Tuesday, August 2, 2011

mud bay, near point adolphus

loved this picture of our guide, adam siddling up to this huge sea lion. it looked dead, but one wants to be completely sure of such things. he and monica had pulled over to assess the situation. they took pictures and attempted to alert fish and game. looked pretty new, this death. no idea what caused the death. bob and tanya also pulled over for a bit, i believe this is when tanya's little canon powershot took it's dip in the ocean. 2 camera deaths for the week...and one sea lion sadly. the rest of us waited in the kelp and watched the seals poke thier heads up to check us out. not sure that one could really fend off a ticked sea lion with a paddle, but you may have a chance on land i guess.

not sure what these guys had found to eat, but there were quite a few eagles attempting to feast on it. we were surprised to see the young ones getting thier go at it.

for such a stately bird, eagles are not very selective in thier palate.

we saw them shortly before we hit our camp area for the night. seems it took some time for us to find the area the guides were hunting for. sandra and i were doing the mud bay crossing behind everyone else. i'm not a fan of big crossings so i never like them getting extended, i also don't like when the point we are aiming at keeps changing. i decided it was a psych thing. since i don't like crossings that much it helps me to see the point i am crossing to and focus on that. if it keeps changing i get a bit distressed. bigger water, bigger waves. for me it just means i have to put my nice camera away and just paddle. i like to take pictures when i'm on the water so i want as little big water time as i can get.

we detoured into this little lagoon to explore it before stopping for the night.

loved this large, random and bizarre rock as we headed into the lagoon.

sun came out to meet us. of course, each night you had these clouds and wondered if tonight would be the night we get soaked, never happened though.

everyone enjoys the sunshine.

one of the seals watching us as we waited in the kelp.

bob and tanya pull in after getting the all clear on the dead sea lion from adam.

val and scott enjoy our break in the kelp.

when we did the crossing we ran into all these birds. hundreds of them all over the place.

just had to stop and get my camera out for them. arent' they cute?

can't seem to locate these guys in my alaska bird book. i believe i've seen them before. they look like some sort of sandpiper or something. any birders out there with an id?

rain and wind all day here. must have been stronger than i'd thought as at one point i went out in the backyard and the chairs that were on the deck were now on the grass. those aren't light chairs. also we lost electricity here for over an hour.

i had just taken the dogs for a walk finally as the closet guy was here from 8am til about 2pm.

been busy the rest of the day trying to carefully load stuff back into these rooms. just want to be totally organized about it all and avoid putting crap that i never use or look at back in. purging of world possessions is always a good thing. not to worry i still will have plenty of worldly possessions remaining. too many for sure. lots of empty shelves still,which is great and empty drawers.

still not sure where i want some stuff and some stuff still just needs to go.

made one shelf in the closet into a little mini shrine for all the pets of the past. i have several little tins of ashes, not sure what to do with those yet. some people just ask that when they die all thier pets ashes get sprinkled out with thiers. spoke to my friend natalie and she likes to do pottery and said that potters love the ash/bone to make a bone glaze out of. that could be cool. natalie says it makes a really cool glaze for pottery. i may have to look online and see what it looks like. figured the guest room didn't need my deceased animals in it though.

scott shows off his temp tatoo!

these guys are getting paid, but it looks like they had some fun as well!!

back in the kelp again...sung to back in the saddle again.

we had another terrific lunch spot that day.

the sun came out just for us during our lunch! how great is that! saw more deer tracks along the tide line.

bob and tanya relax in the sunshine!

got dark tonight by 11pm. the hours of light are decreasing...soon it will be dark all the time again. boo hoo! winter solstice will come again though...in december!

the closet guy got here right on time. i was still trying to feed the animals. doorbell rings, animals scatter. took me forever to locate ms breezy chatterbug. i looked and looked and looked and finally just figured she'd found a really good hiding place...i'd just sit and read the paper and see if i got any new ideas for where she may have gone. suddenly, there was movement under the blanket on the couch. she was right next to me,but under those covers. so silly. she was happy to be rescued. i tend to put the cats in the upstairs bathroom when i have workers here. she and pogi spent the day in the cupboard in the bathroom. such brave kitties!

noted a cat wandering around my backyard. i have a few feeders out there and the birds have been quite happy about that. the last thing i want is some neighbors cat killing my birds. my cats stay indoors partly to avoid the death to bird thing. apparently cats kill a crapload of birds across the nation. all i have to say to blossom is "kittycat" and she takes off running and barking and looks for the cat later. that cat was out of my yard in a flash!! looks like the birds have really been liking the seed, i'll have to refill tomorrow.

of course, i can't convince blossom that the two cats that live inside with her are kitty cats. if i accidently say it she is off again. poor cats. ms breezy really loves to snuggle with blossom and gets scared when she barks. you'd think she'd be used to it by now.

sorry to blather on about the cats and dogs. spent alot of time with all the critters this week. lots of rain this week...and i've been totally lazy to boot. well, actually i did alot of stuff i needed to, just not as many long walks that i generally love.

nice to get a little help in/out of the kayaks. my skirt fit well so i had no problem. apparently, sandra and i kept speeding up to land the boats and monica took several days to tell us to slow down on approach, we were scaring her. we are just used to plastic kayaks and no help with our landing so we ram the shore so we get further in there. we all laughed and promised to not ram her anymore. we can be trained.

tanya on a rock. i did some hair braiding through the week. i think vals do helped her, but tanya's didn't last the day.

not sure what these flowers are, but they were abundant at this lunch spot.

maybe in the pea family.

didn't find it in my alaskan wildflower book...what good are these books anyway!! haha! it's probably operator error.

it is nice to have my reference books back where i can get to them. still some books and stuff that i'm all thinking..where is this, where is that? that means there is still lots of stuff left in the garage that isn't accounted for. hopefully, i can get my pool room back in play shape. i'd like to attempt to have people over again this winter for some game nights and gatherings.

maybe i'll get a card table to set up for board game nights. have board games but it's no fun playing board games alone...though oddly, i often did as a kid. remember playing war against myself as well.

may have another look around the garage and see if there is one more box i can bring up and empty out. we shall see.

tomorrow hopefully, i'll be able to post again. i'll have a spare dog. not sure how that will all work out. duffy is joining us for the weekend.

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