Sunday, May 19, 2013

lazy post snow day...

 walked at university lake and drove down the seward to windy point and back.  read, watched tv...was basically pretty dang lazy.  it happens sometimes.
lots of spring waterfalls along the drive.  always nice.  stopped to take some photo's.
 took pictures of birds out at university lake.  loads of swallows flitting about. not many decent photos of them as them really book and they change directions quickly.  above are canadian geese, always plenty of those around this time of year.
 the swallows are cool to watch though.
 a few not too horrible photo's of them.  my friend amy said there had been a swan out there the other such sighting today.

 not many folks braved the weather today.  perhaps all of anchorage was in a state of depression from yesterdays snowfall.  it is still out there at my end of town but melting fast.  the skies looked brighter this evening so hope for a few nice days coming our way.
 the dogs could care less and were happy to be out walking.  it was muddy but the lake is opening up quickly, soon all the ice will be gone.  caught just a clip of the news, apparently a body was found in one of the local creeks.  that is the not so pretty part of break up.  as things melt, occasionally bodies are found that went missing over the winter.  often along the creeks like this it will be a homeless person.  probably an inebriate who passed out and then died from exposure.  haven't heard anything more about it though.
 above was one of a pair of loons that were hanging at university lake.  funny as when the dog parks were being created these crazy loon people were sure that the loons would disappear from the other popular dog park in town, conners bog due to the dogs.  now here is a pair of loons chilling at university lake...would be funny if they built a nest there.  i recall one year a pair of moose were born there in the park.  that mama moose kept those babies there for nearly a month, maybe more.
the dogs may have been a nuisance to that moose at times, but i think she was smart enough to realize that the dogs could be managed with a good charge or a kick...she also probably got that the bear count would be much less at the park due to the dogs.
a friend was visiting who is a bit wary of the bears in alaska.  we went to university lake and i think she assumed that being in the middle of a large city like anchorage would mean no bear we got out of our cars there was a woman there with her bear spray out warning us there had just been a black bear encounter.  at work this week a co-worker warned me she'd run into a black bear and three cubs this week on the trails off the jodphur loop.  bears live in anchorage, both black and brown.  you can never let your guard down once they are awake.
 windy point is well known for sightings of sheep.  there were a few out there today, pretty high up though.
 a little leftover ice on the twigs around the waterfalls.  thought they looked cool.  maybe i can get some friends together and hike windy to rainbow and back tomorrow or monday.  always a good spring hike

 watched the movie, "new years".  well, it may be new years eve or night, can't recall.  lots of well known stars in it with various plots to follow.  thought it was a fun movie.  nothing deep, just easy and enjoyable.
 played a bit with the timer.  one really should be using a tripod for these sort of shots rather than attempt them handheld, but i'm generally way too lazy to tote around a tripod.  perhaps one day.  it is kinda fun to play with running water.  pretty even if they are kinda crappy photo's.
 the blur is due to my inablity to be a human tripod.  perhaps next time i should sit on the ground.  i often do that and then i put my elbows on my knees to form my human tripod.  didn't occur to me today.
 blossom is quite enjoying her swim time now that the lake is opening back up.
 a few more scenes from university lake today.
 muddy trail and leftover snow from yesterday. well a few flakes were coming down today mixed with rain.
 pogi enjoys the lazy day with me.  we did get the cat exercise in though.  i try and make him at least get his front paws off the ground 10 x/day to keep from getting too fat!! apparently he has always had a heart murmur, i've never heard it though.  my patient the other day had a whopper of a heart murmur.  way more impressive that what pogi must have.
 the cutest and sweetest dogs in the world!!  got a chance to brush out blossom . i try to give her a good brushing at least once a week.  she isn't always too thrilled with this and by the next day she looks like she' hasn't been brushed for ages but for today she looked fluffy and adorable.  first is rio and then blossom.  i have great dogs, i got incredibly lucky!!  a lady at the dog park was petting them and telling me how lucky i was to have 2 sweet pups...she's right!!  they are the family i have chosen...i think they have chosen me too!!
 will have to get up and motivated tomorrow.  need to start getting stuff out and organized for the kayak trip. once you get that first round done, it seems to carry over to every summer trip.  just tweek it here and there. i am getting excited for nome trip in june.  have car, hotel and air.  not sure if anyone else if going.  val is planning on it.  would love to have a few more join.  i haven't been very active in promoting this years trip.  debating next years trip.  want to go to iceland, also want to return for a kayak trip to misty fjords in southeast alaska, bob and tanya liked that idea of course.  they've never paddled misty fjords and for scott and i it was our first paddle trip.  i'd do guided again out that way...but if i'm down there i think i'd also try and rent a cabin in misty to fly  into for a few nights. would be was something i didn't do while i was there.
still need to get to barrow and much to see in this amazing place.  i'm getting a reputation for being a person who has been places and can direct newcomers of good trips to try.  we have seen some amazing places on these annual adventures! off to bed..hope everyone is having a great week.  oh all those extra views were a spam thing.  supposedly it's not really effecting anything just showing falsely elevated views so now i have no idea who is checking out the page.  not matter really.  i write and hope that someone else out there enjoys.  the blog helps me to get out and see the world i live in more.  keeps me trying to make the same trails interesting for the blog.  also helps keep me from being a couch potato...gotta have something to post.  mostly, through photography i see all the little details that so many people walk by and never notice.  there is so much beauty in each of our worlds and all we have to do is stop and look in all directions.

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