Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the big dog is on the mend...

the week was long and i felt like a bit of a dog shut in by the weekend. this was rio's first "big" walk. thursday i made her walk maybe 2 houses down, friday she went up patterson and back. tried to just get her out every 5-6 hours the first few days. poor pooch. she had pain issues which sent me back to the vet. that night she slept fairly well, pee'd on my couch and then just looked more like her vivacious self. okay, really she's not that perky normally, but she had that light back in her eyes by friday morning. enough so that blossom came up to her and did a sniff/nuzzle and began to wag her tail. nice that her dog buddy, keva was in her yard, always a bonus for her on her patterson walk. these are from a few bog walks, thursday just with blossom and saturday with both of em though quite slowly.
weather has been strange all week. icy/pocked up snow. fog, so nice ice crystal formations one day. wind over 80 mph on sunday followed by a dumping of heavy, wet snow. today was beautiful. school got a snow day due to the foul weather. lots without electricity. mine went off, then right back on while i was in the shower getting ready for work. the wind was gusting. the shed doors are busted again. will have to do repair again. i hurried to get ready for work in case the lights went out for good. i'm sure they flickered a few more times while i was at work but all seemed fine. lots of twigs down.
took rio to the vet as requested by them on wednesday for evaluation and iv fluids. i suspected rio wouldn't really cooperate and she really didn't. she just paced in circles in her cage or run and twisted her iv tubing all up over and over again. they eventually gave up, gave her sub q fluids and said i could pick her up. got a little walk in with amy out at north bivouac. poor rio. that probably stressed her out more than needed. she seemed painful and i felt the metacam wasn't helping it so i called vet and drove out for something stronger. i think it helped. i just gave her half a dose so she wouldn't be too sleepy, which worked out well. i suppose other people just do what the vets ask of them. oh well. was sad to see rio so not herself. for a few days i cooked up bland food for her. to get her to drink water i gave her yogurt and then started adding water in as a slurry. i think today her digestive tract is almost back to normal. life is back to normal as well. just taking her for shorter walks due to her surgical incision. she doesn't seem to mind. i love when the trees get coated with ice crystals. so pretty. took my little dvd player downstairs and watched a few movies while i dog sat. one night i watched a little flick called, "her majesty". girl had a really mean brother. it was set in new zealand. same actress who was in whale rider as the grandma had a role in this one. blended history of the area and the poor treatments of the natives with a visit from the queen of england. the girl is obsessed with all things royal and writes daily in hopes the queen will add her small town to the list of places to stop through. nice story with a happy ending. good vs evil a bit. a mama moose and her baby have been chilling in the bog this week. didn't take my good camera gear so just got snaps of em. also watched a movie called, "remember me". had no idea that it had a 9/11 connection so that was a bit of a tear jerker in the end. liked it though. different and interesting story line. just did a few nights in the adult icu this week. very few patients this week. one night only 5 patients total. we have a 28 bed unit. don't think i've ever seen it that empty. so there were actually only 3 staff nurses, plus 2 intern nurses. i ended up running the continuous dialysis and also precepting one of the interns. kinda like doing that though i'm a bit unsure what i'm supposed to be doing when i do. the seem to appreciate my efforts so i must be doing okay for them. i ran the dialysis since the interns won't be running that machine anytime soon. there are no v.i.p patients you will hear in nursing school, but you better believe there are some patients that those in the ivory white towers of the hospital administration want you to treat like v.i.p's. i treat everyone the same. that doesn't mean i like everyone the same or that some people just don't make me crazy. personalities are personalities. sometimes you just don't jive. can't stand when you get pressure from above to treat someone differently. generally, if you are hospitalized you will probably have a better outcome if you listen rather than dictate your care. we actually have experience and know what we are doing. i remember i took care of one very nice doctor who had been in some sort of wreck. we discussed pain control options. i suggested that he go with a intravenous pca rather than the epidural the doctor suggested. i find that epidurals work when they work, but often they don't do as well as the good old iv drugs. well the next night i came in and the guy had gone for the epidural and was miserable. he knew i had been right and he should have listened and we got him fixed up. he just smiled and said he had learned his lesson. totally nice guy. some doctors forget that they aren't nurses and some nurses forget they aren't doctors. it's a different sort of job, not interchangable. my theory on the nasty doctors is that nobody corrects them so they never learn that that bad behaviour isn't acceptable, because in thier case it obviously is. if i behaved the way i've seen some doctors behave...i'd be in the office getting a reprimand i wouldn't soon forget and not want to repeat. not too worry, i didn't get yelled at or mistreated by anyone, just ruminating.got to work with my buddies sandra and scott last night which hasn't happened forever. i had a super sweet patient and great family and we were all settling in for a lovely relaxing night. luckily, i never let myself get behind as in a hospital things can change rapidly and i find it's best to stay ahead of the game. things changed and we rolled with it. fairly busy but not out of control. i like that kind of busy. i like trauma's not drama's so the latter part of my work week was much preferred over the first night. drama patients just wear you out.i'm wondering if these are little magpie meanderingssaw tons of bunny tracks in the bog. a guy i run into frequently has mentioned that he never saw rabbits in the bog anymore. i assured him i'd seen them in the early mornings and thought of that conversation as i saw all the bunny tracks.didn't get much sleep so far today. got home a wee bit late today from work and that alarm went off before i think i'd had 3 hours sleep. monday walk. the snow was pretty thick so i had no idea if anyone would come. i drove up there and as i pulled into the parking lot my car got overwhelmed by the snow and the wheels were spinning uselessly. dang! lucky for me, karen showed up with her new addition to her cars winter care kit...a shovel. i had some kitty litter in the car so we were able to free up my car and dig ourselves 2 parking spots. i have a scoop shovel.i think i have my second wind now.it is time again for the annual day shift vs night shift christmas tree trimming party. of course, i wasn't involved in the ornament creations this year. perhaps next year i'll do my part. i didn't get the email with the theme and all. everything must be homemade and the competition is pretty heated. a group gathered to get the tree trimmed. this was before our night got much busier in the icu so i stopped out to check on the progress.had to stand on my tip toes and take a picture crooked, but here is the tree for night shift.below is the day shift tree. legos it looks like. hope they come up with a better judging system this year..seemed a bit strange last year. the nightshift did a candyland theme. i need to get my tree and get maddie over to help me decorate...which means i should go shopping as well. hmmm.....thought about it today, but my car was slippin around quite a bit just heading over to taco bell. i rarely eat there, but it sounded good. i just get 3 crunchy taco's and smash them into a taco salad.my car out post dig out.just karen and i. liked the picture though. we opted to snowshoe around the trails. since it was just us two we tend to meander and take pictures. blossom got frisbee tossings and we both got to play with our camera's. we are good walking companions that way. love how the snow coats the trunksblue skies. just checking my aurora app..looks like today is a level one. of course, it was up to a level 4 over the weekend when the skies were all cloudy. aurora's increase after there have been big solar flares that get our earths electrons reved up. okay, that is pretty pathetic explanation. a few interesting news stories. a local police officers child was shot while asleep in it's crib. looked like a zll house on the news like mine is. (zero lot line homes you share one wall, but each own your own house). his neighbor accidently fired his gun and it came through the wall. not sure how that will go for neighbor relations. lucky for me i have wonderful neighbors. when i came home from monday walk, jacob, whom i pay to check on dogs when i work, was shoveling my driveway and porch! yippee! that was heavy snow so i was quite happy. my trash cans also were brought back up the driveway. was planning on making cookies tonight,but maybe i'll do that in the morning and leave some for my neighbors. hope the kid does okay though.another strange story from a village that will have to be sorted out somehow...a baby was found dead in a house and the dad was stabbed. very strange. otherwise i think i fell asleep reading hte paper this morning.should write the christmas to do list for tomorrow. it's coming up so fast. have a few more packages ready to mail. get as many out on time as i can and then the rest, well, they will just arrive late. my mom was always a stickler for getting them there on time, which was sweet, but i guess i just get lazy and figure it's kinda nice to spread christmas out anyway. the world won't end if you are post christmas.blossom got pretty coated with snowballs today. lots of snowmen made today. i made some attempts but i must have missed the class on how to build a snowman. maybe you really have to pack it up. didn't just roll and clump in my attempts.looked like an amazing sunset. i think i must have fallen asleep on the couch for a bit as suddenly my phone had texts and missed calls and it was sitting right next to me.love the snowshoes!just one pretty day out there. regret,
there is this one,
it's embarrassing,
so much,
in life,
i've never done,
you experience what you can,
but still,
there is some experiences,
that just don't come,
that are left,
what is it you ask?
my regret?
not sure i should say,
but alas,
it may haunt me,
to my dying day,
i've never built,
a snowman,
no carrot nose,
no coal eyes,
no red scarf,
i cannot lie,
perhaps again,
tomorrow i'll try.
snowman poetry. pretty weak, right? loved this stop sign...i mean if you can't read it, could you be held responsible?these are a few i took at the refuge that day of this flock of unknown birds flitting about. pretty, despite me being clueless about the bird.my simple life,
how many,
can sit,
and watch the birds,
hearing thier calls,
thier flits and stalls,
where are they flying,
just to fly back,
or do they just enjoy,
the flight i lack.
when i run out of words, poetry.back to bivouac.really liked this of karen. she is just happy out in nature and seems to see all the little glories that bring me joy as well. rio is snoring and i should be too.back to moose in the bog on another day. always so discombobulated. totally spelled that wrong and usually i would care but i'm pretty sleepy at this point so i shant worry my little head over it.ms breeze chatterbug in her usual spot...near a dog. she does occasionally let me snuggle a bit with her.

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