Tuesday, September 27, 2011

last of denali...

it's obvious that i take far too many pictures. i also have way too many opinions. oh well, i enjoy the pictures and the taking of them and the opinions, well they just are. love it or leave it. that has always been my motto. since i am over 40 and single, leave it seems to have been the way. better to be alone with ones opinions than controlled without one. i'm sure that is a point that could be argued. doubt that the only reason i am alone is due to my opinions...as i have opted to not do hours of psychotherapy i will just have to live in constant wonder and awe that nobody has chosen to stay the course with me. either way...those reds above are spectacular!

i look huge, this is not a true image of me. photos do add pounds but camera's add bulk. it was drizzling a bit and so i was just keeping my camera out of the wetness. yes, that is a dog hat. living in a place with winter so many months we all have a large supply and variety of warm weather hats, gloves, coats, fleece, hoodies, skhoops...you name it. variety is the spice as it were. discussed this with friends on our hike today and they agree. our hat wardrobe is probably much larger and varied than the average female american. i love, love, love winter clothes though. is it because the bulk hides a few flaws?

my friend carla got to wear one of my more normal ski hats.

this is my favorite picture of carla from her week here. love the scarf!

me and the pups in talkeetna. we stopped to let the dogs pee while driving up from anchorage. while stopped blossom found herself an old, rotting salmon to chew/roll on. this same thing happened with other friends who drove with me to denali several years back. we stopped to let the dogs pee and rio found a rotting fish head and attempted to consume it. that smell is horrid and it's nearly impossible to get that out of a dogs coat once it's in there. a car gets awful stinky and stuffy with rotting salmon odors floating through. i had some biodegradable shampoo and i sacrificed my towel. it helped, but still...

love these old airstreams. i hear they are making a comeback.

through the window shot.

today i hiked with amy and tanya up to hidden lake. really hidden tarn, we think one more uphill and we'd hit a bigger lake. perhaps next year. we'd done enough uphill for one day and were all satisfied with the beauty we were able to enjoy. we did see a few moose starting to congregate up there. powerline pass is famous for moose rutting this time of year. we saw mostly females. hopefully, tomorrow i can start posting pictures from a few of my favorite fall hikes, todays, hidden lake and the hanging valley hike we did a bit back. fun pictures. really have other things i should be doing...winter is coming though and one can't waste any time in this short fall. must get out and enjoy it.

carla and i stayed at this hostel. pricey compared to hostels in other places, but we had this tiny bunk room to ourselves, dogs welcome. it was warm and cozy.

the showers/bathrooms are in a seperate building. i got a giggle out of this faucet. hot vs old. one must wonder sometimes.

another child molester caught. this guy would date women with young daughters and had the audacity to ask them to drug thier daughters so he could have sex with them. this brings me to wonder how many women allowed this. i remember meeting a guy online, going on one coffee date and then him asking me to go to a remote cabin for the weekend. i have no desire to have the headline read, stupid woman murdered on internet date. it did occur to me that he asks because there are women who say yes. is it the same with this guy? these articles are one of the reasons i so rarely date. seems like the good guys are married and sticking with thier mates. the leftovers in my age bracket are often drunks, drug addicts, losers or child molesters. not really wanting to get myself mixed up with any of these sorts. i'm not keen on alot of baggage either. ex-wives, step kids. it can all get rather complicated. i think if i was a single mom, especially with daughters, there is no way i'd even attempt a date. wouldn't want to put my kid at risk.

carla and i wandered some of the trails near the visitor center at denali before we headed off for our walk. needed to wear out the pups.

always love train tressels.

reading a strange book, recommended by a nurse friend. have no idea why she chose me to select this book for. it's quite unusual and i'm getting sucked into it. it's odd though. it's called "the gargoyle". it's on my kindle. overall i like the kindle. i do miss being able to cheat and page ahead or easily page back to re-read what i may have forgotten. also with the kindle it doesn't show up as pages...just a percentage of the book read. i hear the nook does do pages. i'm too cheap to change at this time, but may end up with a nook down the road. saw a book on amazon.com i'd love. it's costly though. sounds like a really good resource book on lichens and such.

we saw loads of lichens today and it would be fun to be able to learn more and identify them.

more reds and greens.

had carla snap this one. this is what happens when a moose is spotted on the side of the road in denali.

so pretty out there. soon will be all covered with snow. no snowmachines allowed out there and i think it's still patrolled in winter by sled dog team.

we were up by hidden lake and there were some snow flakes coming down. not really flakes, like tiny hail, but more snowy.

it is that time of year. soon we will be a winter wonderland. i still have bulbs to plant. of course, how many will actually make it to flower is always unknown. moose like bulbs and will dig them up if they can get to them. hopefully, i can post those two hikes photo's here in the next week. want to get to potters and see the swans there as well. love swans.

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