Monday, August 8, 2011

the whales of mud bay...and the bride of sasquatch!

or val...we got a bit crazy by day 4 without showers or flush toilets...the wilds of alaska can make ya silly. i braided vals hair every morning pre-paddle. did hear giggling in the wee hours of the night coming from val and sandra's tent. found out later they were looking at vals pictures of herself as the bride of sasquatch. it was worth risking battery life for them and they did get quite the laugh out of it.

mud bay was our buggiest camp, but we managed pretty well...all but val i'd say. poor girl got nailed by every white socks there...or white sockets as some lady on one of my flights was overheard telling her friend. white socks are a biting fly. we have noseeums and then we have white socks. the noseeums are annoying but these white socks will cause you misery for weeks and weeks. i was sure it would be me getting the worst of it, but they seemed to like val more. all these weeks later i still have a few spots that those bugs are still bugging me. spoke to val the other day and she is still itching and oozing. bastard flies!

apparently, the bugs weren't as bad as they can be so that is always a blessing.

beautiful morning in mud bay. we were paddling on to point adolphus that day.

always the packing up to do. the next two nights, our last two, would be spent in one camping spot.

love the morning waters! so flat, so calm and so inviting!

was watching some less than calm water videos today. apparently, a tourist down in tracy arm was on a glacier/wildlife cruise and a large calving occurred. they looked kinda close to the glacier, but it's really hard to tell distance with glaciers. anyway, the poor lady broke her leg. it looked like chunks of ice were landing near the boat. very impressive video of the calving and wave. always reminds me of my kayaking experience with a huge calving. scarey.

there was also some video of people who like to try and get lucky and surf the waves that occur after a big calving. the guy i saw got a good ride in...not for me, but fun to watch. where do people get these ideas?

raining here much of the week, which made for pretty decent sleep. did have a few interruptions in my sleep this week which were corgi related. duffy and blossom decided to wrestle on top of me. i attempted to make the bed a corgi free zone, but once i'm asleep i'm pretty out of it. when i'd wake up there would be a corgi tucked in by me.

the cats aren't too keen on the corgi as i think duffy is in the mind to herd the poor felines. of course, this reminded me of this awesome, crazy, silly commercial i'd seen years ago during the superbowl. they had these rough and tuff cowboys and they were herding not cows, but cats. had to do a search of youtube and then posted it on facebook. it was as hilarious as i'd remembered it to be.

we were awakened to the sound of whales. guess some of us were awakened a bit later than i missed much of the cool breaching activities. would have been nice to have been woken up for that...just saying.

did enjoy some relaxing time on the beach watching the whales cruise around feeding. when i was packing up in my tent i thought i might be hearing whales but it also sounded a bit like surf hitting the beach. should have gone with my gut and took a peak outside.

as you can see, i did get some nice moments with the whales though. they are so amazing.

a little tail action!

and diving!

as i came out on the beach i saw tanya and val sitting out there enjoying the whales but also in noticed they were both paddling off and on. val wanted to get that paddling thing down. everyone kinda gets thier own rhythm eventually if you do it long enough. can be tough to get the feel for it when you are starting.

tail just about ready to come up.

this may have been tanya and bob out there.

they were fairly close to shore at times.

this breaching shot is val's shot. she may have been the only one of us that caught a shot of this.

all i got was splashes like the one below! hehe. thanks to val morris for letting me share her breaching pic with ya!

feels like fall this week. we even had termination dust on the mountains when we got off work, a sure sign of falls coming.

with the changing seasons these whales will head out to hawaii.

lots of pretty flowers on the beach at mud bay.

got my macro out for a bit. no black and white, but it was a bit cloudy out.

work was steady. got another bariatric patient...we've been given a course and it's no longer polictically correct to say obese. this politically correct thing can be quite annoying. we have all become such pansies! if you are that large that you need special beds and probably are aware of it. i do my duty though and am always politically correct when it's required. i often get bariatric patients. i do prefer this over any cath lab patients. cath lab patients are supposedly super easy, but i've come to find that i am just a jinx when it comes to cath lab patients. i've never had a standard, normal one. they always have all these issues and complications. for the sake of the patients it's best if i never get cath lab patients.

i'm not good with skin stuff either. scaley rashes just make me cringe. when you work in nursing there are those things that you never get used to. for me it's the skin stuff. ick!

more trauma's. actually, i quite enjoy trauma patients. i feel badly for them as they are really beat up. those huge cars we drive seem like they would really protect you, but believe me, they won't protect you as well as you hope. i've seen some pretty messed up folks. several these past month. in hospitals things come in groups. we are in a trauma mode. this spring it was fall off the big mountain mode. a few summers ago it was bear attack mode, but you'll get a rash of 4wheeler crashes or a run of sledding accidents, motorcycles, snowmachines...not sure why that happens like that.

i'll be back wednesday...will have to see how this weeks trauma's are faring. seeing how beat up people get in car wrecks makes me really slow it down and drive as safe as i can. i have no issue driving for hours behind the slow rv...passing is a treacherous thing. a head on collision is not good for anyone!

but we were in kayaks out here...minimal risk of a head on collision. despite our fears of being way too uncomfortably close to rather large whales, we were always safe.

if the whales were moderately close we'd hit the kelp and bang on our kayaks.

scott looked like he was going into surgery in his head net. we were all sporting them in mud bay.

cute little shore birds.

wow, the corgi is in a deep enough sleep to dream. never knew a dog could be so attentive.

have seen these flowers in kodiak as well. always on the beach. very pretty. don't remember seeing them in ketchikan. they may be beach fleabane. just looked in the book, but i'm never very good with flower id's.

group shot at mud bay.

lets, tanya, val, sandra, erica, alex, scott, monica, adam and bob!

another grand fire. it did help keep the bugs away. in the morning after one of our fires there were all these dead sand bugs. they'd headed to the heat and died. looked like hundreds of em. someone got a picture of them...don't think it did though.

our guides.

i''ll carry on tomorrow with more from the trip. i'm totally behind on july pictures so figured i'd toss in a few from around anchorage.

my closets are done. they look great though i can't bear to think of the expense. yikes! still need to do some loading up and get that garage back in order.

blossom is enjoying having a wrestling buddy around. she and duffy romp around at least daily.

not sure she loves sharing her car seat with this pushy corgi though.

apparently, she may have taken her frustration out on this poor grouse. my dogs have all occasionally chased grouse or ptarmigan out of the bush. they have never succeeded in capturing them. kelly and i went for a walk in kincaid and suddenly i saw the mayhem and bird wings flapping and i realized that blossom had something pinned. i think she was as shocked as i was. i felt terrible though as she appeared to have broken this young grouse's leg. kelly rescued it and examined it as i held back all the beasts.

then i sacrificed my rain hat in a drizzling rain to cart the bird back to the car.

eventually, i took it to the bird rescue place in town and left it in thier caring hands. i was too embarrassed to tell them my dog had injured the bird. who knew my doodle could be a killer!! have no idea if they have been able to help it or if it was put down. not sure i want to know. just hoping this doesn't become a habit with blossom.

had to get a few pictures of the pups in's been too long. blossom hangs with ms breezy chatterbug on the stairs. rio does couch time with breezy and pogi.

was in the bog today and never saw the bear but did see it twice in one week. the second time i had my camera. these are from that day. actually today, blossom started barking at something. sounded a bit like her bear bark, but i never saw the bear.

it is a bit strange to be walking in the park by your house and see this dude ambling by. i'm always thrown by it.

looks like a good sized, well fed trash bear.

if he gets caught he'll no doubt be killed.

he wandered out of the park and into the neighborhood where trash day was in progress. he went from can to can and looked for tidbits to consume.

walking 3 dogs can be a bit challenging, but we are managing. did go buy duffy a retracable leash. just easier for me. they were on sale anyway!! score.

watched the news depressing is that!! the economy bites, a horrible helicopter crash in afghanistan killed way to many of our men. my heart goes out to thier families. just so sad....

northern lights have apparently been strong this week. no sightings for me, i was working. beautiful pictures in the anchorage daily news. there was also a cool article this week about a cross country ski center on eagle glacier. who knew we had that. our budding athletes can train all year. guess i should spend some time organizing and then get some shut eye.

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