Friday, January 13, 2012

more snow means more moose...

the moose are moving into anchorage. it's that time of year. with the heavy snow fall we've had this year our moose population in anchorage will grow and sadly, several moose will probably perish. this guy has just gotten back up after slipping and falling down the embankment at university lake. pretty wild to watch one of these large animals go down. sorry, didn't capture it on the camera. took a few tries but she got up again. really didn't notice if it was male of female. really i can't be sure if it was the mother or calf that went down from the distance i spyed it across the lake. another work week is past. i worked overtime one night. got lucky and was allowed to go home at 1am. that is where flexibility will reward you! i said they could put me where ever they wanted and i was put in the annex. the annex is actually in another unit. we just got so full that we had to put kids out in another section of another unit. kept steady for the hours that i worked there, but nothing too crazy. moose looked cool with the sunset behind it. was much colder out than i had expected. one sign said 5 degrees. i think cooler. rio lifts her feet below 10, the front door lock sticks under 5 and i need two hands to open or lock it. under zero my seat belt has a tough time clicking in. just put sybil on, have never watched it. psych issues are pretty difficult. amazing how cruel some people can be to thier own flesh and blood. she's not too sure about me and the dogs taking the trail she and her calf have stationed themselves at.we got loads of snow the other day. i'm not even sure what day it is. i'm all messed up on my week. not as messed up as sybil is, no huge abuses in my past. no multiple personalities, though i have been known to pretend i have multiple personalities. i created barbie and bunny and svetlana during the wee hours of the night on slower nights. one co-worker finally asked me to stop because it was too real and was freaking him out. some days i just feel like entertaining myself and thus those around me. svetlana, bunny and barbie haven't been out much of late. one never knows when the next form of entertainment will exhibit itself. barbie was the good girl, bunny the party girl and svetlana a russian ex spy who had been given a position as a nurse for cover. anyway, the moose in the bog were just huddled up out there, bearing the snow that just kept falling down on them. they look pretty miserable really. too much work to chase after some crazy person walking dogs in the bog. it had snowed another good 8-10 inches by the time i'd woke from my slumber after working. i shoveled and then got the dogs into the bog. the entrance to the bog on the end of my street has a huge berm on it. i had to crawl up and over the thing. i've never known that to happen in all the years i've lived here. some years we have more snow than others, this year is exceptional though. the snow must be shoveled up and over. i'm trying not to feel badly about my poor swimming these past months, i have been tired just doing the walks in the cold and repeatedly shoveling the snow up and over, up and over. blossom usually has the back yard packed down, but she's had a hard time keeping up with it all. valdez and cordova are worse. wasn't myself my first night of work. just off. it's hard to stop yourself from letting angry people upset you. i am usually pretty good. a tirade was reported to me that had happened from a co-worker who is known to snap at times. it was regarding me and my situation at work, working between two units. frankly, i think some people are just unhappy and they can't stand to see others happy. we like to believe that we are liked by all, but in truth no matter who you are there are going to be those who aren't fond of you. i remember a seinfeld episode where jerry's mom finds out that that crazy dude is after him.....she was just so shocked that anyone in this world could not like jerry. i forget that i am not as charming and wonderful in others eyes as i believe i am. we are all capable of annoying others. someone who is known to flip out on occasion flips it's best to just not take it personally. just makes me crazy to feel like we all must tip toe around this person who is chatty and friendly one minute and then snap. of course, it makes me really feel for her kids. what must that be like to live with, it's tough just for 12 hours. i remember walking with a friend in ketchikan. can't even remember now who it was. there was a travel nurse there at that time who just dispised me for some reason. she actually made me cry at work she was so hateful to me. can't say that has ever happened. i cried a few times when i worked at the animal hospitals because i'd gotten bit and it hurt, but not for something like this. anyway, i remember my friend said something like, if one person thinks you are a bitch and everyone else seems to find you likeable, well that one person is probably actually the bitch. now if almost everyone thinks you are a bitch and only like oner person finds you likable, well, you may want to look inside of yourself because you may be a bitch. of course, in her opinion i was not a bitch. it was just this one person who hated me. the trashcan at university lake is a bit buried!a wonderful co-worker was very sneaky and kept it secret that she was retiring. this morning right before we all left for the day, she mentioned quietly that this was her last day. if i hadn't seen the little twinkle in her eye i would have assumed she meant her last shift for this stretch. i'm very happy for her, but was bummed. first my friend sharon was treated like crap by the company and now marguarite is retiring. if anyone deserves to retire it's her. most people retire in thier 60's not thier 80's. to have been able to work and do it so well and with such kindness into your 80's...well that is just amazing. i will miss working with you. night shift just isn't going to be the same. i was tearing up as i headed to my car this morning. things got crazy this week in the unit, the adults was actually still not overly busy. hopefully, things chill a bit upstairs now though. staffing is short and now will be even shorter. i'm begining to believe that hospitals have completely forgotten that there are these people called patients that are taken care of by these other people called doctors and nurses. they are so buys running a business they have no clue or care what happens in those rooms with all those people. it's sad really. i am merely an expense...whether i do a good job or am caring mean nothing to them. loved the sun on the drive. probably not smart snapping pictures while trying to drive in all that snow. another new years resolution i forgot to write is regarding my car and safety. i've gotten into a stupid habit of putting my foot on the brake and putting the car in gear before i do all those things you do in a car to get ready to leave, putting on the seatbelt, adjusting lights,'s not a good idea. so i'm now reminding myself to buckle up first. i had an incident at potters marsh where i somehow got my foot on both the brakes and the gas. it took me a second to figure out what was going on and luckily i had enough foot on the brake to keep me from flying into the marsh without a seatbelt on...or worse into oncoming traffic. this guy was at a neighbors as i drove home from work this humble abode is on the left side. this was post dig out. my neighbors have parked thier little car for the winter and it's pretty well buried over there. my snow level is over my deck fence line and almost to the 6 foot fence on the left. as i attempt to shovel over that pile of snow i frequently miss and then get a driveway avalanche.finished watching "sybil". it was over 3 hours long and released in 1976. for some reason i had avoided watching it as i had thought previously that it was a psycho-killer movie. amazingly, the movie is still a good flick even all these years after it was first released. some movies are able to hold thier own over the years. it was a really well done movie. well acted for sure. it is horrible the hell that some children are put through and worse that there are people around them that see it and do nothing. this child endured daily torture at the hands of her crazy mother. none of us really know what happens in the households around us. times were different back then as well. people rarely interferred, it was felt it was best to just mind your own business. blossom has attempted to make paths in the yard. you can see that the snow is piling up around the deck from me clearing that off over and over as well. i'll have to pop out and see if the northern lights are visible out there. hard to see in anchorage due to the lights. it's supposed to be a 3 for activity which is decent. it's cold out there though and i'd have to drive someplace to really get a look at em. i have an app on my iphone that gives you the aurora activity forcast. kinda cool.the trashcan on the deck has kindling in it, unfortunately, during the winds the lid blew off someplace and i believe it's buried under the piles of snow around the deck. won't see it til spring. my kindling is now unprotected...dang.different day at university lake with the dogs.and a few sunset shots. wish i'd been able to get to the refuge for this one...looked spectacular from my bedroom window, which is where i took these from.this be my hood...3 hour movies should probably be started earlier than 11pm, but now i'm heading to bed and it's almost 3. will have to be more productive tomorrow. that cat litter aint'gonna clean itself!!

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