Thursday, May 9, 2013

potters and i actually got some stuff done at home...

 thought honestly the yard looks just as bad as before almost so hard to tell that i worked at all. clean up dog poop in sections and rake a bit, piles of leaves picked up.  really just need someone with a green thumb to come in and make the yard look pretty again.  clearly, i am less than skilled in the gardening.  my one raised bed came down and it was on my fire pit thing that i'd put underneath for winter so i had to raise that up...not easy...and get the fire pit thing out.  this wasn't easy either because there was still one bit that was still frozen into the earth.
 though we hit 50 degrees that doesn't mean it's time to plant anything.  if you attempt to dig into the soil you will find you are only able to dig a few inches before you hit ice.  we have a  lot of thawing to do still.
 i believe these guys are green winged teals.  walked with shell and her dog teva out potter to mchugh a ways.  had rio along and shell has a bum leg so we didn't go all the way.  the dogs are happily tired and i am too since i did yardwork before and after and then even did some time on my stair stepper.
stopped by potters marsh to see who was out there.  it's a lull in bird activity.  these guys were all we saw.  a few baldies flying around and one sitting in the nest out there.  as i drove to trailhead i did see a few moose chilling at potters marsh.  didn't see them upon returning.
 i tend to put my collected bags of dog poop under my windshield and then i can drop them off at a trashcan as there wasn't one at the bottom of the trailhead...gate is still locked to upper parking lot. on the way to potters a big truck went past me and then i noticed the rio poop bag had been sucked out of the wiper blade.  her large sized poop was too much for the wiper blade with the big truck passing.  a good dog owner i turned around and went for a hunt for the poop bag.  it was where i expected it to be, thankfully on the side of the road and not smashed.
 getting laundry caught up.  dishes done, linen changed....tried to clean some and the yard started.  did even make a to do list.  i do love the notes section on my phone.  i have a revolving grocery list and to do list there.  it is so nice having it on  you.  i can be taught to adapt to the modern world though i suspect at some point as you age you adapt less and less or it just goes too fast for you to adapt.  i remember hearing how different things were when my gramps was a young kid and then you realize that is how it is in every generation. things just change that fast.  things that seem so normal now just didn't exist 20 years ago.
 some things never change though, kindness, laughter, a wagging dog.  we stopped at the view point for a look around.  another beautiful day!!
 not so many photo's today.  back to work tomorrow night.  we'll have to see what fun stuff i can get myself into my next stretch off.  this is a good time to prep for planting though so i do tend to get out in the yard more.  got the chairs on the deck and wiped down the table.  breakfast on the deck is always nice.  the sun hits my little table.  i hosed off the deck as well. the back deck looks a bit rough after winter.  so much for my staining last year.  parts of it already look like they could use another layer.
 parts of the trail were nice and dry, other parts were muddy and still a few more sections were like this below...small ponds for the dogs.  easy enough to get around for us humans.  ran into a friend gillian and her doodles. at first i only saw one of the dogs which through me off and oddly, she didn't pick up that it was me until they were right by me.  we usually see each other out at north bivouac or campbell airstrip.  everyone is chasing trails this time of year to  get their walks in.
 a few scenes from potter boardwalk.

 always changing.  lots of melt since i was last there.  kinda stinky right now.
 blossom crashed in the yard while i raked.
 oh to be a dog!!
 here is the back of my yard looking towards the house.  you can see there is still some patches of snow left to melt.  seems to be going pretty quickly.
 rio also enjoyed laying on the deck in the sun this evening.  i think she likes the warmer weather.  although the trails are much tougher on her now.  all the roots that cross trails are major obstacles for a blind dog, the snow is easier to manage.
just another exciting day in the life. good night...

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  1. They are so cute! Scrolling through facebook today, Isla yelled, "Blossom!" when she saw her pics on there. Blossom's got a fan.