Wednesday, January 18, 2012

more hiking at twenty below....

i think a few of these loaded oddly, but then i was taking them left handed and upside down. another beautiful day out there, but cold as hell. or what one might assume the temperature of hell would be, though generally hell is seen as a hot climate. i'd agree that being overly hot would be worse than being overly cold, unless you had access to a refreshing and clean body of water. today i was joined by amy, lena and karen for a stroll out at rovers run. karen and i veered off onto a side trail that connects from the rovers loop out to the homestead trail. i think we all manged the cold quite well. amy went shopping before hand for some new layers that i think made a difference in her comfort level in these bitter cold temps. dressing for these subzero temperatures is a trial and error thing. takes some time and experience to really find your right layering. i wasn't cold until i was going from my car back into my house after stopping by subway. i was juggling my gear and the sandwich and a coke and my keys without any gloves. i got all twisted, dropped my caffienated beverage and was quite chilly. the ice cubes are still sitting on my deck and will be visible until the next snow covers them over. the side trail has some nice views. i carried my big camera's but never got them out. i was determined not to go nuts taking photo's. took hardly any on the monday walk this week. came home, snuggled with rio and then crawled under the heated throw blanket and after reading a bit fell into a lovely nap my guitar out last night for a bit. even did crappy video's of me singing a few of the songs i've written. actually posted one of facebook. a big step considering i am not one to perform my music publicly very often. years ago when i'd play, my friends would sneak a listen from outside the door. i think that was at my gramps beach house in laguna. have performed some of my music publicly over the years though. in south dakota i played occasionally at an open mike in a small cafe. in ketchikan i played the "monthly grind" on a few occasions. the monthly grind is a variety show that the community puts on once a month through the winters. they called me and asked me to perform once so they must have liked my little act. of course, when i mentioned this to one of the docs who had lived there forever and had performed at the monthly grind he was a bit put off. apparently, he had never been asked to perform in all the years, he always had to call and volunteer to perform. who knew? there are frosty bits on stuff out there, but it's intermittent. the fog was hit and miss in town. the trees in my backyard aren't frosted on the lower branches, but the upper part of the tree is all pretty and frosty. i really love it when it gets totally frosty, and then frosty on top of the's always pretty.blossom was happy with the split walk today. the second half she was the only dog and got to chase her frisbee. she is pretty wiped out tonight. chatted with my sister in california. apparently it was 20 degrees. for us that would be a huge warming trend, for them that is very cold. she laughed that i had even bought a coke and suggested that after hiking in below 20 one should probably drink some hot cocoa. she did have a point so i made some tea. warm is good. to warm up further i watched the video to "somewhere over the rainbow" my that hawaiian, iz? just went blank. that rendition is just so beautiful, how could your heart feel chill with that music in it. karen demonstrates human frosting tendancies in subzero temperatures. i don't frost as cool. blossom with her mute crew...malamute that is!we are relatively warm here though. some of the interior temps are down to -40F. breathing can get pretty tough at those temperatures. there have been times i've thought of moving to fairbanks. really not sure i could tolerate temperatures that low. we all have our limits. in south dakota the wind chills would bring it down to -40. those wind chills can get brutal. anchorage has little wind in general. even when temperatures are low like this week you can still get out and hike and enjoy the great outdoors. amy looks good in her new winter weather gear. all she needs is ice bug boots...those are the best i've found. i think karen and tanya have both liked thiers as well.was excited that our permits arrived in the mail today for round island. planning the summer is a wonderful way to spend winter!we had a fun crew out for the monday walk this week as well. maddie wasn't as thrilled to join as the rest, but it was a federal holiday and she is tanya's walking was the plan of the day.she wasn't thrilled with the cold, but we did do a shorter walk. i also brought a leftover solid chocolate santa for her to enjoy at the kaladi's. now that we know that eating all the chocolate won't actually make her sick as her parents told her. i told them that would backfire when she didn't actually get sick eating all of the huge hersheys kiss. because of the holiday we were joined by gail, larry and bob and maddie. since i knew the walk would be shorter, i encouraged rio to join us. you can't force a 120 pound dog to do stuff they don't want to. she stayed home today. it really is too cold for the big girl. blossom only had a few dogs to contend with yesterday. boddhi and indy joined us and teva, that was it for dogs. so 5 dogs, 8 human types. we did the gasline to powerline to tank. the climbs at the front end got us all toasty. then we had nice views of denali at the top of the climb, which is always nice.the creek up there seems to never freeze so it's always a cool place for frost sightings.coming up the hill...gail in the lead, well behind me i guess!

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