could get rio walked as i knew this walk would be too much for her. we just walked up the road to the bus stop. i've measured that in the car and it's 0.8 mile one way. rain was predicted, but you can see that the gods were good to us. sandra and gail showed up. i guess another girl, michelle, showed up as well, but she was 1/2 hour late and didn't call to say she was coming. i guess she left a message at the house but i never checked those. i walked both dogs, settled rio in and took off for the trailhead. felt a little badly, but in the end she ran into some guy and went up wolverine peak. she had a great day as well. i've never been up there, i'm not that keen on up and that one is up, alot of up. so above is gail and sandra.
the green was everywhere...totally summertime. we did have a light breeze that kept the mosquito's under control, which is always great.
we were surprised to see all the wild flowers already in bloom. seems a bit early, but we've had great weather all of may so unusual. was wishing i had that close up lens on this hike. it's ordered and on the way. will be a fun thing to play with. my flower pictures will be much better with it i suspect. it's just a screw on lens so not an expensive macro, but i know how i am about changing lenses and i suspect i'll get more use out of it this way. above are chocolate lillies. there were a bunch of these in bloom in one area and then scattered about in others. can't say i've seen so many in one place before.
signage to show us the way...at least one way. we wondered if someone would come by after us and flip it around so we could find our way home.
i think this is still early in the hike. we are all fresh. blossom is a bit sleepy today. took both dogs on a neighborhood walk and she stopped several times. we sat and rested a bit. it was difficult to get back up...definitely a little sore today. i did the first walk which would be over 1.5 miles then we hiked at least 10 miles and then after that i went to the gym and did 25 laps. the laps felt good and i was looking forward to a good jacuzzi soak. was bummed that the gym closes at 10pm instead of 11pm as i had thought. it really cut into my jacuzzi time. maybe later today i'll try again. the water aerobics class was obviously held that day as well...after that class those big women go to the jacuzzi and it was a good foot low on water by the time i arrived.
the signage didn't come out very well, but the skies were beautiful that day. started to cloud up in the late afternoon and we felt a few drops of rain as we finished up at 6:30 that evening. i am a bit sore today from all the walking yesterday. the trail was not difficult at all, just alot of miles. i'd thought it was 6 miles to first lake...one book said 14 miles round trip.
from the trail cut off at prospect heights to the bridge and creek is two miles and then supposedly another 3-4 miles from there to the first lake. the trail just follows up the valley from that point. it's a beautiful valley. probably best to do this hike in an overnight trip next time. i'd still like to get to the lakes. when they weren't over the ridge i'd expected to find a lake at we opted to turn back. i suspect they were still another mile at least as the first lake is probably tucked in at the back of the valley. i knew when i didn't see the lake that sandra would be done. she was a great sport about this longer than expected hike. i know she was beat...if i feel a bit beat she's gonna be more beat. i just do these longer hikes much more frequently than she does.
here we are at the bridge.
just one of the many views.
sandra enjoys the walk and the sunshine...
the view from our lunch spot.
blossom and i on break.
blossom gives the love to gail...thanks for all the pretzels.
lots of ponds...we called them the lakes.
loved the colour in this ground cover.
have never seen purple pinecones...very cool.
isn't the valley beautiful.
lots of ice patches to cross. gail crosses with blossom.
the trail leads into the lakes ahead.
jsut a few wild flowers.
and more flowers...
some of the trail was old boardwalk.
we did notice few mama and baby bear tracks, but never saw the bears themselves.
we did have a cool moose sighting. their antlers look cool with the velvet still on.
the tail end of the moose...
the mountain goats were up on the ridge so we got to watch them throughout the hike.

well, i guess that is enough pictures from yesterdays hike. i really should get some stuff done today. i've still got more china poot pictures to load. later...

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