Sunday, August 28, 2011

mad about mushrooms and other stuff from this weeks ramblings.

had fun with these little puff ball things as well.

ran into these on the jodphur loop yesterday. of course, right before i saw these i surprised some workers out there. guess they were about to make a tree fall down and he didn't see me. comes running at me screaming stop. we started to turn back, but they let us through once they decided it was safe. good thing, i was just over half way and really wasn't excited to back track.

the light was great on them though. very cool. i sat down and snapped away.

lucky for me the dogs are very cooperative with my needs to have little mini photo sessions on the trail. my brother returned my call and we tried to chat, but it's tough to do that in kincaid park. for some reason you lose contact often out there.

right in the middle of the largest city in alaska and still there are places without coverage.

had fun playing with the black and white. some of these are from a different part of kincaid. took the dogs to little campbell lake and did a loop around the lake. lots of shrooms out that way as well. rio is very good and stays while i wander a bit off trail to get a few pictures. she wouldn't have done that her first years with me.

lots of cool mushrooms out there though. i've given up trying to give you names to go with them.

alaska really could use a mushroom indentification book. wouldn't mind taking the pictures for it, but would need to find someone knowledgable about mushrooms and fungi to do the writing portions. would like to find an easy way to sort it out. the little mushroom book i have bites and there is no rhyme or reason to how to identify the fungi. i have a wildflower book for alaska and they simply used colors to divide it up. still not perfect but much easier.

this is taken from below, these grew up in the trees off the trunk.

hard to tell how huge this guy was. i'd guess it was nearly a foot across the top though.

some mushrooms look cool in black and white.

there are so many sizes, colours and shapes. it's crazy!

not sure what this plant is, but the pods looked cool so i photographed them as well.

always looking for something interesting out there and it's easy enough to find.

that is the underside of the shroom.

i'm very excited that a cool Wall Drug bumper sticker is headed my way. a co-worker is vacationing in my old south dakota stomping grounds and had mentioned she had been to wall drug. i wrote on facebook that i should have asked her to get me the bumper sticker...well dang if she didn't get me one!! yippee!!

if you have ever traveled in south dakota you would have seen a gazillion ads on the road for wall's silly really, but my yakima will be happy and proud to have one on there. right next to my "have i found jesus? is he missing again" sticker. i keep waiting for someone to get pissed at me over that and sometimes i see people looking up there and i know they are reading it. was a bit nervous putting it on the car for fear someone would take a key to my car or something.

my car is so dirty usually though from all the trailheads that i suspect they don't bother.

should get that "what would jesus do" sticker. i always think it's funny how people can behave and still call themselves followers of christ. someone posted one of those things on facebook, something about how we shouldn't seen any aid to those in other nations who are starving until we have taken care of our own. these nasty posts always end in some comment about people having the courage to repost such crap on thier own pages. on one i just commented back, wwjd. i surely doubt that jesus would want us to just ignore the suffering of those in other nations.

i've read the scriptures and that really wasn't the impression i got from the message of christ.

can't stand those repost this repost that stuff anyway. i never do. reminds me of chain letters and chain emails...if you don't do this or that you will break the chain and incur bad luck or whatever the threat is.

made a few dents in the rooms today. hung a few pictures on the wall. purchased an area rug for the guest/music room. set up the drums. of course, in setting up the drums i realized that i am missing my crash/ride stand. this is annoying. i thought i was just missing my hihat stand so had just replaced that, now i'll also have to buy the ride stand. just an annoying reminder of a friend that once was, but turned into not such a good friend. i'm generally very good at reading people and had known him for several years, never would have pegged him for a jerk, but he was. at least he was to me. i think it had more to do with stuff he was going through at that time in his life, but i was who he took it out on. frustrating and i didn't appreciate the reminder.

i like the rug though and it will be fun to try and learn myself how to play the drums again. it's been awhile. didn't play them tonight for obvious reasons. went through lots of old photo's tonight too. trying to make a dent in the leftover bits that were taken out of the room for the flooring. will for sure be keeping these doors shut when i'm not at home, don't want any accidents on my new rug. want to get an area rug for this room as well.

now that the drums are out from under the stairs i have that storage space available. will have to find something to put down there. needs to be stuff i don't need to access much.

great to have too much storage space over not enough though.

watched this dateline last night as i was half asleep and the couch looked so inviting. anyway, the show was about this old guy who liked to hang out in national parks with his dog. every so often when cash was low he would snag a hiker, he'd beat them, use thier atm cards and eventually kill them, cut off thier heads and hands and dump thier bodies. nice, eh? did make me add one more concern about hiking alone while i was out on the trails today.

luckily, the guy at least liked dogs and wouldn't kill the dogs if they were hiking with the people he snagged. they figured there were more than the 4 people they caught him for killing. shouldn't run into him on the trails, but there are some nuts out there.

these look like little penises, don't you think?

anyway, i do often hike alone. try to invite people, but some days it's easier to just do my own thing. stupid as it is. i try never to let the bad people dictate how i live my life. i am careful, take precautions, but in the end you have to live and do. most of the days i have no issues. i do occasionally run into bears out there and i have had a few strange experiences with bad people.

today i walked in n. bivouac trail system. fairly open and saw mostly horse tracks and no bear tracks. they do tours out there on horseback. the horses really do tear up the trails. the dogs love it as they love to eat that horse poop! nice, huh!

thought this usually bright red and spotted white shroom looked grand in black and white.

gotta get some packages ready to mail off. still love to get real packages in the mail so i hope others do to.

two nights of work passed by without event. had a few cardiac babies. gets confusing trying to keep them straight. interesting cases though. was just thinking we hadn't had a cardiac baby in. often kids go home from the hospital and then thier cardiac anomolies show up within days/weeks of thier birth. i always think how stressful this must all be for new parents.

i'm sure when they send you home with your baby, you assume all is well and you sigh a big sigh of relief...but then, slam, all isn't well. that has got to be so stressful.

this one of blossom is out on the back deck. got the lawn mowed yesterday. the garden stuff will be winding down in some ways soon and picking up in others. will need to get the yard ready for winter. leaves will need to be gathered up, beds cleared out, patio furniture put away....not yet though. still some days to enjoy the deck.

loved all the new colours showing up for fall.

guess you'd think i'd be sad that all this is happening already, that fall is rapidly approaching and our short summer will be gone, but i love all the seasons of alaska....all 5 of em. most people here add in that 5th season we call "break up". that happens before spring and at the end of winter.

right now it's mushroom season...perhaps that will soon become the end of summer, before fall season!

not sure what these adorable green shrooms are, aren't they cute...and so green!!

here are those pods before they dry out.

and more close up shroom action.

have no idea what this is above. some stuff is lichens and i'd have no idea. will have to see if there is a lichen identification book as well. there are some super cool lichens out there.

need to take a few fall road trips. the nights get cold though. do have my tent up in the car. haven't done a roadie this summer. seemed like i did several last year.

every year you just explore different stuff.

more bear bread.

a fern changing.

love the colours on this guy.

below is devils club. seems they just got to thier full growth and now it's time to die off.

went to see "bridesmaids" today with friends. the early show. had planned to do that, get some shopping in and then head off for a swim. the pool is closed though until early september. will have to do my laps down at the other gym on the south side. they are apparently re-doing the pool lining. bummer for me. will be inconvenient.

will probably hope to head to seward for the day tomorrow since i can't do my swim. we'll see. liked the movie today though. it was funny but also had a nice story line. not sure it's one i'd watch repeatedly, but it was a decent flick. kept me entertained.

the movie had a new friend and an old friend pitted against each other. sometimes that new friend does look all perfect and flashy. in the end nobody is perfect and an old friend knows you and understands you at a level the new one can only come to understand over many years. hard to find friends that stick around long enough to get to know all those layers.

also watched "the social network" for the first time last night. since i'm on facebook often it was interesting to watch that movie. saw zuckerberg on oprah. he seemed to feel the movie was pretty fictitious. hard to know. i think some thought he came off as a party guy in the movie. i thought he just came off as sad. seems like he was young and again the flashy new friend got him all excited. that napster guy is the one that came off like a real arse in my mind. it was just sad that zuckerberg didn't see what was happening and step in. lost his friendship..that old one that knew you when, those people who knew you before you were rich and famous are good to have around.

i imagine they ground you and stabalize you. people can be stupid when they are young and one can't know how they will react when thrown into the situation of being that famous and rich at that tender age. he just seemed like he met shady people and followed thier advice.

these guys popped out onto the trail on the bog the other day. when a mama moose and her calf want control of the trail, you relinquish it. we backed up and looked for an escape route. lucky for me, they only walked a bit towards us before turning back into the woods.

blossom on little campbell lake trail

she loves getting her tennis ball time in.

so the end of yet another post. still have some pictures i want to post from our big kayak trip so eventually i'll get to those. will mix it up though. can't resist the mushrooms!!

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