Saturday, June 18, 2011

photo catch up...

just figured out that i have a picasa account through google. did everyone else know this already. my computer skills are growing, but there is still much left to learn. so it seems that there is a way to get more space on that account which will impact the blog. will have to investigate that further. i do enjoy this blog so i'd hate to have to start over with a new one so anyway, this news made me happy.

had a busy and productive day today. not much sleep, but i can catch up a bit tonight perhaps. i'd posted for a possible walk on spencer loop. lots of brush and known for bear activity so i prefer not to do that one alone. some had spoken of joining me, but in the end everyone backed out. i opted to head over to arctic valley. it was a beautiful day and i think it all worked out sweet for me. not sure rio is as thrilled as it was a bit much for her i think. tomorrow she'll stay home and i'll try and take blossom for a walk out at eklutna lake. near the exit in the flatlands the wild iris go crazy about now so i wanted to get out there and check it out.

arctic valley was originally built for and by military for them and thier families. i think initially years ago it was only open to military. the ski place is now run by a group of volunteers i believe in the winters. in the summers it's open for hiking. great fast way up to the high mountains for outstanding views. the road up is 5-7 miles, dirt. you do need to pay a parking fee there as they aren't covered by our state park stickers. it goes to keeping the ski area up and running so i'm cool with that. lots of wildflowers starting to really kick in up there. always fun to cruise around to different trails and hit the seasonal changes at various times in various places.

didn't really notice the spider web when i took the picture above of ?forget me nots? kinda cool to have in there though.

not sure what these cute purple flowers were?

not sure how many people actually utilize the ski area in the winter. i have never been any sort of downhill skiier.

more fiddleheads.

i'm kinda waiting for paint to dry. my bed got several calls. a previous co-worker though was the winner of the free bed. i'd posted it on the hospital bulletin you haul. i also posted the old tv/stand but got no bites. tonight i just put them out in the front yard with a "free" sign on it and when i got back from dinner tonight both were gone.

still have tons of crap/stuff to go through and make decisions on. in the meantime lots is getting stashed in the garage. goal is to have that ready for winter games so will have to make sure that all the crap i stash in the garage now doesn't become permanent residents of the garage. i have a pool table in there and want to be able to play a bit of the game when desired and have people over again.

loved the flowers in the foreground of this one. it was just so lovely out there. it was totally worth the loss of sleep.

this is back down at the bottom, a few minutes earlier i was up above the lift.

had planned to wake up early, do spencer loop, swim, get bed picked up, meet friends at dinner at gallos the end i didn't get my swim in. would feel great about now. sleep would that is for sure. i've no doubt i will sleep like a rock tonight. i think my body knows when the weather is great out and won't allow me to waste the day away.

do sleep soundly and we apparently had a 5.2 earthquake the other day. should have felt it, but i seem to have slept through it. do recall waking briefly about that time and just looking at clock and turning over.

blossom enjoys the few remnants of snow on the trail. (rio did too)

the dogs are resting. rio was pretty beat. poor girl. she actually tried to lay down a few times on the trail. i allowed her to but she would just stand up as soon as she heard me move a foot.she is sure snoring now so hopefully, she gets rest and feels better tomorrow.

took the rest opportunity to snap a few pictures of blossom and i. rio was less cooperative and i feared she'd accidently fall down the mountain.

my spare room (the anti-guest room) is basically primed. the previous owners used a very dark, dark green. they did have a cute cabin motif border. overall, the room was as it was when i bought the place. i didn't mind it for a guest room but knew that i would eventually be repainting that mess. hopefully, tomorrow i can get that room painted and then i can really focus on this second room. getting crap out and getting it primed.

work was pretty busy the one night. nothing any of us could do about it, but it was all a bit of a cluster. my co-worker had a cold, was wearing a mask but the family is kinda high maintenece and requested a change of staff by 2100. this meant that i had just done my first round of everything and then had to give/get report so we could switch assignments. the nurse they didn't want is the sweetest girl. me, i've been let off a case a few times. usually i can trace it back to neurotic parents, such as was the case here. nothing to do with your capability

greening up nicely

there was a bear print up there apparently, but i never really noticed that. no signs of bears this trip.

can't believe it's 2am already. when did that happen.

a guy came by me on the trail today with a 4-wheeler. he said a bunch of military boys would be running up the trail. i saw them, but didn't see them running up. several ran back down.

a few nice things about having soldiers on the trail. don't mind looking at adorable yuong things. also they came with some assistants and some water containers. both rio and blossom sucked up to the med with kindness and were rewarded for thier efforts.

more flowers. i think these are actually from a walk in kincaid last week. loads of dandilions. hate them in my yard, but they actually are quite pretty when they are in bloom.

wild geraniums

had some intellectual stuff in my head earliet but now it just seems a bit mushy.

wild iris and ducklings!! have taken way to many pictures of baby ducks and baby geese.

who couldn't though

as i'm so sleepy, i shall just let you enjoy the ducklings.

and little geeselings or goslings.

what can words say anyway...look at how adorable these guys are!

the geese seem to work in groups, probably called gaggles..hehe. a gaggle of geese..haha.

protective crew.

now back to the dog park.

they are doing some maintenence out at university lake. looks like they are re-vegetating some area's. for some reason this portapotty is sitting out there.the dogs are seemed intersted. i had run into amy so we discussed the line up at the potty shack. perhaps this is part of the big clean up. the city is trying to keep the homeless out of the woods. we joked that the dogs will soon be lined up like we are always,( but have you given peds iceland. ) okay that seperated line is what i just wrote. my brain is obviously sleepy and wandering abit off course.

we tried to line her dog up with mine, but ekko wouldn't have anything to do with it.

blossom did her usual antics.

so pretty there at university lake. there was an article in the paper the other day reminding people to be cautious of the beaver with an attitude . guess he's gone after a few dogs. i've seen the beaver but have been lucky to have kept the dog and beaver from ever meeting.

that is the sample of the floors i'll be getting. soon i hope. eek!

here is said offensive beavers home.

okay, i'm toast. just look at pictures and enjoy. my words are no longer saying what i would really want to say. my brain is on shut down.

above kincaid, below back to park, with beaver warning on tree.

lastly, blossom always tries to do the carshifting. so far she's been held back from this endouave

good night. hope there aren't too many crazy sentences and typo's

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