Monday, August 15, 2011

obsessed with little dock at nancy lake cabin #4

thought i'd take a break from kayak trip pictures to do some from this weekend. i had the cabin at nancy lake. it's a big cabin so the dogs and i had lots of room to spread out. almost feel guilty having all that space. invited people but summers can get crazy and people are going in several different directions. my friend flo stopped by with her friend/sister for the afternoon saturday which was great. hadn't seen her for awhile and so it was fun to catch up.

sunday night karen came out and spent the night. she loves to take pictures and was just as obsessed with the little dock so i didn't feel too bad having taken so many pictures of it.

the trail to cabin #4 is pretty short. i'd guess shorter than the one i took to byers lake cabin. still both were nice and wide and the wagon worked great again for hauling stuff out to the cabin. they predicted rain all weekend so i wanted to make sure i had plenty of stuff to do.

not much rain actually fell and i even got periods of sunshine. blossom did some dock jumping. she's pretty impressive. of course, she is getting to feel days like these and all the constant motion wear her out. she could barely move by the time we went to bed each night. i started out on one of the smaller bunks but quickly realized that wouldn't work with blossom wanting to snuggle up with me. i had plenty of bunks to select from.

there were two entrances to the cabin. these stairs on the front were made for a giant so i tended to avoid them, especially with rio. blind dogs and stairs are already a challenge. funny too as only one of the doors had a lock on it. the cabin isn't remote at all. it's a pretty busy lake with lots of boat/plane activity. there are also several private cabins surrounding this lake, unlike my byer lake experience. still relaxing to just sit on the shores with no distractions except those that were on the lake. there were several pairs of loons and those are always great to have around. also heard sandhill cranes flying about and making noise.

karen and i decided we must have both been exposed to something at the same time. we worked together this past week. we both had sore throats sunday morning and our noses both started running through the night. i am now coughing alot as well. i totally irritated my throat more as i have one of those disgusting tonsilloliths back there. what is that you ask?? they are these disgusting masses of bacteria and mouth crap that ball up in the crevaces of your tonsils. mine were never removed. around the time i had all my sore throats the docs were deciding that doing tonsillectomies on every kid was probably useless. i'm too old to get it out now, but those things are bothersome when they appear and i can feel the dang thing rubbing my already irritated throat. often a good sneeze or yawn will break it luck yet. i don't get them very often. luckily.

rio even enjoyed some dock time though i think both she and i were nervous. i feared she'd take a wrong step and fall off and she didn't seem to like that the thing kept moving. she looks all chill here in this picture though.

very spacious cabin. the first night i got the fire going quickly and it lasted all night. karen and i didn't have as good of luck with it the next night and it got a bit smokey, which i doubt helped either of our colds. though we did get some coals going and the wood slowly burned so the cabin was pleasant all night.

loved all the windows. under the window is where i first started out.

the cabin from the dock.

slept like crap that first night. felt like my lower back was about to seize up. changing to a larger sleeping area did help that i think. the nice part of that was that in the wee hours the moon was out and pretty full and was shining on the lake. so peaceful.

am finally almost finished reading the novel i've been working my way through. it's a good book but often in my day to day life i read a few paragraphs and then i start drifting off. when i drift while i'm reading my mind starts "re-writing" whatever i'm reading. then i sorta wake myself up as it doesn't make sense. it's a john irving book, "a prayer for owen meany".

had also started reading another book i'd started once before but had left on a plane. i think i'll enjoy it. i'll continue once i'm done with this one. that one is "rowing to latitude". i've heard the author lecture up here. she and her husband spend the winters doing avalanche research and in the summers they take off for several months and paddle. they've done some amazing trips. should be interesting.

a few of the loons out there.

there was this little rope swing. i didn't give it a try. flo's sister almost did but backed out.

not many places to hike near the cabin, just out to car and back really. you could drive to some hikes i think. didn't like that aspect of the place, but otherwise i'd definitely return as it was relaxing and peaceful. was a bit hesitant to ask bunches of people out anyway as i'd never been. if i get these cabins again next year hopefully, i'll be less hesitant and maybe fill them up a bit. felt a bit guilty having all that space almost to myself. happy karen came out to enjoy it as well.

i tend to being a loner and i know it's good for me to be around people more. i just get shy at times and seems that no matter how much you think you grow and evolve sometimes those childhood issues like shyness and low self esteem will rear up. it's not that i don't like being around people it's just i guess there are times i worry they don't want to be around me. hell, i still wonder if my actual family members want to be around me.

gets harder and harder to maintain those relationships with siblings as the years pass. everyones lives moved on to other things. if you don't make something a priority it does tend to go away. i have put in efforts over the years, but at some point...well, i don't know, you get the message i guess. you aren't a priority for them. do you continue to beat your head in that wall or do you do what they've already done, move on to other things. was laughing with my neice tonight as i'm getting these invites to linkedin or whatever that is. for me it's just one more way for people to have access to each other and not utilize it. i have a phone, it rarely rings, i have a street address, but it's mostly bills, i have an email that doesn't get used much either, then there is texting. i've tried to text a few but i don't think my cell phone number isn't in thier phones so i must appear as spam. there is facebook but that isn't used too much by many they want us all to be linkedin. forgive me if i roll my eyes a bit at this point.

i have friends and some family who do make those efforts. life is short and at some point i think you focus on those people who want to be with you, who actually do like you. how will my self esteem ever improve if i keep trying to make relationships with people who have no desire to have one? it's just pointless. i do wish them well and i am open to a real relationship with family. however, i don't think you can have zero interaction for months and then fly off on a family reunion for a week and think that makes it all great.

rio looks pretty happy there in the sunshine.

we moved with the sun, the dogs and i.

sometimes it's nice to just be sitting. i'm more ocean than lake but i get the lake thing too.

of course, as i drove back today there was yet another crazy person on the road. we keep having these fatality accidents and people just don't learn. this rv pulled up right on my arse today. i gave him the little brake light as we have these large animals called moose who can cross the road totally unexpected and it's just not safe to tailgate like that. his response to this action was to pass as soon as he could, but he didn't pass but less than halfway and he started moving that big ol rv right into my car. i had to slam on my brakes to avoid being hit. road rage...that is always a good idea. i just pulled over and let him get on his way. would he have felt empowered if our cars had actually hit and me and the dogs were killed?

craziness. work is trauma after trauma of late. i actually enjoy working on trauma's but i know the people who have been mangled in accidents aren't enjoying it at all. my heart goes out to victims of traffic accidents. they have months and maybe years of misery and pain to endure. often because of idiots like that guy or the many drunk drivers that are out there.

karen is out taking pictures with the dock..see i'm not's a great focal point for photography.

karen brought stuff for s'mores. i don't think i've had a s'more all summer. tasted quite good. we did have a nice fire outside. got a few sprinkles but that was it. blossom enjoyed the fire more than rio did. though i feared i'd have to carry her inside, she was pretty sore.

they don't like to sit in the cabin when there are people outside though.

enjoying the fire.

looks like fog but it's just smoke from our dying fire.

this guy got put in out of order. today when we packed up the cabin the sun was out so i thought i'd drive up to talkeetna for lunch before heading back to anchorage. they finally put in a little viewpoint at this place. i always want to stop here as it's always so pretty but there wasn't a good spot to stop before. so happy there is now. you could see denali out there in the distance.

karen on the deck taking more pictures.

rio snored loudly last night. blossom always wake up so happy and adorable. no more aches and ready to play again. she is just the cutest pup! rio is the sweetest. i gotta say i got great dogs!

karen showed me a different angle for taking a shot of the could i have missed this!

back to the view stop on the way to talkeetna.

pretty day. as i drove back home i debated going to hatchers pass, but i saw dark clouds that way and soon after those clouds filled in all the blue skies of the morning. raining in anchorage shortly after i got settled back in.

walked the dogs around talkeetna and then put them in the car while i ate lunch and shopped around a bit.

ate pizza here at this place. it was quite tasty.

they had pretty flowers outside as well.

these moose are all over town. love to check out all the differently decorated moose.

few more out of order shots. these were both on the way home, closer to anchorage. this looks off to susitna mountain. below, both dogs were sleeping and they looked awful cute.

again these three were taken at the viewpoint.

reflection of denali at viewpoint

this is denali again, but at a different viewpoint on the side road to talkeetna.

flowers at the pizza joint where i ate lunch.

love sunflowers.

close up of the giant sunflower.

a few more back at the cabin.

blossom can run all day as long as she has water to cool off in.

black and white of my beloved dock.

the rest are just mushrooms around the cabin. it's that time of year. the shrooms are out in force. saw some leaves changing while coming/going as well.

fireweed is bloomed out further north.

i shall load up on cold meds and try to get some rest.

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