Saturday, March 23, 2013

sick and tired...

 physically, not emotionally.  this melting snowman was out moose ridge loop the other week i think.  as we approached it, i thought it was a jesus snowman complete with the crown of thorns?  who knows.  i'm sure my reprobate ways are the cause of my current virus...okay, not!! sickness seems to afflict us all.  it was just my time.  i was just thinking how long it's been since i was ill last.  i suspect my day in the emergency room exposed me.
 got another day in the emergency room of orientation this week, which i thought went well.  the girl who oriented me has been there for a long time and in the morning she commented that i had impressed her and that i should think of coming to them full time.  always nice to get a compliment.  seems like it's been awhile and it's been nice getting lots of positive feedback now that i'm in the float pool.  the next two  nights i spent in cviu and then in the adult unit.  i survived both.  so still am supposed to get a few more nights orientation to the emergency room.  we shall see.  i see that i'm scheduled for peat 4 x next month.  admittedly, it sort of annoys me that they will be scheduling me for days in what i would call a specific unit as the purpose of a float pool it so be available for all units every day with a decision being made that day as to where you are most needed.  it's not generally acceptable to pre-schedule people to a unit or to short staff a unit and pre-assign float staff.  it's not for me to decide, but i shall just go with it for the time and see what happens. if it starts to happen too frequently i am sure i will verbalize my opinion.  that has never been a problem for me.
 this is out at the airstrip.
 and this is north bivouac.
 my last night of work at 4am i suddenly felt like i was coming down with something.  i came home slept and when i woke i felt like crap.  i'm a wimp with fevers.  anything over 99 and i really feel lousy.  i got up to 100.5F.  crash and burn.  body aches, chills, moans and misery.  my sinus's felt totally plugged up.  i fed the dogs and that was all that i got accomplished yesterday.  miss breezy chatterbug insists on my lifting her up to the dryer for meals and that cat felt like she weighed at least 50 pounds yesterday.
 sucks to be a single gal when you are sick!  sometimes you just need friends to check on you.  i texted amy that i was sick and she listened to me moan via text.  we all need 5 minutes of pity from time to time.  thank you amy.  of course, you miss your mama when you are sick. mom's are the best when their babies are sick. i know she would have called me at least once a day to see how i was.  when we were kids if we were sick we'd be given a  bell to ring for assistance and there was the bowl that would be placed by the bed in case of  emesis.  it was the rare occasion we would be offered soda, 7 up was the vomit choice.
 today was a bit better.  my fevers stayed under 100 and i got the litter cleaned and got a shower taken.  that felt great.  48 hours without a shower makes a girl feel even worse.  ate a bit, dishes done, laundry folded...and i got the dogs around the bog.  i felt exhausted all day and it was a slow walk around the bog.  it actually took 2 attempts to get around the bog.  i had to make a rush trip home soon after i left to the dogs confusion.  my gut ain't right today.  my second attempt was a go though.
it's kinda good to have the animals when you are sick.  first off, they are good buddies and love bugs, secondly, they give you a good reason to get out of bed.  they have to be cared for and walked.
 have watched a lot of "big bang" on the little video machine upstairs while i rested up between tasks and played bejeweled.  i rarely play this unless i'm sick.  then i play mindless zen version that goes on forever and you can't lose .
 these are in the bog.  there were a few moose the other day.  i didn't see any today though.  it has snowed a bit the last few days.
 magpies making snow angels in the bog.
 tank trail the other day with the dogs.  rio is greeted by emma and luke.  dogs of a trail friend of mine.
 pogi...have watched a lot of "my cat from hell" today.  they must be doing a marathon in prep for a new season starting.  it's a fun show to watch.  that dude looks like a dude from the hood and then he's all here kitty, kitty.
 starting to cough now...stuff always goes into a bronchitis for me.  that part sucks.  hopefully, i get some good sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow. i may be able to get away with a few days instead of weeks of sickness.  fingers crossed.
 rio doen't really care if i stay home all day.  she's quite pleased to share the couch with me.
 there is a baby polar bear chilling at the zoo right now.  it's mother was shot up north.  when the hunter turned her over he saw that she was a female.  at least the guy followed her trail back over 1000 feet i guess to her den and rescued her baby.  he then rode with the baby back on his snowmachine and she's now at the zoo.  they will have view times at the zoo.  they have already stated that the bear will  be able to come out or not in those time periods.  so no guarantee's.
 miss breezy chatterbug above.  these are from today...laying around playing with cat toys and taking critter shots.  work was good.  one patients father was this older guy, he had on a hat showing he was a veteran...he was a veteran of 3 wars, wwII, korea and vietnam.  that's a lot of war for one person to have under their belt.  he was super sweet.  his daughter was super sweet too.  got her all fixed up and off they went..that er moves fast.  it wasn't as crazy as it had been the night before. more controlled.  starting to get the hang of it.  apparently there is some bad heroin in town.  dirty stuff, giving people infections.
 gotta get some packages ready to mail and gotta get those taxes done too.  just want to look through crap and make sure i have any deductibles i can find on my little list.  doesn't look like anyone will be getting much back this year and they are for sure taking more out now.
blossom's picture with all her snowballs was in yesterdays paper, page 2...that is like the 4th time she's made it in there....such a cutie.  here she is with miss breezy!!  off to get some rest again.  sleep is good...hoping for a better tomorrow!!

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