Monday, March 25, 2013

winter lets us know it ain't over yet...

 don't see blossom complaining.  the snow just kept falling.  i think i got nearly 12 inches at my place overnight.  maybe more.  it kept falling.  everyone backed out of the monday walk one by one until there were none.  some ran a few errands and reported bad road conditions.  the hills got more snow, 15 inches.  the most snowfall in anchorage in a single day came back in 2002, march 17.  it was 22 inches.  i know valdez and cordova probably have much higher one day totals.  i remember it was my first winter here and i was happy to hear that this was unusual.  as it happened i figured it was the norm.  i lived in south dakota for a few years and they could get some snow there.  they got wind too that made for drifting snow.
 since nobody would be joining me i took my time getting out of the house.  i shoveled the back deck first.  in deep snow rio will just pee on the deck so it behooves me to shovel it and encourage her to take a few more steps.  then the front deck and finally i tackled the front driveway and the car.  while i shovel i have to stop frequently and toss a frisbee or tennis ball for blossom, which ever she happens to have found in the yard in her foraging through the deep snow.
 i tried to help the birds.  i'd clear the bird feeders and reload them only to have them get covered right back up again with snow. saw a moose when i was out driving in the distance.  they can't be loving this.  i'm sure this will bring them into town for these last few weeks of winter.  when i was at honda the other day the guy said lots of people were coming in to get their tires changed over they feel the fools today.  it was sloppy out there.  i drive like the old lady i am and got through my driving needs without any issues.
 i think our road crews do a smashing job.  i know there are those who complain, but then there will always be those who complain.  it was explained there were state crews and city crews.  i think they do their best to get as many vital roads cleared as possible.  i'm not surprised they then focus on downtown and mid town probably as well as the hillsides.  downtown and midtown are where many workers are and the hillside, well if those people slip off the road they could get killed so i can see getting to that before my street.  it always seems to me that they get to my street pretty fast.  i love to watch the crews come through.  i keep meaning to get the camera out and take some black and whites of them hard at work.  it's cool to watch.
 my car was a bit coated.  too bad the snow doesn't clean the car.
 could be worse.  luckily for me i had scheduled a massage for this afternoon.  it's almost like i knew i'd need one or something.  after shoveling all that snow i grabbed blossom and went to campbell airstrip and just meandered about on the snowshoes a bit.  tried walking as it looked like they had already started setting up the trail for grooming. i still needed the snowshoes for ease of walking.  as i arrived the parks dude was there with his truck scooping the snow up from the parking lot...lucky me!!  see...i think they do a smash up job...all of them!!
 blossom goes in and out, she's so excited.  this is snow collected from one of her outings.  funny thing is the little snowballs fall off of blossom and the cats bat them around like they are toy balls.  cracks me up.  i should lace some snowballs with catnip and see how that goes.  maybe after i get off here.  kitty crack!!
 here is the parks truck clearing the parking lot for me...hehe!! maybe my roads and stuff get plowed fast because i don't complain and have good kharma with the plow dudes!!
 just was out on the snowshoes for about an hour. i'm still feeling a bit more tired than usual and the coughing has started to get worse.  hopefully, i didn't make myself sicker by being outside for so long today.  if i end up with pneumonia it will be because of today i'm sure.  it was funny that the only one who braved the wilds for the monday walk was me, who is sick.  i'm either bad ass tough or an idiot.  probably the latter.
 opted to have rio stay home.  big dogs, big joints, deep snow..not a good combination.  a few years ago i would have taken her without a thought, but i'd rather not push it with her.  she'll be 9 this summer. not old for some dogs, but for a 130# mastiff that is getting into the elderly category.
 the sun tried to peek out while i was out there.  the light was actually beautiful.
 i certainly didn't do it justice in my shots.  the outing was more about getting blossom out and happy today.  did make it to the post office.  i figured with the bad roads not many would be out.  the girl at the counter said there was still a line when she opened this morning. i got lucky though and was essentially the first in line.  of course, the post office rarely calls for assistance like a supermarket does when the line gets longer...though today, i must say, she did call for help.  the guy didn't rush out to the counter.  i'm sure she broke some rule in trying to be efficient.
 you can kinda see the light.  would have liked to linger or walk longer. hopefully tomorrow will be a lovely day and i will feel a bit better and get out for a romp!  i had some thoughts of doing some drives to seward or hatchers this week...hasn't happened.  gotta go with the weather and all.  i still try to get out there every day and see what is out there.  i'm never bored of it all.  i am forever grateful that life has brought me to this beautiful place.
 rio is again snoring behind me.  always amazing how many hours one dog can sleep.  she did nothing today.
 kept having to have the massage therapist stop and get me a tissue as when i was on my belly my nose kept dripping.  nice.  sounds like she just got over a cold as well so she was totally nice about it.  used a different one than i usually use.  worked out well though.
 more light through trees.
 some action shots of blossom.  i kept tossing her frisbee into the deep snow.  more of a work out.  she kinda has a look like, why do you keep doing that on her face.  hehe.
 she carries on though.
 the shake!
 one of her new toys i bought online for her.  seems to be working out so far. i like these frisbee's.  they are big and spongy and float as well.
  friend went to the new pool for dogs. i really have to check that out.  i wonder if they make you bath the dogs first?  soon it will be muddy out there.  i should go check out the pool with blossom. she'd love a swim i think.  no idea how she'd take to a pool, but i think if a frisbee were involved she'd go for it.
 the chase is on.
not a very exciting post.  i think i have licked my spam thing.  yeah...!!  please do comment though.  i love comments.  it appears my readership is up post iditarod...welcome and thanks for coming by.  also this is my 801st post!!  i really should be putting this energy into the book i have been ignoring that i'm trying to write.

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