Monday, January 31, 2011

monday dog walk...7 dogs, 5 humans!

happy dogs always bring smiles to all in contact. it's been looking and feeling like snow all day and yet the flakes have yet to begin falling down. perhaps in the wee hours the city will be recovered in a fresh coat of snow. love snow! you'd think living in a place with so many months of snow would make me dread it, but i really do love the white stuff. i love that the bears sleep through it and the mosquito's die. actually i think there are some mosquito's that winter over, but i've never been bit in the winter. the only season i do not enjoy in alaska is "break up". it's the unofficial season between winter and spring. all this snow must eventually melt and break up is when it happens.
above is boddhi, one of tanya's dogs.
andrea made it back out with nash. she's been picking up some shifts at st elias hospital. it's where acc vents go to finish recovering. i think she was just testing the waters and preparing for her return to work full time. it was actually warm out, must have been 20's at least and i think we were all overdressed, expecting snow.
a co-worker, michelle, joined us with her dog teva. she always says she'll come and this is only the second time she has. i think teva had a good time. of 7 dogs only 2 were lab free, boddhi and rio. it was a lab kinda sticks were very popular.
guess i'm accomplishing a few things this evening. have lots to do this week. trying to get the place cleaned up, get stuff ready to get picked up by the ARC of anchorage(for people with disabilities)...always stuff on the to do list. want to start getting ready to work on the bedrooms, re-do flooring. any project you start seems to lead to other projects. do the floors, well then the walls should be repainted and then the closets should be re-outfitted to accomadate re-organization of all the stuff. my plan is to get rid of the old, old spare bed to clear that room. then when that room is done, move my newer old bed to the spare room and redo my main bedroom, then buy a new bed for me!! it's daunting though as it means i actually have to go through all the crap that has collected in the rooms and purge. once it's done it feels great, but getting there being a lazy person it's tough to get motivated to actually DO anything.
really need to get the camera body in for repair as well. in addition they are coming wednesday to re- energy check my place. hopefully i can get money back on that. it's tax time as well. getting stuff together for that. not sure how that will all go this year with the refi and all that. paper, paper paper...want to get rid of all those peices of paper that have been piling up. books too. have a few bags of books to take to work and let others read. i'm getting tired of all the stuff in the house...freeing yourself of physical stuff can be so freeing!
even the dogs stuff needs to be gone through. luckily dogs are not sentimental about stuff. they can take it or leave it. dogs live for today, no momento's required.
what is that saying about hte lead dog always having the better view...loved all the dog butts ahead. blossom stays pretty close. she's is one of the old girls there now. blossom is 5 and rio is 6. all the other dogs are 3 or less i believe.
watching a favorite, "julie and julia". spoke with my friend michelle back east and we had discussed it. she loves to not so much. i told her i knew one day i would just become totally bored with the same foods i've eaten for years, stop eating and die. she thought i should get julia childs book and try some new recipes....guess she wants me to live a long life. i do like the idea of cooking everything in butter, what could be wrong with that. the french supposedly live long lives so all that butter can't be wrong. personally i think genetics and stress are a greater factor in longevity than the food you eat or smoking or drinking for that matter. there are many centurians who led less than steller lives when it comes to diet and exercise. i think your body reacts very negatively to stress. of course, you can do all this and get in to a car wreck so what is the point of getting stressed over stuff. it can all be over tomorrow and then what will all that matter. all my clutter, will just get tossed, my house sold and someone else will just take over my space, my job, my life.
but will the monday walk go on? stuff is fleeting. memories last a lifetime. these trips i plan...i do hope that they are memories that keep for years. i know they are for me. you can give someone stuff, but taking them someplace they may have never gone and seeing the excitement in thier eyes...that is priceless. dog walk mondays are a regular event that brings people together for a few hours, to walk, enjoy nature and talk about nothing in particular. those are the things to build a life on.
dogs and thier sticks. gotta love it.
trying to get dog pictures can be tricky. they are always on the move on the monday walk. don't want to hinder thier joy. i really should put the macro on one of these days and try for some fun dog portraits.
rio doesn't usually lead the pack, but what a cute face she has. she's pretty sleepy now. we were bummed as kaladi's was out of dog treats...horrors!! we usually go to kaladi's after the walk and get tea/coffee/cocoa. today i bought an iced italian soda as did andrea. it felt too hot out to have anything hot.
i took a side trail in order to avoid the ice dam overfloe on the main tank trail. as you can see my efforts were unsuccessful as there was flooding on this loop as well. it floods and re-freezes. i wasn't wanting to fall again nor did i want to risk andrea falling with the baby. luckily, it was pretty easy to skirt the frozen bits, though tanya took a little tumble on the ice. no harm done.
nash was awake for most of the walk but this is towards the end and he dropped off for a nap. such a cute baby!
not sure what blossom is barking at but i just looked outside and it's snowing!!! yippee!! would love to snowshoe tomorrow if we can get enough of the white stuff. i also plan to swim and then hit my computer class tomorrow night.
planning these trips has always been fun. one aspect that isn't as fun is making sure you get the right mix of personalities and no annoying people. some people can really dampen an experience for all. i'm not a fan of loud, look at me, sorts of folks. luckily, we've been fairly lucky on all our trips so far. in the early years it was much more difficult to get people to sign up for the trips, now that the trips are known to be fun, there are times i have to do selections. the goal is for everyone to have fun, no drama! i am completely anti-drama and refuse to be sucked into high schoolish games. we should all be too old for that crap, but it's amazing how little things change as you age when it comes to this stuff and certain people. as i matured i just assumed that everyone was growing up. the truth is some people only get so far in the maturation process and then stop. there are 80 year olds walking around who are still teenagers as far as maturity goes. it's so strange. whereever you go, there you are.
in kaladi's we all took turns holding the adorable baby!! nash is really a cutie and we all love having him along on the monday walks!! i got him first and then sandra couldn't resist his cuteness any longer. i'm sure andrea loves it, she can eat a snack without interruptions.

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