Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sunsets at byers lake and wright beach

this was just after midnight on my second night there. it was quite a beautiful night. kept waking up thru the night just to view the mountain, denali. it came and went some and then it was gone completely in the morning. the clouds were coming in and by the time i was driving out rain was looking like a good possibility. these are from byers lake.

betty white was on regis today. just caught a glimpse of it as i waited for a ride back home after dropping off the car for it's new bumper. regis asked her if she had a fitness routine. she said something about living in a two story house and being incredible forgetful at this point in her life. don't know why that struck me as so funny, but i was cracking up. she is doing great work for the elderly population in our society. for the most part our society seems to put the elderly out to pasture and wants to never hear of them again. other cultures have more respect for thier elders. she's just so alive.

spent alot of time on my stairs today myself. it is a form of exercise. people use it at the gyms all the time. they don't carry heavy stuff though. i moved a few small bookshelves to the garage and then went back and forth with books and photo albums. haven't dont a photo album for a bit, since the big trip. will probably still do them for that. who knows. should look through what i have on my shutterfly and order some actual prints and enlarge a few new ones for the wall. fun to have your own favorites hanging about the place.

these were taken at nearly 5am. there was light all night, it just got to be dusk for a bit. of course, i may have actually slept for a few hours when it was more dark. i loved how the light hit this stand of trees though. more amazing in real life than on film as it were....but isn't that always the case. i can take pictures, put them here, but you really have to experience these things yourself sometimes. sadly, we only have so many years to be on this earth and thus only so much time to explore. i travel the places i can't get to through friends, books, films, the internet. there are many ways to glimpse the beauty of this earth. see what you can and share it so others can broaden thier experiences as well.

i think this next picture was closer to 11pm. the "sunset" can last much longer as the daylight lingers. in the winters it's all sped up. summer solstice is coming up soon. it always makes me a bit sad as the days will start to shorten up after that. winter solstice always makes me happier.

back to the last of halibut cove. i may find a picture or two i forgot to post and put those in here. we'll see. these two were taken by val. she was sharing my double kayak. she was an excellent partner out there. i had bought this silly puppy hat in homer before we left. not sure it's overly flattering, but i still like the puppyness of it.

not sure who or what i'm toasting here. just enjoying the day. the paddling jacket is a new one. it was on sale at rei. always dangerous shopping with sandra at your side. you always end up spending money and she doesn't. hmm....

i've never owned an actual paddling jacket so it was nice.

can't wait to get these smelly old carpets out of here. did spend the day doing more prep work. more on the other room than this one. i think i have selected colours i can live with. the orange is out and a more muted yellow tone is in. i bought a few more samples today. i was thinking of a blue colour with more grey in it, but have decided to go with the original blue i had liked. hard to tell really with the strange blend of colours, but i think it will all look great once the bamboo laminate is put in. can tell i will have to prime the rooms before i actually paint.

everyone was out enjoying all our sunshine. above is val, below is sandra and jennifer.

it rained off and on all day. perfect weather for me considering i have stuff to do inside and i had no car anyway. it's all pretty and clean now. they washed it after they fixed the bumper. some stuff inside was also damaged so they were able to fix all. my insurance will cover all but the deductible. the original quote was just over $300 and once they got the bumper off, the actual damage came to just under $1000. so happy i have insurance. although, with all the money i have spent paying for insurance i have covered that many times over. so what feels like a great deal at the moment, really is no deal at all. that is how insurance goes though.

we were all mesmorized watching the sunlight dance on the water. the boats going by would have thier own light wake as they parted the water. it's the ultimate of relaxation....

not much in the local news today. sadly a llama was attacked and killed by loose dogs. i always wish people would be responsible for thier dogs as it reflects poorly on all dog owners. i guess this llama was hand raised as it lost it's mama. fed by a goat apparently. it was a black and white llama. it was apparently called obama. so it was often called obama the llama with no mama. quite clever.

watched the net flix movie i have had for a bit, "the illustionist". enjoyable flick. not one i'd watch over and over or say was a must see, but it was entertaining and often that is sufficient for my needs. i don't always have to be intellectually stimulated or moved to tears to enjoy a movie. they are distractions.

love the sound of raindrops.

i had thought the current floorboards would remove easily, not sure if there is some trick to it? wanted to get those off so i can paint down lower. figure the laminate will not be as high as the carpet and don't want to have a strip on the bottom that is not painted. do have a home for the old bed. hope to find a nice day bed with a trundle. we shall see. this weekend will be filled with more prep work. hopefully the product arrives sooner than later and i can get the flooring done before i leave. at least then i could pack the closets back up a bit and get rid of the clutter about.

did make it around the bog once. should have taken bug spray, but all my bites seem to have gone away. i just find mosquitos so annoying. the poor dogs are hurried along as everytime we stop the bugs attack me. they get rio to. blossoms thick coat protect her somewhat i think.

liked this jay shot. would have been better if it weren't a bit blurry, i think he was getting into some food supply and a rock was tossed in his direction.

sandra and val went out for a nice evening paddle. you can see homer spit in the background. it was a beautiful night. a nice pink sky.

i think it was already getting close to 10 by the time they left.

from the beach it didn't seem that spectacular of a sunset. from the water i think it was pretty sweet though.

nice to have that dang bumper done. have put that off for several months. never a wise plan. it did seem small on the outside. it's easier to sit around waiting with that ipod. the games distract you from the time lost. of course, i'm never one to fret over lost time most days. i figure we all need mini breaks and if you have to wait you may as well just enjoy the forced downtime.

one last beach shot. we had a pretty early pick up. wake up, eat something and pack up camp, clean the yurt and gather your belongings on the beach, paying attention to whether the tide will be coming in or going out.

a quick ride back to homer.

hopefully, i have many fun weekends and hikes before the summer leaves, for the next few my life will probably be dedicated to getting this home project done. will post the results. hope it all turns out nicely.

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