Tuesday, September 20, 2011

more of denali highway!

loved the colour of these leaves. so difficult to capture what fall is up here. having grown up in california i really never got the fall thing. did a year of college in logan utah and that was my first fall. i also lived in south dakota for awhile. they have a beautiful fall. loved to drive there to spearfish canyon. "Dances with Wolves" was filmed there. it's pretty awesome fall. then i came here. wow! fall on the tundra is my favorite. had an extended fall last year due to the drive to deadhorse, this year it's been a game of chase.

caught the denali highway pretty close to the peak, denali was just after the peak. today hiked hanging valley, out in eagle river, south fork. we were a bit late of peak but it was still not disappointing in the least. love fall!

we thought it would rain all day today, but we got lucky. a few sprinkles is all. loved the reflections in this lake above.

this one as well.

watched, "get low" last night til the wee hours with robert duval and sissy spacek. hadn't heard of it, but added it to my netflix list. who knows what is up with net flix these days. they seem to be making some bonehead moves. just like people get annoyed at facebook for constantly trying to "improve". the latest netflix announcement is that they will split in to two branches, the actual dvd's will come under a different name. the streaming stuff will be netflix, so now if you want both you have to make two seperate accounts. sounds pretty stupid to me.

anyway, ended up liking the movie. regret and reconcilliation. we all make mistakes, but truth out in the open usually is better than hiding it. good group of actors. even had bill murray. he's tried to be all artsy of late and i've thought him quite disappointing in many of his recent roles. he did a fine job with this part though, which was good to see.

guess they announced the amount of this years permanent fund check. each alaskan gets a dividend check each year. this fund was set up with monies from the oil our state has. some would say we shouldn't drill, others say drill, we all get the check. my rational is environmental but not what might be expected. it seems to me that the major suppliers of oil in our world are in regions of unrest. those governments are often corrupt. i suspect that the oil in these countries is harvested with little regard to the environment, the animals or the people who live in those regions. at least if we can find oil and drill in more stable nations we can do as much as possible to protect the environment, the animals and ensure that the people who work are treated fairly and have a safe working environment. do i wish there was a better plan in general, yes, but i don't see any at this moment that will take over what oil does.

my check is usually mostly used as a safety net over the winter. fill the bank account a bit. allow me to buy some christmas gifts and all that. may splurge on something for myself, who knows. it's over $1,100 this year.

haven't chatted with any of my siblings for a bit, will have to try and make a few calls and see how all are doing. my to do list seems a bit longer than usual...calls, mail package, clean house, prep yard for winter...if it stops raining and dries up long enough for me to do that. i'm not as good as this house stuff as i would have hoped. need to find a boyfriend who is good at stuff...that is what i would have done in the old days when that was a more easy thing to do. you get older and the options get more limited. it's a frightening dating pool out there, i fear i mostly just avoid it. hate that people are in my age bracket and still act like teenagers out there dating. can't take the silliness.

have fallen in love with all the caribou moss. it's just so cool in the fall. saw lots today on our hike. will post pictures after i get these on here.

soon all the leaves will drop and we'll just wait for snow.

the girls take a break with us along the denali highway.

every pull out is a camping sight. though it seems the hunters were congregated and many usual camper locales were empty.

heard someone got attacked by a grizzley out by paxson...will have to tell my friend that once i find the story. she'll be so happy we didn't camp out. hehe!

the bears are trying to stuff their bellies and can be a bit irritible this time of year...but then bears can be irritible anytime you run into them.

so far i've only met mellow bears. no attacks...knock on wood. doesn't look like much fun. scarey and painful.

they are out there though.

there are so many places for them to go.

right into the sun again.

starting a new book, "the gargoyles" on my kindle. i try to go back and forth between real books and kindle books. want to get my real ones read. books are great, but do take up some space. won't consider getting rid of all my books. some stuff is better in actual book form. novels though, i think the kindle will do just fine. once i've read them, i've read them. no point having them hanging around for years.

this is the susitna river.

and the big bridge we crossed over. last year sandra followed me in her car, there was more traffic and there was a porcupine on the bridge. i think it walked under my car. i was stopped out there trying to figure out if the guy was safe so i could move on. not sure porcupine quills and tires are a good combo. wouldn't want to run over any critters if i can avoid it anyway.

rio likes to lean out the window and sniff the air from time to time. i have found that if she does this it's best to open the window for her sniffing pleasure...it usually means she's farted and she can't even take it.

a few more pretty colours.

not as spectacular as the ones post bridge, but still quite lovely.

view of bridge from the paxson side.

next post i'll try and cover some of denali national park visits. will probably take a few posts for that as well. i take alot of photo's!

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