Tuesday, September 7, 2010

last of trip north, seward and some random hiking shots..

a young bull moose from kincaid last week. didn't see any moose today. i was happy with that as it was a bit blustery and moose tend to get spooked on blustery days. i took the pups and did the ski for women route. i started the day back in bed as it was rainy and my book called to me. i read a bit and then fell asleep. had this odd dream where a man that i was supposed to have some sort of date with later that evening showed up early and he was quite persistent and clingy. he was getting into all my cupboards and drawers and then i came down the stairs and he had removed the stair rails and was claiming it was an accident and that he'd called friends to help him fix it. all through the dream i kept saying he had to go as i had a dentist appointment. i did, really and i nearly missed it. i woke in the nick of time.
actually got several things checked off the to do list. even got to the dmv to get the new license. when i went by there were few cars in the lot and then once inside there was no line, no waiting. hurray!! of course, i really don't like that each time i have to get a new photo id, i look just a bit older. it's so easy to pretend in your head that you aren't aging really, but then you get your new license photo and you can see that you are. also one must re-evaluate what weight is a reasonable lie to put on the thing. it's all so demoralizing.
so the bills got paid and the stamps got purchased and i even made a costco run. silly though, as to do lists never end, there is always so much to do and each day that you don't do, it just gets longer. then i suppose one just gives up.
these are the same day as the moose pictures over by beer can lake (officially known as little campbell lake). there wasn't anyone there so it was nice as i could play with blossom and not worry about bothering others. i like to get her to jump off the dock there.
i like to try and get action shots and i usually miss that mid air shot i desire. this is as close as i got that day.
saw this large mushroom last week when i walked with sandra out at campbell airstrip trail.
these are the last bit from the seward day. below is the sunset on turnigan as i headed back home. always so beautiful out there. many who live in girdwood enjoy a beautiful commute to anchorage. it can be a dangerous road, but the beauty no doubt keeps you awake. i remember that from ketchikan. i lived both north and south of the main town so i enjoyed my commute along the waters edge. what a great way to wind down from a night of work.
always love the area just after you get back down to turnigan arm. the reflections there are wonderful. then you turn the bend, pass the cut off for whittier and head home.
just another shot of the floatplanes taking off from summit lake.
summit lake.
kenai lake i believe. quite large i believe.
just a few more pictures leaving from seward en route home.
enjoyed a swim again today. 60 lengths so 30 laps. have been pleased with myself for sticking to it. i think i've dropped a few pounds, not enough to match the previous lie on my old drivers license, but enough to feel like i'm progressing. i can definitely tell i've toned up a great deal. i've also gotten more comfortable with the whole gym thing and strutting around half clothed in front of strangers.
small hanging glacier over there above the rail.
rio enjoyed her time on the beach at lowel point. got her photo taken not just by me. she can really draw a crowd. if you can't do it, get dogs who can i guess.
these last bit are from that final drive from fairbanks to anchorage with a short stop in talkeetna. was bummed we got there too late to shop, but talkeetna is always a great little place. i just love it there. below is the sun set as i came past wasilla headed in. i got home at about 10pm. oddly, the mud on my car was a huge draw for the men on the road who made sure and give me the thumbs up as it were. who knew you could just muddy up your car and impress men?

this was on the road to talkeetna. someone had put one of these toilets on either side of thier drive. i'm sure many people decorate the entrance to thier places partly to make them easier to locate. many people live at mile blah blah on such and such highway. we tend to call highways by thier names here. they do have official numbers but they are rarely used. i grew up in california and there are so many highways, we tend to not know thier official names and instead use thier numbers...ie take the 210 to the 134.
saw a few rainbows on talkeetna spur road. this one was quite vibrant.
not sure what this little lake is called but i always love it. it's the floatplanes no doubt. i love floatplanes. they just really add to the picture. doesn't hurt that a rainbow showed up just as i stopped to take a photo. i dropped tanya off with her family. they ate dinner there and then camped up hatchers pass.

there are several moose decorated in talkeetna. very cute.
talkeetna is just a unique alaskan town.
we stopped in at the denali park en route back. we stopped right north of it for lunch. princess cruises has taken over. we tried to go to the old pizza joint that was there for years, but it's been bought out and beautified by princess. just sad to see alaska domesticated by princess. tourists want to be here, see alaska, but they want a fancy place to stay and eat. i think it can give them illusion that they are safe from the wild in thier nice, swanky hotel. there is another metropolis by princess just a bit south of denali. i remember seeing this road called, "mckinley view road". it was out in the middle of nowhere so i thought i'd drive up it. i started to see joggers out like you'd see out in california, then i saw buses, then a huge mega hotel complex. it was just so strange. i felt so unwelcome there, and i'm an alaskan. i think i've lived here long enough to say that. these little coveys are not alaska though, they are alaska made up to look like alaska. not the true alaska, but the alaska corporate america thinks it should look like.
but anyway...there is the big mountian. called denali by those here and mckinley by the others.
we were blessed with some blue skies and puffy clouds. just a wonderful drive back to anchorage. somedays you get lucky.

just random scenery shots from the parks highway.

had to remind tanya that i was driving much faster now and that it wasn't a good idea to stick the camera out the window. she'd done that coming down from the dalton, but there you rarely get over 40mph...i was back to 65mph down here. of course, i suspect scott drove much quicker. we laughed as he had said how rough the road was along the parks heading north and we hadn't noticed it really. i was decided that the bumps in the road are just more prominent at higher speeds. i'd mentioned it generally takes 7-8 hours to get to fairbanks and he'd said something about it being more like 5-6 hours. i think it took tanya and i 7.5 hours to get north and we had crap weather so we didn't stop much along the way.
always love the fireweed colours. first the purple and then the dark reddish colour that comes with fall.
just a few more scenes and thus ends another trip log. always such fun!!

it's 12:30 and i really should be headed to bed now.

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