Wednesday, June 8, 2011

halibut cove...act 5 plus more byers lake

bogs are all the rage now it seems. i'm still an xtra tuffs girl, but could be swayed eventually. they are awful cute and apparently quite warm. of course, my xtra tuffs are only in thier second year, having completely worn out my previous pair of xtra tuffs. i try not to buy things that i already have. that isn't always true, but i try anyway. some things are same/similar but have very different functions for different occasions. cute isn't a function so best not buy. these are val's bogs, sandra and jennifer also had cute bogs. xtra tuffs are a connection to my days in ketchikan. my truck is as well, though it is now in sitka. my friend kelly and her husband bought it from me and eventually sold it to a friend of thiers in sitka. makes me happy that it's still in the southeast. do miss it some days though. it had the bumper sticker i put on from ketchikan and the truck was bought in south dakota so some memories from thier as well. can't hold onto everything in life, but there is facebook and so i got to see a picture of my old truck.

the next morning at byers lake was beautiful, sunny and warm. sandra and i headed off to the other bridge, the suspension bridge. just another nice day hike around the lake in the other direction. these boats are used for tours. the colour is always a welcome addition in a photo.

sandra tested out the suspension bridge while i held the dogs at bay. blossom wasn't happy to be held back, but this end of the trail is more trafficey and there were several large family groups out there. this end also seemed more mosquitoey to me as well. lots of roots for rio to deal with so a long walk for her. she is a trooper that dog and i give her the highest praise for that. i know it must be tough and she must be tired, but that dog just keeps on keeping on.

our cabin had a note stating that it was the last cabin built in the forest service cabin system, and i think it's been there over 10 years. this cabin here is byers lake cabin #1. apparently, it's the very first cabin built in the system. would have loved to have checked it out. it's right at a parking lot so i hear it's a great winter rental as that lot is probably not open. you have to park up on the road and ski in or whatever other means you have. i'm happy with cabin #2 and the views and privacy we had there.

today was a productive and expensive day for me. paid for another portion of the trip coming up and also paid for the flooring project. now they order it and then once the product arrives they'll install it. that gives me time to clean out the rooms and paint hopefully. was at lowes so i looked at some more colours. saw a nice blue i liked in an llbean catalog and so i may try to match that with the brown for that room and then the orange and brown in here. will have a day without my car as i have finally lined up the bumper repair for next week. i'm thinking now that would be a great day to get one room painted at least. maybe anyway. at least get prepped.

we scared up a few porcupines on this days hike. this was the first one. it ran up a tree and so we had a chance to get some pictures of it.

not sure why his teeth are orange/red. sandra surmised he bit his tongue in his frenzy to escape us. loved the sun in all those quills. very cool.

their little faces really are quite cute and the baby porcupines i've seen in pictures and video's are adorable.

didn't get any pictures of the second porcupine we scared up. it ran ahead of us on the trail and then blossom was in hot pursuit. in these situations i often forget that i have a trained dog, all i must do is use the proper commands and she will obey. instead i scream very loudly those commands out. so obviously, keeping my cool in these moments is not possible for me. poor sandra, i apologized profusely for yelling in her ear. she wasn't the least upset as i don't think she liked the idea of us pulling quills out of blossoms face for the next several hours...or leaving this beautiful place in search of a vet who could knock her out and do that. i honestly don't believe blossom would sit still for this procedure. note to self though, bring a pair of plyers out to any campout.

all is well that ends well.

will have to get out next week in search of wildflowers. the wild irises will be in full bloom next week just north of the eklutna exit. always a good time to head out there and get some photos.

just a few wildflowers, love all the flowers, always a favorite part of each summer.

on the lake trail you pass beemans cabin. don't really know the story of it, but old cabins are always kinda cool and you can sometimes get some fun pictures.

some of the old furniture was still sitting inside.

we didn't go was not encouraged.

kinda cool to see all the trees growing out from the moss roof. amazing the roof hasn't fallen through. these trees are not seedlings, they've been around for a few years. one of the obituaries today a guy passed away in his 40's from cancer. the obituary mentioned that he'd been able to finish building a cabin by hand that he'd dreampt of building for his family. yes, i read the obituaries. i think that is a nursing thing. sometimes i see familar faces in there and it's interesting to read about the actual lives your patients had. it's easy to depersonalize patients when they are all hooked up to machines. love when families bring in pictures of the patient well and happy, surrounded by family and friends.

so this is the cabin that beeman built. be rough to winter here.

blossom quite enjoyed her romp around the lake.

loved how clear the water was.

another picture of blossom in her element.

more later, now back to halibut cove.

there are oyster farms out there. not sure who all these buoy's work but they do mark an oyster farm. never eaten an oyster. do like clams though.

a bit out of order, but i think this was in the evening as we sat on our beach. these were kayaks in the symposium. looks like little bugs out there.

more reflections.

guy working out on the oyster farm. just felt rio's head, it's all covered with little bumps from the mosquito bites from this weekend.

did like the book i finished the other day, "the outlander" by gil adamson. a woman kills her husband after her baby dies and i suspect she went a bit nuts. she is on the run and pursued by her mean brother in laws. sometimes the life you find is the life that suits you. not everyone fits the expected. i always felt i was the square peg trying to fit in a round hole as well. remember as a kid watching "rudolph the red nosed reindeer" and knowing that i belonged on the island of misfit toys. i just never felt i fit in. still don't in many ways. i think the place i felt most like a fit was in ketchikan. alaska in general seems to be a land of misfit toys to me.

those who are independant and quirky find life up here great. those who follow the standard paths are probably less comfortable here. not being able to make it bend to thier routine.

seemed a bit quirky to see all these horses out there in halibut cove. wish i hadn't cut the paints head off in the picture above. oh well.

the horses were beautiful.

alaska is filled with such amazing sites, it doesn't take much to find something spectacular. of course, you still have to open your eyes and look at it all. some people rarely leave thier little lives no matter where they live. guess it's easy to get so wrapped up in the mundane daily events of life that you forget to stop and smell the roses as they say. no matter where you live there is always beauty. in alaska, it's just more dramatic and obvious.

another of those cool statue/carvings in halibut cove.

lvoed all the pilings out there. would be a peaceful life out there. i can understand why so many would rather not have tourists trampling through thier community. i remember in ketchikan the cruise ships would dock in the morning and then we'd have several thousand people wandering around town. the good thing is that they all load back on those boats in the evening and you get your town back.

just started reading another book by john irving. have read several of his books and they never seem to disappoint. this one is " a prayer for owen meany". also had a movie that i may put in the dvd player. haven't seen it for ages. "savanah smiles". don't remember much of it except how dang cute the little girl is in the movie. she runs away and gets taken in by some criminals, who fall in love with her and could never bring her harm. anyway, we'll have to see if i enjoy it as much as i remember.

walked out in kincaid today. the dogs are again tired. i think they were still a bit tired from thier weekend at the cabin. it was hot here today. hot being a relative term of course. i think we may have hit 70. amazing how your body adjusts to the colder climate and i'm sure to warmer climates. 70 here feels hot, but where i grew up in california 70 would be lovely and cool. saw a few young girls out riding thier bikes with shorts and bikini tops...again, in california 70 would be a bit chilly for that.

nice to get a few things off the to do list though there are still many things on the list for me to get to. didn't get home from my walk and errands until nearly 6pm and came home to a wonderful surprise. my friend tanya had left me gifts. so exciting and unexpected. she left a cool picture of an otter which i think will look great in my guest/music room when it's all done. she also left me a new blue poppy plant. those are a great garden plant...perinnel. yeah!! msut have a great place for it. love plants! especially plants that live!! her daughter had drawn me a lovely birthday card. so sweet!!

so few surprises in a single girls life.

the halibut cove machine shop...seems like a great location for a murder to happen in our planned stephen king book/movie, don't you think?

more cool rocks...

guess on the big rock, denali, they had to make 3 rescues on monday. such a beautiful day, but people get sick and confused from the elevation. do remember hearing a helicopter that day. may have been from that? all three survived, believe they were all foreign. nearly stopped at the rangers station in talkeetna. sandra says they have a cool movie there about climbing denali and also they have a board which gives updates about how many are on the mountain and all that. will have to check it out one of these days. the climbing season is pretty short. i think maybe through july or not quite. i think it may get too soft. not a climber.

apparently some dude went nuts in a neighborhood and beat up some 6-7 year old kid. it was not like he grabbed her and pulled her into a building, he just started to wail on her out there on the street. no reason, just had tried to get her bike, she protested. the neighbors swarmed around to save her life or he surely would have killed her. he was apparently on some rampage.

here i am with the horses and halibut cove in the background.


have a great night all, may not post more til after my work stretch. still have more on both weekends.


  1. Omigosh, these photos lately are incredible! I have your posts saved up in my google reader til I could give them enough time. WOW! I can hardly stand it. Sometimes I forget places like this really exist out there.

    Also, I LOVED A Prayer for Owen Meany. One of my favorite books I've ever read. He's an incredible writer.

  2. thanks...great to have a reader from time to time. just getting started on owen meany book. irving is an excellent writer though.