Monday, January 30, 2012

another day in the park...

temperatures haven't risen as much as hoped, but we have gotten out anyway. well, we being blossom and i. rio is choosing the couch over the great outdoors. i believe rio would like us to move to a warmer climate, like hawaii. some sort of mastiff relocation program. perhaps she could witness some crime and work it from that angle. yesterday rio actually made it in her coat and out on the front deck before putting on the brakes. blossom would be chill with winter existing year round however, though i believe she would miss her dips in the lakes and creeks. when the temperatures get over 20F she will happily dip into any body of water that is still open in these temperatures. finished the book i've been working through. "dovekeepers". it wasn't bad, took forever to work though. those old biblical days were quite rough. death. the book was based on a true story of a group of jews who had been driven into the desert and eventually get surrounded by the romans. rather than succomb to the romans and become slaves, they decide to be killed by thier own people. kinda a mass suicide. lots of death. got in a swim last night. 20 laps. got there right before free swim was ending. after free swim people start to return and take over lap lanes. it's getting annoying. rules, what are they good for. watched a katherine heigl flick last night. "one for the money". it was entertaining, fun. keep going to the grocery store and foregetting stuff. gotta get ready for the pool gathering. it's been awhile since i entertained. always a bit nervous, but less so this time. too often i have let a simple spoken word impact me too greatly. it's fun having people over, good as it gets me to clean house and also good as i attempt to cook tasty treats for friends. nothing wrong with food, wine and friends. i'm back!! may sneak down and play a bit of pool before i crash for the night. i'm rusty...time to improve my shot. of course, at the parties of the past, we had all decided that our game improved after a drink or two. at least we happily thought we were better.blossom is happily out chasing her blue the taco hold.she is just cute. love my dogs!!a few siblings have blogs out there, but theirs is all political ramblings. i am so not into political ramblings. everyone has to be right. our self esteem seems to be tied in to our need to be right. i think that is why religions and politics become so heated. i live in the grey. i always seem to see that both sides have both right and wrong elements. i'm not someone who could ever put some bumper sticker on my car for a politcal figure. they always seem to disappoint. i also have seen how damaging focusing too intensely on the details of politics. people just get warped. it's sick.despite the cold it remains beautiful!yesterday blossom and i took some loops in north bivouac. always a safe bet on the weekend. some of the other trails get pretty crazy on the weekends.watching some "big bang" episodes while i write. not sure what happened to rio the other night. she woke me at 3 am. i thought it was the gut gone wild but in the morning i found she had gone out with totally bloody urine. didn't look good. hope it's not anything bad. always love the light in this area.of course, it's lost on blossom. she is totally focused on her frisbee.saw this mama and her baby moose cruising along northern lights blvd. you just never know what you will find driving through was the monday walk. tanya, amy, lena and i met up. 7 dogs. it was a work out. kenai joined us and he's not altered. he puts out the vibes and tries to hump manny...this leads to him being taken down by boddhi. tanya always worries about indie, but indie did pretty great. it was actually good though. a bit of a training walk. i found a way to distract boddhi from kenai by running with my hands waving high in the air and doing my best hockey hollar. i think everyone found it entertaining. of course, i think it only worked about 90% of the time. the other percent found us all trying to release boddhi from kenai's neck. didn't see any obvious blood so hopefully no actual punctures occured. was proud of tanya as she was jumping in there and working on boddhi. she wasn't able to scream and run like a freak like i did. we'll have to work on that one! she lacks the crazy gene i have. total ability to behave like a crazy person with no social concerns whatsoever.this would be a rare moment of peace between kenai and boddhi.really should see if cesar milan would like to venture to alaska and help us with our monday walks. how to get multiple numbers of dogs to mix without grumblings. 4 malemutes, 1 mastiff (albeit small and unaltered), 1 doodle and one retriever mix. i'm sure i still have some stuff to do for the gathering tomorrow. feeling sleepy so i really should try to attempt to get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

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