Tuesday, September 6, 2011

have missed that movie...

a movie i have always liked came out on dvd. haven't watched it for so long, great to finally see it again. it didn't make much at the box office. it was dwarfed by the success of "thelma and louise" in it's day. the movie has always had this simple message that i seem to need to hear over and over again. the movie, "leaving normal". two women who have never been good at making good choices happen onto each other in normal, wyoming. they head north to alaska. the one is full of expectations of what she'll find there, the other, has no expectations whatsoever. it's easy to plan and hope and expect, but it's mostly better to let life take you where it will. you get where you need to go, you meet who you need to meet and you become who you need to be. i know i'm in the right place. the road to get here hasn't always been an easy one. have i met the right people yet, not sure...people are harder to read than places. expectations are harder to let go of when it comes to people over places. i know i've met alot of people i really like, many i care about. seems like good timing for me that this movie became available. maybe i've met the right people but can't let go of my expectations of them. sometimes when you think you are alone, you are not.


  1. That is one of my favorite movies. It wasn't dwarfed by Thelma and Louise for me. It has much more to say I think. I'll look for it to buy it. My husband used to put it on whenever he could find it b/c he knew I'd watch a movie more than once if I really found something in it.

  2. found it on amazon.com. happy that i'm not the only one who loved that flick! bets