Saturday, September 11, 2010

eagle river and sept 11 ramblings..

fall has begun it's rapid decent. leaves are turning and dropping all over. tomorrow sandra and i will head north to denali highway to see if the colours are at thier peak there yet. hopefully, we haven't missed it. i love following fall around and making it last just a little longer.
the other day i took the pups to kincaid and did the ski for women trail. today, i woke early as the sun was shining in the room. i tend to sleep with the windows open and the light on me. my body wakes itself when the day is nice. so i got up and headed out to eagle river nature center. haven't been there for sometime. seemed a good walk for a partial day. it was just beautiful out there and i enjoyed the scenery immensely.
it was especially nice after two nights of a dramatic, screaming patient. wow! some people just have absolutely zero coping skills. otherwise both nights were pleasant and had great co-workers.
tomorrow is sept 11th. one of those days where everyone remembers where they were. i was in the yukon territory moving from ketchikan to anchorage. my friend carla and i had my truck loaded up and had gotten off the ferry in skagway the night before with all the critters. as we packed the truck in the am, the news hit. we watched at the hotel there and talked to the hotel clerks and such about what we should do. they were at partial staff as it was september, tourist season over, and the ferry was coming back from juneau as the hotels there were full of people who couldn't get out of juneau. in a state so dependant on planes it was odd to have that silence. many were left out in the bush with no idea why they'd been left there. you are always told to prepare for a few extra days. they were so far behind when the planes started many hunters and such just got notes dropped down to them to stay put, that was how they heard about the attacks....a note flung from a plane.
we opted to take the chance of crossing the border into canada. when we got to the border crossing we were told that the last they'd heard was that a hijacked plane was headed to whitehorse, where we were headed. they had no idea what we'd find there, or if we'd get turned back. from there we had no radio reception and knew nothing until we arrived in whitehorse at the hotel. our hotel was full of koreans frantically trying to call family and get settled in. we were lucky and our hotel room was still available. those koreans were victims of a mix up that could have cost them thier lives. the fighter jets had escorted in that commercial jet with orders to blow it up if needed. frightening.
our drive was surreal. it was so beautiful and yet we knew that as we quietly drove in the splendor of the yukon territory, nuclear bombs could have been flying or anything. we were clueless out there for that time.
above is some leftover salmon making thier way up eagle river i think. they all looked pretty rough.
so here i am again in the beauty while the world seems to continue to fall apart. not much has improved since the terrorist attacks really. there hasn't been another of that magnitude which i am grateful for. it was a horrible day that i pray is never repeated, but the reality is the plots continue and no doubt one day one will be successful. religion and hatred, i really just can't imagine that this is what god had in mind. i don't think they have completed the memorial at the site of the world trade center yet. there is a battle over whether a mosque can be built in the area. i'm not a new yorker so i really don't have input, but i can't help but think that of the 3000 people that perished, all religions and races were represented in there. no doubt there were people of muslim faith working that day in the towers or the pentagon or traveling on the various planes(discounting the terrorists of course). i can understand that for many it would be difficult to see a mosque there. so much pain.
always trying to get decent pictures of salmon swimming. they really do look chopped up. i skipped my swim. total laziness. i took a little nap after my walk. that lack of sleep thing does eventually catch up to you. when i woke i mowed the lawn, baked cookies, cooked some homemade turkey soup. comfort. trying to get myself ready for my short roadie. could be chilly out there tomorrow night. could even snow in the passes.
hard to tell but these were in a current.
loved all the big trees out there on the trail today. the scenery changed several times. it's a nice fairly wide trail for rio for what we did today. she did follow her nose once and fell off the boardwalk in once section. that poor dog. she does get distracted. blossom about killed both rio and i when we got to the river access. she just gets so excited and i'm trying to get rio down an embankment of sorts without breaking her or my leg. blossom about broke both our legs in her excitement.
loved how this photo turned out. love skyward shots.
another news item out there is some pastor that is debating burning a koran. not sure if it's to be burned on sept 11th? he's just an idiot. what purpose would that serve besides to anger those who believe in the koran. disrespect doesn't seem a good answer to me, but i'm just one small person in this world. i did write a few poems today...time to get back at the poetry quest. so since often i write about things in the news i ruminate about here's one of them from today...
Jesus said,
"do unto others..."
and yet there you are,
burning words.
For what?
Burning words,
won't make the words,
comes from fear,
not from God.
all of that doesn't make me some terrorist sympathizer, i just think it's important to seperate out the whack jobs from the innocent people who just have a religious belief and try to live a good and decent life like the rest of us. i mean, i think most people are out there just living thier lives, not making terrorist plots. doubt all christians would want to be clumped in with the likes of jim jones or some other cultish sect, which i think is really what these jihadists are...a cultish sect of muslim beliefs. of course, burning thier scriptures seems a great way help thier cause.
this is eagle least i think it is. love the silt colour of so many alaskan rivers.

there is my water dog...happy as a dog can be. she still had some energy this evening. there was quite a bit of bear scat out there and some areas were closed off due to bear activity so the pups stayed leashed. this evening my neighbors were out with thier dog, pepper. she is a maybe 10 pound fluffy dog. maybe a chihuahua/lapsa cross or something. cute whatever it is. blossom loves to chase her so we let them run around. blossom is very gentle and it's actually quite funny watching these two mismatched dogs play. pepper ended up covered in saliva. blossom is now sleepy.
the boy next door is becoming less and less dependable with the dogs. he doesn't appear to have come let the dogs out any of my last 6 days worked. not sure what to do about that yet. it is nice for the dogs to get let out and checked on once.
thought i'd gotten a picture of rio, but nothing turned out. she's always difficult as she stays so close. she did get lots of attention and pets as usual and is sleepy.
ready for another poem.
why do so many,
see just one,
when many exist?
judge all,
as exact,
when exact,
they can't all be?
why must hate,
be so inclusive,
and love illusive?
why do those,
who claim,
to be of God,
as no god would want?
and why,
if a god exists,
can't that god,
just step in,
and this world fix?

it was very relaxing cooking tonight while the npr station played the concert of taylor and carole king. what an amazing pair. would be great to have someone to write with and sing with like that. of course, they split, but seem to still have a great deal of care and respect for each other. they both seemed to remain regular folks despite success as musicians. must be strange to have music that lives on and on like they do. strange if they were your grandparents, to see them still doing concerts to packed rooms.liked the reflection of the fish.
guess i really should get to bed. want to get the dogs out for a walk and then do some laps and head out of town. should be a nice get-a-way.

wishing peace to those who lost loved ones and friends in the terrorist attacks.

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