Sunday, December 18, 2011

begining to look alot like christmas...

a few of us monday walkers gathered at bob and tanya's for a little fun and frivality. they cooked up some tasty bbq salmon with a tasty buttery sauce from The Gustavus Inn where we dined this past summer. just a relaxing and fun evening. i made a bit of an oreo salad. of course, this recipe was originally created by my brother, jeff. he always starts with a bed of lettuce for the salad part and i forgot to pick up the oreo's. oh well, i improvised. maddie had her eye on that giant kiss as soon as she spied it.still haven't taken rio on any long walks. today we did the dog park, this day we just walked up patterson and back. rio always stops at this fence in hopes her buddy keva will be out. no luck that day. she continues to do great and i swear her appetite is increased from before she was ill.the stockings are hung, though st nicholas seems to neglect us. not even coal, just forgotten and empy stockings each christmas morning. so sad. the santa of my youth always packed those full with candy, an orange and fun little cheesy toys. of course, once you figured out the whole santa deal you were relegated to elf duties. 7 kids, i'm sure my mom loved putting the older kids to work. my tree is already pretty dead. my dad used to torture my mom by waiting until the trees would be bargainable. we had the whole family coming for christmas eve dinner so my mom was in a panic that the tree wouldn't be decorated in time. she always insisted on those lead icicles. i'm sure hanging all that lead over all those years is the reason i'm a nurse not a doctor and was a vet tech instead of a vet. haha. i recall her great disappointment when the lead icicles went off the market. the non lead icicles just never hung right. as for the trees. they were always a sight to behold once my dad was done repairing them in the garage. so from the tree lot to the garage. my dad would remove limbs that didn't belong and relocate them to places on the tree that could use more coverage. rio was more cooperative in the santa hat photo, but this one came out okay. only had nanoseconds to snap the shot before blossom removed said hat.since the dogs are of no use in tree decorating and the cats are more helpful at tree undecorating i brought in an expert again. maddie has assisted with tree decoration for several years now. it's a nice little tradition. she gets to open a few gifts and search for the cats, who always hide when guests come by. the latest ornament to grace my animals only tree. love my little cozy home! baked up some cookies for the tree decorator, which i think she approved of. work is over for a few days...i'll be working the christmas holidays. i also have jury duty starting monday morning. i call each night to see if i must show up downtown. so i'll find out tomorrow if i will miss the monday walk this week.
those last few nights went fine this week. really wished i could have gotten resident pay. i say that when i have a resident to deal with that wears me out! most are fine, but this one didn't listen to a dang thing i said, was over thinking all, but not getting it. eventually, i called the intensivists and let her know this resident was in over her head and asked for orders. there are many ways to do everything in medicine, but you can make a mess of it all if you just cherry pick from a variety of sources. just pick one and stick with it. if i heard what harriet lane would do one more time i was going to throttle the chick. if you don't understand something when you are in a learning environment, figure it out, don't just try and find some second rate solution. we even argued a bit...i mentioned a little something i think they teach you in all of medicine called, do no harm!! just because i have means to bring a blood sugar back up if it tanks doesn't mean that i plan on purposely making it tank so that i will have to correct it and put the patient at risk in the meantime. after i got the orders and got her more sorted out she says something like, "WE weren't factoring in the ketones"....i was all, not WE. don't drag me into this. i knew what WE were supposed to be doing. tanya, sandra and karen enjoy the cheese and chocolate fondue! nummy!!will have to try and do my annual drive around town looking for cool house lights. watched a show for a few minutes on these crazily decorated homes. some people go all out with it. they start decorating prep in early october. tanya always loved my little coffee table in my living room. it sinks in and allows for a display of my shell collection. she finally found a table for herself. i brought her back some new shells last year for part of her christmas gift. looks good. maddie broke into the chocolate kiss much to her parents dismay. they feared chocolate revenge at 3am. didn't hear about any late night issues as a result of her chowing down on her supersized kiss. she looked pretty happy eating it though. got the last of the packages sent off today. yippee! drove past the muldoon post office and it was packed, the parking lot was insane so i opted to head to the ace hardware store. it has a little post office depot inside. it's manned by ace hardward employees. everyone was happy, helpful and efficient. there was a line, but it didn't take me more than maybe 20 minutes. as you waited another worker came by from time to time with a tray filled with homemade fudge samples. they sell fudge there too i guess. that doesnt' happen at the usual USPS. then off to the dog park with the pups. oddly, we didn't see anyone we knew there. quite unusual. the dogs still enjoyed themselves though. blossom even went for a little dip.the little foot bridge always looks so pretty in the various seasons.joined sandra tonight for a movie. we both were excited to see the newest sherlock holmes flick. for me it started out slow, but quickly built up on the excitement level. we both really enjoyed it and we both enjoyed watching robert downey in the part. it's one you have to watch a few times to get all the lines. loved the first one as well.there was a trio of moose that showed up at the dog park today. i haven't seen moose there for a bit. didn't get great pictures. should have taken video.a mama and her two cute.this is where i should have switched to video. these dogs started to harass this young moose and she took off after them soon after this picture was taken. many dogs do get a good booting from moose up here. these guys got lucky. mama moose headed out to chase off the dogs as well, then they all headed back into the woods a bit. pogi and ms breezy were snuggled up together on this wicker chair. pogi is polydactyl so his feet look so huge compared to's getting late so i think i shall turn in. hope everyone is enjoying the season. this is my favorite part, when all the business of christmas is done and i can just enjoy the music, lights and spirit of it all. bought a new celtic christmas cd which i'm enjoying.

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