Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a White Christmas...i know, in anchorage it's nearly impossible not to have one!!

but we did get loads of extra this year which is great after all that wind we had earlier this month. tried to get out and play. it's coming down now as well so i will be short on words as i have to get moving and shower, shovel and snowshoe again. these moose shots are from the other day. amy and i went for a snowshoe in north bivouac and we ran into a few sets of mama and baby moose. this pair we ran into a second time on the way back. they had settled in to feed right by the parking lot. this young guy was pretty chill about us and even started casually walking right towards me. he looked like he is being contrite in this one.ears back isn't always a good sign, you get to know what you can and can't do. i had put blossom back in the car at this point and took a few steps back to catch a few picssuch a great face!!his mama was pretty chill as well. when we first saw them we went off trail and skirted around them. honestly, we probably could have just walked past. of course, skirting off trail in deep fresh snow ended up getting us a bit disoriented for a bit. we got off course and it took us a few minutes to find our way back to the original trail. oops!it's a rough world out there for moose when the snow gets deep and anchorage's population of moose grows double or more our summer numbers. i could tell this week that they are returning to town. easier to walk on plowed roads, streets and sidewalks than the deep snow of the mountains. will see more and more moose until break up and spring come.worked over the holiday. didn't seem too much like christmas really. work was steady, but not insane. made several phone calls to family in between shifts, which is always fun. was pretty sleepy all weekend and utilized a little cherry dr pepper to get through the nights. work is pretty much the only time i drink soda pop.don't think there is anything good about soda, except the caffiene. i never got used to the taste of coffee, i do like the smell of it. there is mama, eyeing me.blossom and ekko enjoy some happy snow time.rio stayed home as she will again today. that deep snow can't be too good on her joints.rio walked the monday walk yesterday so i tend to give her tuesdays off. we had fun day out there. i was super tired. that alarm sure comes early after working nights all weekend. i think a few people are impressed that i manage to get out for these monday walks after only 3 hours sleep. monday was kinda my christmas. the walk, then tanya, maddie and i went for hot cocoa and then there was a party at sandra's for boxing day. great way to wind down post holiday!pogi and ms breezy chatterbug chill in my office.this moose was in baxter bog here by my house. looks like a youngish moose out on her own. took the girls there a few times between shifts.snowing a bit.just some shots of the fresh snow in the early morning hours. i often wake, feed dogs, grab paper and head back to bed for a bit. dogs are used to getting fed when i return from work.my car has been buried several times this week. i was quite excited when i came home from work one day and the neighbor had shoveled. always a nice surprise!!back to the moose that made us go off trail snowshoeing the other day.amy doesn't seem to mind being a bit lost out there. ekko makes his way through the deep stuff. a bit tougher for the puppy than the big guys, but i think they all had a great day out there.these are back in the bog on christmas day.so happy i have this bog right by the house. it's awesome in between shifts to be able to get out and entertain the pups.blossom got some frisbee time in on the bigger bog pond. several other dogs from the neighborhood out for christmas walks that day as well.blossom is happiest covered by all forms of water!several people saw her mug in the newspaper the other week. so fun!!watched a few favorite christmas flicks and then i've been immersing myself into the various episodes of "the big bang theory", a christmas gift from the cats! bought seasons 1-4. great show. i tend to discover good sitcoms after they have been going for a bit. i grew up near caltech and my mom worked on campus as a secretarty for jet propulsion labratories. the show does tend to demonstrate the quirky nature of all those intelligent young students. that campus is very different than your regular college campus.driving to the monday walk. loved the sun.just lena and her family, tanya and maddie and me. the kids are out for the holiday break. fun to have them all along. lots of people out there enjoying a monday off from work so we took a different route. we went gasline to powerline to tank. then we took the parallel trails to tank back to cars. tanya got a bit of an early start to us and we were texting. i tried to text that i was heading to you and it came out as i was heading to toot! oops. those phones have a mind of thier own sometimeslena leads the pack, okay really i was. great time out there as usual though.maddie was upset as she was sure this walk was longer than she'd been told.miss maddiea few pictures from the party at sandra's. i was sleepy, but it was a fun time. carrie abovetanya, sharon, me and tiffany.jennifer, john and family joined as well. always a fun group to hang with. they apparently like to play pool so i promised to get that garage ready for a little pool time in january.the hostess, sandramaddie gets to enjoy some ipad time. katie shared. i may have to get myself one of those one of these days.sorry, so fast, but wanted to get these loaded. best be off and get my day started. great to sleep last night...much needed!

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