Wednesday, September 7, 2011

just a shortie

very excited for my weekend trek to denali and the denali highway. hoping for decent weather and amazing fall colours. hopefully, next week we can get a few awesome hikes in. must hit hanging valley for sure! will be great to get up on the tundra on the highway. mcclaren is a favorite on that one. happy that my guest room, which is newly remodeled...and nearly finished, will get some use! my friend carla is coming! yippee! have two nights booked, haven't heard back on the third night yet. may just head back though, just get in late. good to get back and hit those hiking trails!
the above fall colours are from a stroll at university lake the other day. today lena joined me out in campbell airstrip.

got almost all my errands done from my list. got the oil changed and now have 2 headlights. safer for my roadie! took the dogs right from the trail. they are best in waiting rooms bit tired. the jiffy lube guys are always chill about me bringing the dogs. they even lay down in stay while i did stuff 10 feet away at the desk, twice! i love having trained dogs! can you sense a bit of pride coming through. such good girls!! of course, i felt a little bad as some lady came in, gave us a look and was heard telling the staff that she was allergic to dogs. anchorage is pretty dog friendly though. oh well.

love to say agressive beavers when i'm at the dog park with a bit of an accent. too fun! not that i think i do the best accents, but lucky for me dogs have no idea what you say, they just enjoy how you say it.

met with some friends for dinner tonight. congrats to linda for signing on her new house!! we went to the spenard roadhouse, food was pretty good, but the company was better.

picked up my paddle and got it hung up here in the office. i think it turned out very cool! sweet! love southeast art and am so excited to have a bit of it here at home! should have bought more when i lived down there, but that just means i'll have to plan more trips down there so i can buy more art!!

tried to work on getting these hung up. kinda have to wait until the daybed gets delivered and set up. wanted to put them in a big square in the middle, not sure if that will put them too close to the ceiling or not. could stagger them or line them out. need a level and i keep thinking i have one...where, where where? really need to re-organize the garage once it's all cleared of the post flooring crap. would like to try a pool party out there again this winter. haven't done a pool party since quinton left. he was my sure thing. you always want one friend who you know will show up so you don't feel like a loser! one that will show up and have fun even if nobody else shows up. miss that guy!

tonight watched another movie i replaced from my vhs stockpile..."he loves me,he loves me not" with audry tautou. she plays a good crazy person. i had gotten reward points on my amazon card which i still have more points to play with. so i ended up replacing all these vhs for nothing. i like nothing. free! so i can replace more with the leftover points i have.

not sure why, but my cats over the years have all loved snuggling up in the bass drum. they seem happy to have this new sleeping place...of course, that all changes when i sit down to play em. haven't gotten the beat back. drumming isn't easy. all 4 limbs must do something different...takes concentration. anyway....above is ms breezy chatterbug in the bass drum. she's probably still there!

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