Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ramblings of a mad woman....

wasn't going to even do any blogging today, but then here i am. slept in as usual. my day starts with an 8 am pet feed, followed by reading the paper in bed and subsequently falling back to sleep for another hour or so. the flat cat circles me and yowls until i get up and feed him. he's very persistent and i am fully aware that if i were to fall deathly ill or out and out die, the flat cat would be the first to actually consume me. such a pleasant thought. that is the life of a single girl. one day you could die at home and hungry animals may eat you before you are noticed missing. my only hope is dying on a day i'm supposed to go to work.
did eventually get out of bed and meet up with my friend gail for a walk in kincaid. we did the jodphur loop. no moose sightings, which is odd this time of year. the dogs were sleepy though. i chatted with gail by the cars and when i looked in at the car both dogs were nodding off.
blossom's beloved tennis ball is nearby. i did manage to get some yard stuff done. raked a few leaves, planted a few bulbs in the front after clearing one bed. still have 2 that i'd like to get cleaned up, plus the planters out back,and the patio furniture needs to go in. i try to pace myself so i don't get a back ache.
i should have come home and headed to the pool immediately. often this time of year i get a chill post walk and then i snuggle under the covers with a book til i reheat. it'd be better to just head to the steam room at the alaska club. that is very good at relieving those bone chills. i never knew what chilled to the bone was or meant til i moved to alaska. you really can get cold to your core and it takes a hot shower or getting under those thick blankets to relieve it.
i did eventually get to the gym for my laps. got 30 in. i've dropped like 8 pounds since i've started swimming. people tell me my face looks slimmer which is always what happens when i lose weight...i mean who wants a thinner face. i want my arse to thin up. just another of gods little comedies. thanks. my upper body always drops the weight and my lower bits hang on to hte weight til the bitter end. the only time i lost that was when i was ill with gall bladder issues. i dropped loads of weight before surgery and yes, it finally came off the arse. that is, of the course, in reverse the first place i gain weight as well.
here is gail, helping me attempt to get pictures of rio with her new fall coat. such the fashionista. while i swam rio counter surfed and found the last of the cupcakes that i'd had tucked away. brat! only that isn't the word i used. no ill effects from eating a bar of coast soap. go figure.
just deleted a picture. oh bother, as winnie the pooh would say.
just went to buy plane tickets and started feeling very anxious so i closed out the screen and will try again another day. not that i had any sort of brilliant deal. i just am not too keen on flying. i know i'm not the only person who gets anxiety when flying. the strange and irrational thing is that i am perfectly fine flying in little planes. i love float planes as a matter of fact. it's those huge jets that freak me out. it just seems impossible for them to be up there like that. plus i don't like being 30,000 feet up. i am no astronaut. i don't like amusement park rides or jumping out of planes or doing those bungee jumps. i don't even like looking down over a cliff. i realize more people probably die in little planes, but alot of people survive them as well. when those big jets go down, that is it. kiss it all goodbye. i also realize rationally that when it's your time, it's your time and all that. the bottom line is i don't like flying, but do like that you get all that distance within several hours as opposed to weeks or road travel. my mind, body and soul all have to feel at ease when i purchase the tickets though so i'll try later.
gail and i discussed this next generation and how they are impacted by the total positive reinforcement immersion that was thier childhoods for the most part. i remember even being fairly young watching those younger than i constantly having cameras and video's in thier face and wondering what it would be like to grow up being the center of all that attention. not sure it's been that beneficial. part of life is failure and one must learn to have failures and disappointments. would be easier to learn this when you are young and the failures aren't so huge, but sadly, many just have no ability to cope with anything that is thrown at them. also now it seems that anytime a kid acts out or is hyper or difficult to control, they get diagnosed with some psych issue and medicated rather than trained how to control anger, emotions and such. often kids just need direction or an abundance of exercise to run off the extra energy. teenagers frequently now have depression, anxiety, adhd, ocd...the list goes on. have we just created a society of neurotics? often i think our society has evolved more rapidly than our ability to deal with that new society. my theory is that in the days past we spent most of our energy focused on obtaining such things as food, shelter and water. when the basic needs are not met who has a moment to dwell on whether they are fulfilled or feeling depressed or what not. on the whole our basic needs are met in this nation and therefore there is a vacuum created that must be filled. it's filled with anxiety disorders and depressions, neuroses and paranoia. of course, our nation is also rapidly becoming a nation of survival of the least fit. we have the ability to maintain lives that would never have been maintained years ago. due to unknown reasons we are creating children that seem to be predisposed to asthmas, allergies and autism. nobody seems to know quite why that is yet. will be interesting to see how that all plays out over the next decades when we have so many beings that are only able to give so much back to society and must take more and more to survive.
well, for a day when i had nothing to say i rambled on. do forgive.

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