Saturday, December 17, 2011

i have faith...

that every day brings new joy and great beauty, that despite the bad that happens in this world there is much more good that happens. that you can look at the same scenery day after day and it can seem more beautiful and powerful each time you gaze upon it. that a spirit can be strong, no matter how weak it feels. that love can be kind, and enduring and safe. that the smallest of kindness can reach the deepest reaches of a heart. that money and material things can only bring you happiness if you are generous with it. that we all have lessons to learn and a chance to learn them. that through pain and sorrow comes strength and learning. that change is scarey, but if you are willing to let go, release those fears, you will come out more joyous on the other end. that the people who seem to have it all and know it all are often more frightened than anyone. that happiness comes from being true to who you are. that if you are willing to accept others for who they are, they will accept you for who you are. that true friends will help you laugh when you want to cry and will cry with you when you can't laugh. that the sun will rise and fall as will the tides. that hope requires no education, no money and no fame or fortune, it just requires faith...that what is can change, that what isn't may be, that what is lost can be found, that all are worthy of happiness and love.

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