Monday, September 20, 2010

bog, dog park and spencer loop....

in the middle of my netflix movie, "coco before chanel". i always enjoy audrey tautou's movies. so far not disappointed. of course, i did some shopping today and filled the wine rack. i tend to partake a wee bit more come winter time. a glass of wine can be quite warming. i'm a total lightweight of course, and get a buzz before i can even finish one glass. i purchased some fine cheeses to go with my glass of wine for the night. muenster is always a favorite and i bought some italian chedder which isn't too bad either. add some crackers and chocolate and dinner is served. with my swimming i've been starting to eat my dinner earlier in the day and then just snack at night. i missed swimming today. minimal sleep and a loop out at spencer today. it was enough for the moment. i believe i'll try and do the eagle river trail up hiland road tomorrow. always a fall favorite. tanya wants to walk and i've wanted to try the alternate route out to the hanging valley.
these first pictures are from my walk today with my friend sandra. not sure she was as thrilled with it as i always am. it's a good walk, a bit of a butt workout. sandra didn't like the climb. i love spencer loop. it's always a favorite walk of mine in the anchorage area. i worked last night so i woke at just after noon and we tackled this 4-5 mile loop in the late afternoon. we've had fog all week, but today it looked more like a rain day. the weather cooperated and the coolness was welcomed on our uphill climb. the fall colours never disappoint.
blossom crosses the little bridge over the creek. was surprised she skipped out on the swim, but she didn't miss the mud obviously.
running water...always beautiful. below miss blossom had just gone off into the brush after her tennis ball and came out with leaves stuck to her. those devils club leaves have little prickly things all over. it's a bit treacherous getting them off. i'm sure blossom used us for our thumbs. she is sleepy tonight as she chased that tennis ball a great deal on this one.
blossom looks at a fallen leave, mystified. dogs are so funny and simple that way.
sandra always takes over chuck it duty when we walk. her skills have improved greatly, though that blossom always drops it at my feet and i have to kick it back to sandra. i think sandra secretly enjoyed the walk, despite the uphill climb. you climb up and eventually pass by a local ski hill.
we had a little quake today, just after 1pm. it was 4.9 on the old richter scale. i live on the east side. i think the ground is more solid than the coastal areas, but also i was a bit further away from the epicenter. sandra felt it pretty swiftly as did others i know who mentioned it on facebook. i was in the shower and mostly i noticed the shower door got a good rattling in. alaska is rich with earthquakes and they happen frequently through the day. when you look at the web site you will see that we have over 60 per day. most are less than 3 on the scale and often the bigger ones are out on the aleutian chain. the site i go to is "alaska earthquake information center". if you are ever curious. it's pretty good site out of the university. most quakes i don't notice, generally when i do it's over 4.0.
the fall colours are picking up all over anchorage. seems to be moving rapidly towards winter, but i guess it always does. soon i'll be putting my studded tires on. i've already begun adding layers and it's definitely cooler when i get off work in the mornings. the light is dropping much quicker as well.
just finished up 4 nights of work. can't complain. i got lucky and got to leave early saturday night. was home by just after midnight and never got called back in. my first night was up in peds icu, got floated, then back to icu for the next two nights and then back to picu. nothing to stressful work wise. that doesn't happen often so best to enjoy the easy nights when they come. i know another night will come and i'll get my butt kicked.
old poem
you wait for me to grow,
into the woman you dreampt i'd be,
when i was a child,
and though,
i may not be all desired,
you loved me,
i've watched you grow,
as i've grown,
for hte trials i've had,
were yours too
each time my eyes drained my anguish and fears,
and life drenched me,
with hate and pain,
your love pulled me through,
as the raindrops,
i fell to the earth,
into puddles and mud,
but with your help,
the grass grew green. '83
dogs have a memory for things. she always remembers this mud, and heads right for it. i could just keep her on a leash and she'd be clean, but who can deny a dog such joy. i'm sure there are many lessons we can learn from the canines of the world. not sure i'm ready to test out eating horse poop or rolling in bear scat, but maybe they have something with the whole dip in the mud thing. being dirty is okay sometimes. we are overly sensitive to cleanliness in our society and one wonders if we aren't making the next generations weak by protecting them and sheltering them from all germs and dirt. maybe exposure is the better way to go.
love the colours and scenery of fall. alaska is wonderful because it's forever evolving. you never are in one season long enough to get comfortable. well i guess winter does last a long time, but i can't say as i mind winter either. must be many like minded out there as i've seen many folks out on roller skies that mimic cross country skate skies and today a girl was bikejoring with her 2 sled dogs in preperation for winter sports. i'm always grateful for the variety in the seasons.
finished one good book on my kindle and have just started the next in the series. the book was "the girl with the dragon tatoo". liked the suspensefulness of it. the series is quite popular at the present. i'm enjoying my kindle. i find it very easy to read. my friend has said that she'd read that people with learning disabilities did better with it. i've often thought i have some mild form of dyslexia so maybe that is why it's easier. i feel like i can read faster. who knows. i did play a fair amount of bookworm at work last night. the patient i had can make me crazy. not him so much as his situation, so i think i would sink into the game in between cares to escape and cope. i always try for the longer words. i got many 6-7 letter words and 3 8 letter words. can't remember any of them. so sad.
often these severely handicapped kids are mainstreamed in. i'm not really one who is all for that. seems that it's tough enough for kids to concentrate and learn in classrooms with out the distraction of some of these kids in there. i'm totally cool with mainstreaming kids who have physical disabilities, but not mental. if you are mentally intact then by all means put them in a class and give them the opportunities afforded all kids, but some kids are taken to school and it's purely respite care for families. i believe they need respite care, but lets just call it respite and put them someplace where they can get physical therapy and such at thier level. i've often wondered what the impact is on the other kids in the class when a kid is twitching and drooling in the class and then gets passed on to the next level seemingly just as they did. does that lessen what thier accomplishment is. i mean what does it mean to get a high school degree when someone with minimal to no brain function also gets the same diploma. hopefully, it's more of diploma of accomplishment rather than a diploma of educational success.
went to the dog park sunday and afterwards rio settled in on the couch with the sunshine beating down on her.
it was a beautiful day sunday at the dog park. i guess i could have taken off and done a longer more strenuous hike but my brain was feeling lazy. the dog park is always beautiful and in the end i'm happy i went with something easy. have gotten a few errands run this week as well. the boy next door once again lost my key so i had new keys made which i deducted from his dog wage. i also purchased a large bright pink thing and attached the key ring to that. i'm obviously not very good at trusting others or depending on others so it's a bit of a stretch for me emotionally to let out my key to the neighbor and have him come over when i'm not there and help me really. it's been good for the dogs and no doubt good for me to actually let someone help me. it is frustrating to have someone lose my key though. i'm not okay with not knowing where my keys's a matter of personal safety really. the kid seems clueless about that. i will speak to his mom and see if we can't encourage him to locate the lost key. if he loses another i will probably just hire the locks re-keyed.
went a little crazy with the reflections as usual.

i drove home the other night at midnight in a fog. it was pretty thick. people were flying past me. it's amazing how people seem to be so unaware of the weather and drive like maniac's. i also had a cop go flying past me. then i heard sirens all over. of course, being put on call, one doesn't really want to hear a bunch of sirens. i never got called in and have no idea what was up with the sirens. we have had a lot of trauma's this year. things in hospitals seem to come in batches i find. can't believe how quickly i've become an old nurse. have been a nurse since '93. longer than i was a veterinarian technician. i did enjoy working with animals. i know that was more my passion, but working as a nurse has allowed me to live the life i wanted more than working with animals would have. life is choices and making whatever choices you make bring you the most happiness.
rio knows the dog park well and is often off leash. she enjoys a dip in the lake on this sunny day. when i first adopted her she was quite nervous of water, but now she's very confident and i have a hard time keeping her out of the water.
here is the little bridge at the dog park.

new poem
replace by golds,
shades of yellows,
blankets of leaves,
coat the earth,
carpet the trails,
cover the dirt,
emptied trees,
barren of leaves,
eventually all colour fades,
beautiful bleakness,
until all,
is covered and white,
aspenglow becomes,
winter snow.
hit the bog a few times inbetween work shifts, always a favorite. feel really blessed to have that park and others so nearby. i always love how the leaves carpet the trail.
took a few pictures of the clean shed. i'm sure in no time at all it will be back to the cluttered state, but for now, i'll enjoy.
just putting summer away and getting ready for winter.

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