Monday, September 5, 2011

leftover bits of gustavus....

obviously, i take way too many photographs...but i like em! just worked a few nights. got off early, but ended up sleeping in late today. after four nights, you just gotta catch up a bit on the sleep. the adult icu was the usual busy shifts, but nothing too out of the ordinary. not too many patients there, but the ones that are there are sick. several poor folks didn't make it through the weekend. the icu can be a sad place at times. death is just part of our job. i'm not immune to it, but i have learned to seperate myself emotionally from my work. probably too well at times. emotionally cutting myself off has probably become too easy in my day to day life as well...occupational hazard.

that is one of the best reasons for taking off into the outdoors. when you work with death and drama and trauma, you must step back and refuel your soul. walking out in nature is my way of letting go of it all and replacing the sad and negative with the beautiful and positive.

not sure if i'm getting better with people or worse. it's always been easy for me to escape into my little world, it's peaceful and quiet. nature is a huge part of my world. the dogs are as well, photography, music, reading. planning the next alaskan adventure is as well. this summer is wrapping up. didn't do as many long hikes as i'd like, you never do everything you want in a short alaskan summer. fall is always a favorite too so i'm looking forward to getting out and enjoying the beauty of this coming season. denali is already peaking in the colours, will have to head north soon or i'll miss it all.

these were taken from the little plane that val and i took from gustavus to juneau. scott took the same flight, but a few hours before us. we caught up with him again at the juneau airport, some delay getting off to cordova for him. it was a beautiful day and we got to fly through the pass. not sure what pass that was, but apparently it can be dangerous to fly through there with clouds and could hit one of these mountains. we had a beautiful day and a lovely flight!

this was taken leaving can see our bed and breakfast down there. they took good care of us there at the blue heron.

my friend carla called from california today. always great to hear from her. as it turns out her trip to patagonia is getting cancelled and she is going to fly up here and join me on a little road trip north. she's not been to denali so she was excited that i had next week off and was heading to denali and the denali highway. i think the highway will be a surprise for her, but will be fun to have her along. so today was spent somewhat getting ready to have a visitor. my guest room is nearly done and today i purchased a new day bed. should be delivered thursday and ready for a guest to arrive thursday the nick of time. so off to walmart to purchase some sheets for a twin. will buy the trundle for the day bed at another time, for now this will do. i'm getting the 5x7 frames filled up so i can hang those up as well. not sure i'll get those up in time, but one can hope.

will be so fun to have a visitor. my to do list is growing. tomorrow will be a busy day. want to call and see if the pool is ready for swimmers...i'm ready to swim!

our juneau to anchorage connection was on alaska air's 7-30-salmon! it's all painted with a big salmon on the outside and the overhead bins are also painted with various sea life pictures. very cool..such an honor.

auke bay in juneau. the ferry is in town...well a ferry is in town. there were 3 docked there the day we took off from juneau to gustavus.

just another in flight view of glaciers. the views quickly left as we left southeast alaska...rain. lots of rain these past bits of summer.

so these are a bit scattered. this is me in the little plane below. i think it's a piper cherokee? first time i've had to climb on a wing to board a plane. tiny little bugger! it held the pilot plus 4 passengers.

before we left gustavus, we got served a tasty breakfast and val got her bug bits worked on by deb, our B&B host. she does it all!!!

was happy to get home, but also happy we didn't rush it back the night we got back from kayaking. we had a great meal at the gustavus inn, arranged for us by deb! and then we took a walk back to the gustavus dock to enjoy the sunset.

the fairweather range was visible and it was a beautiful sunset.

these are kayak racks.

here is bob, tanya and scott at the inn. well fed and satisfied. the men folk were happy to skip the walk but we prevailed.

still feel a bit like i'm in the land of misfit toys in my life somedays. today was one of those days. will be great to have carla come out and to take a road trip. very excited!

she is my first guest this year. trying to think if i had any guests last year? hmm... i think it's been awhile. now my guest room will be ready...!!

watched a pbs show on wolverines last night when i got home from work. that was after 1am sometime. it was really a good show. lots of wonderful footage of the ellusive wolverine. they are amazing in the snow. they are undaunted by the large mountains that are in their territories and often climb them in thier daily search for food. the one biologist has studied them for her whole career and has only run across them in the wild 3-4 times. that's looking for them. their paws are huge and have large, round claws adapted for ice and climbing. anyway, amazing animals that we know relatively little about. a guy in haines has successfully bred them at his rescue place and hand raised a pair which are like pets almost as they have so bonded with him.

almost hated to leave my patients last night. great kids, great parents. it's rare that you run across normal and intact families it seems. i know that seems a horrible thing to say, but so many families are dysfunctional. plus they were both just peds patients...was a lovely and relaxing night for me!

gustavus has a 9 hole golf course. i think bob took this one for a friend who loves golf, but i don't remember now.

the guys both liked the old vehicles on the golf course. they are pretty cool looking out there in the fields.

scott wanted to take this one out for a test drive, but i think it had a bum light.

my car currently has a bum light. a perdiddle we would have called it growing up. gotta get that fixed before i drive it up north.

soon it will be time for tire changeover as well. the outdoor chores will also build up until all i gotta worry about all winter is keeping up with the dog poop.

liked the moon over the golf course.

was a great last night in gustavus!

pretty pink lupine.

we ate out at the gustavus inn. they serve the meal homestyle. the food is great and award winning as well. gustavus is a small town but the food never disappointed us.

i'm not in the know about the food, but apparently, this is a presitgious award.

deb and pete from the B&B joined us for our last meal. we all had a great evening. alex, erica and sandra had all taken off before dinner for anchorage. poor guys really missed a great meal!

the king salmon was fab!

their salad fixings came from thier gardens. all the veggies did. while we waited to be seated we were given chips and kelp salsa. nummy! the flowers were edible in the salad as well.

the parting shot. this is actually our guide, monica, attempting to back the truck with the trailer down the long B&B driveway. she was taking sandra, alex and erica to the airport...i think they were nearly late. i can't judge her as i have tried to back up things with trailers and i just can't get it through my brain. it seems so simple, but still...impossible. another great summer and another great summer trip. will be back with some wonderful fall permitting. :-)

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