Saturday, January 28, 2012

random thoughts, random pictures...

great sun dogs the other day. this is just in the parking lot at the local fred meyers. was in between shifts so no time to really drive to a more picturesque place for it. love sun dogs though, very cool. something about sun reflecting on ice crystals in the air that causes them to occur. we've been quite cold this month. drove home from work this morning and the sign near my house said -22. made it easy to just sleep all day. think i needed some extra nap time. super cold days are like rainy days, just so lazy. once i get out in rain or cold i'm fine, but it does take a bit of extra ambition to get motivated. blossom is the only one disappointed in a day without a walk. i know i'm a terrible dog owner today!
did get out to meet a few friends for a lovely meal at a restaurant i haven't tried yet. i liked it though. Ling and Louis's. tasty food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere. i think we'd all be willing to return there again. met up with gail and sandra. always good for some laughs and we all love to laugh so it was fun. otherwise, i'm trying to spend some time each day prepping the place for tuesdays pool gathering. i'm excited to start entertaining again out there. it's a bit chilly some days but it's just always fun to hang with friends and play some pool, eat some appetizers and have a few drinks.taken from my car teams and the equipment that is required are frequent sights on the streets of anchorage this time of year. you can't see the pups in this picture really, but they were in there. little noses at the door. so cute. i'm always a bit mixed at the dog sled thing. as with anything there is always a negative to the positive and there are always people who suck. overall, i think the dogs have a blast as do the people. i'm mostly for, but there are always those people who are irresponsible and they ruin it for all those who work hard to take great care of their team. some people just have a totally different view of animals and pets. it's hard for me to comprehend. to many people dogs are simply something they own. to be dumped where ever when they have grown tired or bored of them or when the animal becomes inconvienent. for me, the animals i take ownership of are a responsibility i take on for the length of that animals life. (or mine ).
a guy had his 22 cats taken by animal control according to the news. i actually feel badly for the guy. he lives in a cabin north of tok and the cats all live with him. guess he can't just leave them out there alone so when he comes to town he carts all the cats with him. this isn't a simple load cats in the car event it doesn't sound like. he's gotta get them from the remote cabin to the place where his car must be. the cats, according to the report, were all healthy and well cared for. he's very distressed that he's been seperated from them and i actually hope in this case he gets them back. can't imagine the car with 22 cats in it smells too great though. he came to town for a supply run and apparently to try and find a girlfriend. don't think i'm ready to take on a man with 22 cats. hopefully he finds a nice cat lady friend. did make it out to university lake and the bog over the week. no moose sightings though. rio likes the dog park and seems to understand the difference when i mention that the walk is at the dog park. she gets off the couch more easily to join. work, busy still. i had my little one. she failed her extubation the other day, but they tried again on my stretch. sang "let it be" to her repeatedly as she seems to calm when i sing this to her and hopefully, after last night she will just cont to get better. did my heart good to see the poor kid off that machine. prayers and fingers crossed she continues to improve. i don't let myself get attached very often, but this girl has gotten into my heart. i'm not a machine. work is crazy too. as if the peds unit wasn't in rough enough shape, our manager up and quit as well. the timing totally sucks and it feels like a captain abandoning ship. change is not easy and in a unit all the change just can make everyone edgy and moody. i'm not immune and i found myself pretty upset the other day after hearing about it. it's not the person so much as the situation and my anxiety regarding all the changes and possible changes. texted a friend in acc and emailed the manager of the float pool, just want to know what my options are and if i have options. overall, i prefer just going between the two units, but i don't want to end up in a situation where i feel pushed to make a decision. better to be proactive. chatted with my friend sharon for a bit before work last night and i feel a bit better. these are the only lights i saw on my search for the northern lights the other night. bust. great lights here and there with cloud cover in other places. i just was a miss for the night though. anchorage is a big city for alaska, but the skyline is sure tame compared to the skyline of los angeles that i grew up with.
summer plans are getting cooked up. my niece called me today to say she is coming up. :-). hopefully she'll be coming the time i have byers lake cabin. that would just be kinda fun. always great to chat with her.
guess i will head to bed. i gotta get some of the bigger items out of the pool room tomorrow. the spare seat for the element. the spare spare for the car, time to finally take the old computer to best buy for recycling. i will do it tomorrow, i will do it tomorrow!!! (at least i hope i do)

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