Monday, September 6, 2010

sand hill crane festival in fairbanks and some local stuff...

just finished my net flix indy film. really enjoyed it! called "dor". the husbands of two women are roommates and the one man accidently kills the other and in the laws of the land he must be exucuted. the only way to stop his execution is to get the wife of the deceased to sign a pardon. of course, the women have never met and the wife of the accused doesn't even know the name of the widow. she goes on a journey to try and save her husband. a friendship forms, but the widow doesn't know that the woman she has friended is the wife of the man who killed her husband. sweet film really.
slept well today, but after 4 nights of work i was sleepy and just never seemed to wake up. i did take the girls for a walk in north bivouac. we avoided the area that tanya's dog indy had found and rolled in massive amounts of human variety of poop the other day. gagging still from this incident. i had poop on was horrible. was a much less stinky walk. blossom had mud on her but that is much more acceptable. i definitely meandered and stopped and attempted to take pictures along the way of mushrooms. i think i was sleepy though as many just didn't come out as i'd hoped. these were a few i liked.
went to fred meyers after and spent way too much money...shouldn't shop when you are that exhausted. oh well....such is life. the dogs will eat all the food eventually. the only other shopping i did this labor day was online at eddie bauer. winter i always wear long sleeve v-necks under my scrubs so i like to stock up when they have a sale. also got a cover for my newer down comforter. turns out it's a bigger size than the old comforter i had.
my last two nights of work went much better. the new grad i followed is one that is on top of it and i think she'll be one that does well, not that some time on the floor wouldn't still be desirable, but some people just pick up on stuff much quicker than others and she's one of those.
the fall colours are popping out everywhere. was thinking today that i may head north to the denali highway to enjoy the fall up there. always great to chase fall around up here. it's a favorite. sandra may join me, we'll see. think the dogs can handle one more roadie before the seasons change and we spend more time by the fireplace.
these next pictures are back in seward from last weeks day trip out there. this is lowell point. i just love this beach. it's a great sandy beach and blossom always has fun running and swimming. i'd love to own one of these houses here. can't see that happening, but a girl can dream, eh?
this big ol jelly was floating around by the docks that day so i took some to watch jellies move around. i bought a t-shirt at the sealife center that says, "peace, love and jellies", which i thought was cute.
a closer shot of byron glacier. we've had mixed rain and sun these past days...this was a beautiful day when i headed out there though. the garden is a wreck. was looking up chickweed control online and i think before it gets too cold i'll pull chickweed and lay down a bunch of corn gluten before winter hits and then repeat it in the early spring. maybe i can control the chickweed better next year that way.
the funniest thing at work this week. probably more funny because i was tired and get the giggles in the wee hours. anyway. my patient had a brain issue so wasn't quite right in the head. my co-worker was helping the xray tech set up for morning xrays a few rooms down and before the xray was snapped she headed out of the room and called out something about saving her ovaries. awhile later i enter my patients room and she is all serious and asks me,"did she find them?". i'm all "did who find what?". the lady had occasionally just said some out there stuff and other times was pretty with it. the patient then says, "her ovaries". must have just hit on the one word she heard. so i say, "oh she was just goofing around". the lady again is all serious and says, "no she's tell her, her mama has her ovaries!!". omg!! the things some patients say. it was too funny. of course i let my co-worker know that her ovaries were safe with her mama!! we got alot of mileage out of's 12 you know where your ovaries are? nursing is a crazy job and no tv show could ever bring what happens in my day to day life across.
the travel tour from the road trip north is still wrapping up. did take loads of pictures on the drive home as we were extrememly lucky with some wonderful weather. it was great as the whole drive up was a torrent of rain. below is a bridge out of fairbanks...may actually be close to nenana. not sure.
before we headed out of town that last morning all of us girls met up over at creamers. the sandhill festival was occuring the weekend we were there. i had hoped we see lots of my cranes and we got our wish. they were everywhere. this cow cut up was near the barn and all the festivities that were occuring there.
sue stayed another day in fairbanks and rented a car to cruise around, julie and maria headed back via the richardson highway and then across the denali highway, where i plan to go. scott and jacqui had left from fairbanks very early that morning to head out to anchorag and get some stuff done before they caught the tunnel and ferry in whittier to head back to cordova.
but for a few hours, it was just us and the birds. they are just such cool birds and i love the way they communicate with each other. i cant' begin to copy it, i guess they have contests that weekend...would probably have been funny to listen to people try and do the crane calls.
creamers was an old dairy that was used by the migrating birds in the area and eventually, it became a refuge. there are great little trails on the property. my dogs were very respectful of the birds. i think blossom finds them fascinating. sorry for the sideways load above. not sure why that happens occasionally, but i still liked the picture so i didn't delete it.

the cranes were flying in from all over.
i'm sure i took hundreds of pictures and most didn't come out well, but i think i got a few good ones.

loved watching them come in for landings.

lots of canadian geese there as well.
our last night was spent again by the chena river in fairbanks. sue rented one of the cute little cabins on the other side of the campground. looked very dogs allowed so i just opted for the tent again...way cheaper as well. it was a beautiful night though so no complaints.
we ordered pizza for delivery at the tent site. much easier than trying to cook...such lazy campers, eh? this is blossom and tanya in the morning.
tanya got up early and headed out for coffee. blossom took full advantage of the abandoned, warm sleeping bag. the sun was shining! i love to watch dogs sleep. they are just so relaxed and peaceful. rio is snoring on her bed beside me. she does sleep well.
the night before we were treated to a lovely sunset on the chena river.

it's late and i'm hungry. will have to meander off and find a snack. i really should also load the dishwasher and fold clothes so not quite ready for bed yet.

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