Tuesday, August 16, 2011

one of the great hikes of this summer, williwaw lakes...

had a downer day so i thought i would remember a fun hike i took in july. hadn't posted any pictures yet. did this hike last year or the year before with a few friends but we didn't make it all the way back to williwaw lakes. of course, they seemed more like tarns to me when we did make it back there. tanya joined me on this one and we had the most perfect weather. it's a good 12 mile round trip at least and took the better part of the day. i think tanya had sore feet and i had a burn on my shoulders before the day was over. we left from prospect heights trailhead, but you can also access this one from glen alps trailhead. it may be shorter. never checked it out. glen alps can be a packed parking area so i tend to avoid it.

here is tanya, we were both fresh and excited at this point. the alaska range was clearly visible. a beautiful start to the day.

the dogs were all very well behaved and tired upon our return to the cars that evening.

as you can see some parts of the trail are pretty high grass growth which can be a bit nervewracking in bear country. we ran into this woman who was new to alaska, no dog and out there by herself. we both kinda cringed. not really a great plan. she seemed quite happy to run into us though. doubt she'll do that again. did offer to let her just join us as she had originally wanted to do williwaw lakes. at this point i think she just wanted to get back where she felt safe.

we did see some bear tracks along the way but no actual bears or moose or anything large for that matter.

them's bear tracks.

the wildflowers were in bloom. tanya and i both love seeing those. we made frequent photo stops along the way.

once i hit this bridge i was sure i knew where i was. i had initially thought tanya had been out here so when i took the turnoff and she didn't say anything i thought it was right...then i figured out she hadn't been and my confidence waned a bit. good thing my memory is still intact and it was the correct turn off for the lakes.

this sign is where you connect with the glen alps trail system. anchorage had got some of the best trail systems. it is vast and you can never become bored with it.

today was a lovely day as well. with my little cold bug i didn't want to do anything as adventurous as williwaw today so lena joined me for a shorter but pleasant walk at the campbell airstrip trailhead.

somewhere back there is our goal.

nearly impossible to get a picture of tanya's two pups together like this. finally got lucky after several attempts.

people who post things on facebook with the intent purpose of getting pity are annoying to me. there are a few who do this with great regularity. you know it seems like every tiny drama of thier life is made grander than life and they write a post in hopes of getting an onslaught of positive reinforcement. i've been known to block thier posts. the thing that really annoys me is that so many people will give them that positive reward no matter how silly thier complaint is. you know it's like, "i can't get my can opener to open the can, woe is me, life is just too much". my post today was in no way meant as a begging for positive reinforcement but even the toughest broad will have a bad day from time to time. i just needed to be heard.

i think i wrote something about sometimes feeling like an afterthought. several friends did give me positive responses which was really touching i must say. don't worry, i don't plan on making a habit of it. i'm sure that feeling comes to all of us at some time. like, you are the one who is easily dismissed or put off. it's that feeling of being the last one called to join the team. the two captains don't want you, but they know you must be on one of thier teams so you get put somewhere. somedays it just bites not having that person in life who sees you as the primary person to hang with. it leaves you feeling like a back up plan. in case the people they'd rather be with can't make it. don't think anyone intends to make you feel this way, but it does happen.

for me, this is the sort of thing that brings me back to sourer moments in my childhood. now overall, i had a pretty perfect childhood, but no childhood is perfect and those hurts of yesterday endure. it's just the way the family dynamics went. i remember trying to explain this to a family member. you know...when this happens i feel this and this is why. the response was just forget it and be happy. tried to explain again. i am happy, but when you do this it makes me feel this because....blah, blah, blah. in the end the person admitted that they have taken antidepressants for years. so apparently, they couldn't just forget stuff and be happy. don't think my message got across.

today my friend marcia called me. we met in 7th grade. she knows me. not sure what prompted the call, but there are people in your life who know you long and know you well. she is as good a friend now as ever. when i spoke to her today she totally just got it. it's so great to have that. those people who know you, really know you and just totally understand why you are upset. marcia is also someone who would not hesitate to tell me i'm full of crap on something. we had many long talks all those years ago and she was instrumental in helping me find a different path in life. she questioned my beliefs, not because she thought they were nuts but because she hadn't been raised any particular religion and she was simply curious. her questions opened my mind to different answers and along with other friends eventually led me down a different course in life. i'm grateful as i believe this path has brought me to greater happiness.

also spoke to my good friend natalie. sometimes you just need someone to listen and she is always willing to do that. we have had many talks late into the night over the years. often we will open a bottle of wine together across the many miles apart we live and share a glass or two while we chat.

it's always great to have such amazing friends to confide in. new friends also join the old and eventually, a day of sorrow passes and the normal joys that fill your days return.

hiking, the dogs, friends, the mountains...these are the joys.

we debated going further this day, but this rock field and our tired bodies gave us pause. we ate lunch, explored a bit and then made the return trip home.

this big rock in this "lake" or tarn as i came to see these bodies of water, was like the dock from this weekend....a great focal point for taking pictures.

i know it showed up alot here.

the dogs had fun exploring as well and cooling off in that water.

finished owen meany last night. quite enjoyed it. not sure i got all the little inneundo's of it, but i'd definitely pass it along as a good read.

me on a rock after lunch.

see..tarns not lakes, right?

great trail too as there is plenty o water for the pups to cool off in

a well marked trail to follow.

and spectacular views to enjoy

took a nice bath today and relaxed. had a few good little cries as i think that is necessary from time to time in life.

blossom and i...she is so adorable. rio stayed home for this one.

i remember once years ago when i worked at an animal hospital i got bit by a dog. my immediate reaction to being bit was to cry. a younger co-worker looked at me and said, "you cry?". i guess i tend to be seen as a toughie. everyone has thier soft spots though.

a few years back i was seen giving a patients family member a hug. i'm not a hugger by nature, meaning i'm not someone who goes around hugging everyone i meet. that doesn't mean i am anti hug or anything. i guess i'm just more selective on my hugging. several weeks later it came back to me how shocked the day shift was to hear that i would actually hug someone.

i hug and i do cry...i am human like the rest. i don't tend to wear my emotions out there nor do i tend to want to burden others with my little issues as a rule. i suspect it's an area i could grow in. asking for help and support. i try and i think it's a good thing. often people really want to be able to give you that help if you would only let them. it is hard to let your gaurd down and admit that you have weaknesses. maybe growing up the youngest of 7 you want to feel tough. my dad really encouraged independance and i may have taken that lesson a wee bit too far. i remember at times when i'd date i'd have to consciously let men assist me. they like to feel like they are the strong ones. too many times if they offered to aide me i'd get annoyed and be all, what you don't think i can lift that 50# bag myself.

one boyfriend was upset when i purchased a tv and made sure it was one i could lift myself. he said, he could always help me lift a bigger one. my response was what happens when you are gone, then i'll have to lift it alone.

tough and independant...but at times weak and scared.

i knocked a few of these bug covered flower things out there a few times and got swarmed with bugs..eek!

so many pretty wildflowers.

i think they call this white stuff caribou moss. will have to look at my old hanging valley post from last fall. a place i want to return to for sure.

the colours of the lakes are all a bit different and amazing.

i also loved all the varieties of lichen on the rocks in the boulder field there.

would love a lichen book for identification purposes. there must be a book like that out there, right?

there is that rock again.

boddhi maneuvers the rocks


blossom also was a pro out there.

three dogs on a rock. in the wee hours this weekend both of my dogs were snoring. i thought "two dogs snoring" would be a good band name.

pretty orange lichen.

blogs...you don't want to put too much out there, but also want to express yourself freely. i try to find a balance. hopefully that happens and nobody gets offended. i'm sure i've done my fair share of offending over the years. i'm not one to keep my mouth shut and that can get me in trouble. suppose i can be a bit of a wildcard that way. don't think i'm that far off, but it's good to keep people honest. my mom told me a few things and at the time i wondered why she had, but after she had passed i had to wonder if she had specifically told me these things knowing i would not be quiet if something should be said. she was always wise.

it's good to keep people guessing and a bit nervous. my neice sent me a card years ago with that quote, "well behaved women rarely make history". i had never heard it before, but it's pretty common now. i really like that quote. not that i'll make history, but i certainly have spent some time not behaving.

ptarmigan chased off...wings look like an angel.

more rocks.

i love these cotten ball flower things. so pretty in a breeze.

another blog another night. off to bed with a clearer head....

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