Sunday, March 24, 2013

no fever so i attempted a foray outdoors

 the weather didn't really cooperate either.  above was my favorite shot of the day.  the snow fall happened just at the right time.  there are these cliffs right by the highway.  every year icicles form along this section.  it's very pretty. last year it also proved to be nearly deadly when a random large block of ice broke off at just the wrong time for a woman driving below.  so random...people stopped and were able to extricate her from her car.  life is to be lived and enjoyed, one never knows when some random event will change the way you live it forever.
the cliffs do look pretty and often along some of the ice falls people are ice climbing.  today it was snowing and visibility got worse as i drove down turnigan arm.  i had hoped to be feeling good and headed down to the kenai or up to hatchers pass.  in a way good weekend to be sick as it would suck to not be sick in this or  to be sick and have perfect weather but not feel up to the drive.
 still tired, now coughing and have a sore throat, but no fevers...yeah!!  saw this pair as i walked in kincaid today. i went to the jodphur trailhead and started up along the ridge past the dunes. i slipped and fell a few times on the ice that was hidden from view by the fresh snow.  i decided perhaps i wasn't as well and alert as i usually am so perhaps not a good day to walk along the edge on a trail.  so i backtracked and took some side bike trails.
just as i was thinking it would sure be nice to see a few moose at a safe distance...poof...there they were!
 upon my return down the same path the moose had moved more onto the trail.  mama below gave me this look so i figured it was better to take my time and let them do their thing.  there is no need to be in a hurry when moose are concerned.  better late than stomped! eventually, they had moved to a little different spot and i could safely pass by.
 always good to keep a lot of brush between you and a moose.  they move pretty dang fast though.  never underestimate their speed.
the dogs were happy to be out and about.  haven't seen rio do zoomies lately.  fresh snow can bring it on, or did in the old days.  she's a bit more mature now....maybe too old for zoomies.   that's too bad, she cracks me up when she goes all crazy.
 this eagles nest is near the entrance to kincaid park.  didn't get any good pictures today.  with the snow on the sides of the road, i didn't find a good spot to stop and take a quick shot. could have taken a few and walked around.  no matter really.  today the eagle was just sitting there by the nest.
 more of the moose.
 didn't sleep very well last night.  took me awhile to fall asleep.  too much sleep during the day no doubt.  it's nice to at least get a few things done.  have a few packages almost ready to mail.  got my massage tomorrow and i need to get the taxes done for the year.  i'm a bit behind on that one.  thinking there won't be much back this year.
 she looks much less agitated in these.  still aware of me though.
 had to roll my eyes a few minutes ago.  conversation on facebook. i just had to interject.  it's my way.  wedding thank you notes. someone was just getting to them at her nearly 1 year anniversary.  her friend responded that thank you notes were overrated and that you had thanked everyone enough at the wedding.  not to read too much into it, but really?  what an ungrateful bunch we are all turning into.  can't be bothered to sit down and write out notes when you basically send out invites that obligate people to send you gifts.  she probably never got that memo about it being better to give than receive.  .
was just thinking of a nephew who just had a baby, now i'm obligated to send a baby gift and this when a wedding gift was never acknowledged.  not just no thank you note acknowledgement that the gift ever arrived.  at what point does this end?
i remember one of my favorite "sex and the city" episodes.  bradshaw attends yet another baby shower with yet another gift and she is made to remove her spendy shoes.  the shoes go missing and she's shamed for wearing such expensive shoes rather than the hostess showing any remorse for this loss.  she totals up all the money she has spent celebrating this friends life events.  she isn't married and she has no kids so it's all money out.  she gets annoyed and ends up sending the friend a wedding invite.  she's marrying herself and is registered at the shoe store.  clever i say.
 i can't tell you how many packages i mail out that i have never even gotten acknowledgement of it being received.  it's not an isolated event.  it gets frustrating.  something so small as a thank you note goes a long way.  it's always appreciated.  got the nicest note from one of the calendar recipients this year.  she won my contest and i put her calender in her box at work.  the next time i worked there was this very sweet note in my box.  she is in her 20's i believe so being grateful hasn't stopped with a certain generation.
 being grateful is never overrated.  it is a kindness for a kindness. our world needs all the kindness it can muster up.
 it's just sad that so many out there are selfish and feel the world owes them.  yes, we all love to get gifts, but would it kill you to show some appreciation?
 rio is snoring loudly behind me.  it started as a gentle snore, but it growing more powerful.  how do i sleep through this?  forget that her farts suck the oxygen out of a room.  am i being harmed physically in my sleep from the methane?
 love the big trees out there.
 a few more icicles from today.

 even though it's a grey day, i love the textures
 this was out at potters.  as i was driving back i spotted a bald eagle sitting out there near the boardwalks so i pulled in.

 as i walked onto the boardwalk i saw the eagle take off so no pictures of that one today. still it was peaceful out there.  soon the place will melt and thousands of migrating birds will be stopping by and the silence will give way to all the various calls of the birds.
 many empty bird houses await them and the looking glasses sit idle as well.

 it was a bit slippery out there.
 these are at the dunes.
 loved the waffle pattern on the tree.
 watched the second ice age movie last night.  i think i liked it better than the first one. tonight perhaps i'll pop in the third in the series.  when you don't feel great it's kinda nice to just watch light, funny shows.
 sand and snow mixed in these shots .
 above is looking out towards the water.  it's a white out
 blossom has new frisbee's got them online at amazon.  gotta love that place.  they have everything.
 always love how this ridge of sand leads you to the trees above.  beautiful in every season.

 just more sand mixed in with the snow.  kinda cool
 these trees are still on the dunes.  hard to tell with the snow cover.
 love the bark on these.
 hopefully, i've solved my monstrous spam issue.  i changed it so when you leave a comment you have to write the word/number combo.  sorry.  i was getting 5-10 spams/day. i'm no prude but it gets tiring weeding through all those penis and sex spams.
last shot of potters marsh.  i better try and get some rest.  i think i'll set up the humidyfier and see if that helps my throat tonight.  the jello i made feels good on my throat but i'm really not sure my body is keen on jello.  it's not really a part of my normal diet.

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