Wednesday, June 22, 2011

actual beach in anchorage, who knew!!

so it's only taken me like 7 years to find a beach i can walk up and down. didn't really do that much today. think i'd pretty much wore poor rio out getting to the beach. not too difficult. i'd figured out it existed so just a matter of finding the right paths to get there. i suspect there are several ways to get down here now that i'm in the know. i'll have to investigate more. do love a stroll along a beach at sunset.

of course, it's not a beach for wading. blossom headed right out to where she saw water. it's still mud flats beyond this sandy then rocky beach. sand-rocks-mud. there was a large group of people out there having a party and all that. i could feel the evil dog owner looks in my direction. probably another reason we didn't hang too long today. would have been dangerous for me to attempt to come down the loose sandy part with two dogs on leash though, one that is blind.

another rainy day, but seemed to be clearing out kincaid way. have wanted to explore other loops. there are miles of trails out there and i've only wandered a few loops over and over. so today i looped the andrew lekish trail...locating the side trail into the woods and down to the beach. easy enough. besides the main trails there are tons of little side trails out there.

that is the trail down to the beach. doesn't look as steep as it did from above. it's pretty sandy and loose sand at that. my big concern was getting rio down and back. she was her usual trooper self. great dog! blossom had no issues with it and was down the hill before i even started with rio. had to call her back to me.

had a staff meeting at work so i went for a swim afterwards. kinda funny as the diving class was in session so there were all these divers below me. entertaining. got in 50 laps. water was much warmer today.

am off my schedule for my painting project. have been so undecided about this rooms colours. think i have chosen. would have liked to have at least gotten this one prepped and primed. still stuff to clear out though. lazy days of summer, right?

had the tv on and an emergency warning system was activated. it's always been a drill, but this time it was real, an amber alert. apparently a 15 year old was abducted from her home. she is found again. sounds like it will end up being a bad boyfriend situation or something. not sure. happy she is okay anyway.

rio got attention at rei today. i came out and a couple apparently were waiting to chat. they just adopted a fila that is 4 months old. they thought rio looked like a fila. so we chatted fila. they were nice. hopefully, they will be as happy with thier mastiff as i've been with mine.

should work more on the room, but i think i will crash soon. snuggle in with the book i'm currently reading. i have the kindle but i try to read a real book at times so that i can decrease my real book, donate, read, donate. i'm into downsizing. i still like books, but for general novel reading i'd rather do it via the kindle. resource books are still best live with big pictures and stuff.

to get to the beach you turn off the main trail onto this little offshoot trail. it looked pretty closed in at first. there were bear signs posted at the chalet. none spotted today. this beach is actually quite popular, it was just me that was unaware of it.

stopped by lowes on the way home to get a replacement fan for this office room. better light, higher up. anyway, there is a park by the library and there was some kite flying going on. these are huge kites. looked pretty cool. watched a few minutes and took a few pictures.

happy to have found a beach to walk. hopefully, once i get back from my trip i can head out there for a real beach walk. no tidepooling, but should still be great for a sunset walk maybe i should wait til the sunsets a bit earlier. off to read, work be damned!! hate that i'm lazy but i'm too lazy to change so there it is. stuff eventually gets done, usually at the last minute. i work best under pressure!

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