Wednesday, June 29, 2011

errands and painting....

am feeling a wee bit wiped out! busy day for me. did manage to get a walk in with my friend lena and two or her boys. her puppy manny is now 6 months old and looks bigger than blossom. he's for sure taller than her. he's gonna be a big malamute i'm thinking. cute dog! always fun to get out with lena. she had guests in town and was ready for a nice stretch. manny was happy to see his old dog pals, though he did crash into rio once, we figured he remembers hiding underneath her before.

above us was blue skies and loads of mosquito's but if you looked back to my neck of the woods on the east side of town it looked pretty bleak. 5 day forcast in juneau is for rain, rain and more rain. that is southeast alaska for you. taking all my rain gear and fleece. have been trying to do an organized packing job. want to keep the kayak stuff kinda seperate from the other days. i'm used to packing my gear in the kayak so it will be weird to be limited. they may make me switch out of my dry bags. i like to pack little bags though so they may just leave them as they are and stuff them in little empty spots. i'm in battery charge mode. stopped by best buy and they wanted over $70 bucks for a spare battery for my canon rebel. i actually will have 2 batteries. i ordered a third on amazon. it said it would arrive before i left but after i purchased it, it said it would arrive by july 5 or 6th. not sure what is up with that. will leave it up to fate and just live with what happens. have the solar charger, extra batteries...nothing else you can do. maybe i'll wrap my camera gear in my down jacket as i sleep so the cold doesn't have as much chance to suck the batteries dry. that cold damp southeast weather could be trouble.

another errand i had on the docket for today was to stop by lowes and pick up all the flooring. didn't really think too much about fitting it all in with the dogs in there. we did manage, though rio was a bit distressed being trapped in her little hole there. took some time and energy to haul all the boxes (there are 16 of them, plus 2 big long boxes of baseboard stuff). it's arranged to be installed on the 13-14 of july so right when i return. still have a pretty long to do list. nice to get a few things out of the way. chatted with my neighbor and he'll switch out my ceiling fan in this office room so that i can have one that is a better size and gives off better light. i'll give him the one that is in here for his trouble. i think he's excited as they have no ceiling fan in thier rooms and it gets really hot in these upstairs rooms.

kitten still seems to enjoy snuggling up with her dogs and pogi more now as well. heard a crash awhile ago and have been unable to locate what has fallen. probably should investigate that further again. i'm wanting a bowl of ice cream anyway.

pretty dull post i'm sure. my days off have been spent with errands and painting. here is the office. i'm really liking the colours already. amazing how colour can make a huge impact on the feel of a room and how you feel in it. i just feel so much more relaxed in this room now.

this is the guest room colours. i'm liking that as well. can't wait to see how it all looks with the new flooring installed. saw some new blinds that i think i will buy for these windows. want ones that can open from both top and bottom so i can get privacy but sunlight. also want to get rid of the strings which always seem to attract the cats attention leading to the destruction of the blinds. will look into that more when i get back.

i'll let all the chargers do thier thing tonight.

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